Kate (mskatej) wrote,

A quick explanation about my lack of Suits reviews...

Hey everyone.

I know many of you were expecting a Suits review or three from me, now that I'm back from my (amazing, incredible) trip to NZ, so I feel I owe you a bit of an explanation as to why that hasn't happened, which I'll put behind a cut because it contains spoilers.

Okay so. First off, I'm not really in a very fannish place right now - my real life is commanding most of my attention and focus, and while I'm still watching all the television it doesn't feel very important to me at the moment. Which is weird, and probably temporary, because TV is important to me, and it's not like I've given it up. I'm enjoying slowly catching up with all my shows, and I'm enjoying lounging around and being antisocial and being at home, with my cat and my things and my bed.

My plan was to come back to London and mainline the 4 Suits episodes I missed and then talk about them endlessly. I couldn't imagine it going any other way. But then I caught the plane lurgy and was out for the count on Sunday - jet lagged and sick and probably not in the best place to get back into my show. Typically I watch an episode twice on the same day: the first time uninterrupted, the second time while I'm putting together the review. But my enjoyment was somewhat marred by the fact that I felt like shit, and then the show went in a direction I couldn't abide. You're all well versed in my hatred of Darvey, and it just makes me so fucking angry that the show is pandering to fans who don't care about anything *except* that awful ship, when here I was, the show's biggest, most loyal and passionate fan, who loved (almost) everything about it and I feel like I've been shafted. Whether the show is just trolling Darvey fans, whether Harvey meant it romantically or not when he said he loved her (I interpreted it as 'not' but then in 416 when Donna shouted at him that maybe he does love her in that way and he didn't deny it, I threw my hands up in despair), whether they'll end up together or not, I hate their relationship now, so I hate all their scenes together regardless of whether they're 'romantic', I don't like Harvey when he's with Donna, and the whole thing has just alienated me and made me feel distant from the show in a way I never have before. Hence my reluctance to write about it. My reviews were always written from a place of love and humour, and I think that's why you guys enjoy them. I'm not in the business of bumming people out (and sorry if this post has) so I'm not going to post reviews of any of the recent episodes, and I'll make a decision about next season when the time comes.

Feel free to come talk to me about your own reactions! Did you enjoy season 4? Or are you feeling as disappointed as I am? Maybe/hopefully some of your enthusiasm will rub off on me.
Tags: real life, tv: suits
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