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Suits, 5.01: Denial

That's right everyone, I'm back! HI. I can't promise I'll have the stamina to review every single episode this season, but I enjoyed the first episode a lot and if there's anyone still left around here, please do come chat with me about it.

So it's no secret I hate Darvey, and that the focus on their relationship in the closing episodes of season 4 left me feeling sad and disillusioned to the point where I wasn't even sure I liked the show anymore. I just really hate them together okay - I find their relationship completely toxic, and not in an entertaining way (like, say, Piper and Alex on OITNB) because the mood of their scenes hardly varies: Donna scolds Harvey, Harvey is grouchy about it. They're just no fun at all, ykwim? But then, given all the excessive ship baiting, I can hardly blame Darvey fans for believing the ship is "end game" (they are sarcastic quote marks btw, because I fucking hate that phrase and everyone who uses it). The pessimist in me suspects that Donna leaving Harvey to go work for Louis is the first step on the rocky road to romance, because now no more creepy power imbalance, Donna no longer serves Harvey, he's no longer her number one priority at the expense of every single other human, the two of them can finally be equals. Now all Harvey needs to do is wake up and realise she's the woman of his dreams (never mind the past fifteen years of not wanting to fuck her and falling for various other women).

But whatever, we'll fall off that bridge when we come to it. Where their relationship is right now? Totally working for me because still the opposite of romantic and sexy. Harvey is understandably freaking out about losing her, not because he loves her, but because he is dependent on her. If he was in love with her, if he wanted to be with her romantically, her leaving him for Louis would actually be a good thing because it would enable them to take their relationship in a new direction. But he doesn't want her like that, he wants her to be his secretary and to continue running his life for him. And given how good she is at her job (although show, can we please quit it with the "I'm Donna" line as an answer for how she knows all the stuff she knows? It's not as amusing or charming as you think it is), not to mention his fear of abandonment, it's no wonder Harvey falls apart. The panic attack scene was quite good (and well acted too, nice work by Gabriel throughout), although not much like the two panic attacks I've had in my life, which involved a lot of hyperventilating and no vomiting. [aside: it was also nowhere near as effective as Cameron's panic attack in a recent episode of the excellent Halt and Catch Fire, which was so realistic it was traumatic to watch]

The therapy scenes didn't particularly bother me as the doctor's ethical failings aren't exactly out of place on a show such as this, but I know they angered some fans (and Mary feel free to have a rant in the comments on the matter). I liked it as a framing device simply because it showed just how far gone Harvey is; he's never needed therapy before, and the only reason he's coping at all right now is because he's medicated. Poor baby. *pets him*

Another thing I thought was really good about the Donna leaves Harvey storyline is that, unlike when Mike nearly went to work for Louis, at no point did the narrative suggest Donna changing her mind and staying with Harvey was the right thing to do. So unless you're a shipper who enjoyed the gross boss/secretary dynamic, you were probably rooting for Donna to follow through on her promise and stay with Louis, and were as happy and satisfied when that very thing transpired as I was. I love Donna and Louis together - they're cuter, sweeter and more entertaining than Harvey and Donna have ever been, and Donna is a million times more likeable dealing with Louis than she is dealing with Harvey. I truly hope we never have to hear Donna berating Harvey for not having the balls to date her again on this show. Plus, she and Louis have this weird sexual chemistry that appeals to me - the glee with which Donna got him all wound up over lunch with a bunch of penis jokes was straight up amazing.

And then there's the fact that with Donna out of the picture, Mike is now Harvey's closest friend, which is as it should be.

Other things...

- "You realize I get to sleep with whoever's in the bubble, right?" I like Mike talking about how he wants to fuck Donna while he's in bed with his future wife Rachel.

- wtf is up with Mike's hair.

- Poor Mike, he was so excited to tell Harvey about his engagement and then Harvey's a total douche about it. I bet if Harvey had been nicer Mike would have immediately asked him to be his best man, but the good news is that's a plot point we've now got to look forward to.

- Rachel tells Mike that Harvey and Donna crossed the line years ago and he's all 'stop right there I don't want to know any more' which is the weirdest response to juicy gossip I've ever encountered.

- Donna actively enjoys turning Louis on. Canon.

- The Silence of the Lambs quote off was super cute. I don't understand anything else happening in the rest of that scene.

- I don't want Rachel to skip important tests for her job - 'work is my law school' doesn't mean shit if she flunks out of law school.

- Mike's so protective of Rachel. <3

- I know Donna now works for Louis but it still feels more like a friendship between equals than Darvey ever did.

- Jessica: "I know you and Donna aren't me and Jeff, but you are as close as two people can be without being that." Reading this line as the show's take on the D/H relationship - i.e. they're not that.

- This lady might be a bad therapist but she's attractive and I'd like Harvey to bang her.

- Excited to find out who Harvey's new secretary will be. Next episode maybe?

- Harvey's no longer in denial about Donna, which cures him. He then throws his pills down the toilet. smh. What a waste of good drugs. Jeez dude, why not just save them for a rainy day?

- It's nice to finish an episode of Suits and actually like Donna.

- Ugh and then Harvey makes up for his earlier dickishness by getting Mike a bridal magazine and taking him to a sports game. Too adorable. :')
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