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OMG this show is so fucking dumb it's insane. I mean, PLEASE. How unscary can you GET?

Hold on, there was one bit in one of the episodes at one point that made go, oh! And then I was fine.

I just watched episode 4 anyway.

Right, how come the air hostess chick was in a PLANE CRASH WHICH KILLED ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE, and then two months later she's, uh, totally cool about life, no scratches on her, and is, ha, this is my favourite bit, working again. Is she retarded?

I guess no post traumatic stress for dumb blondes in THIS show.

Look, you know me, I'm not one to analyse too deeply (though I am deep shutup) and care about, you know, LOGIC. But if you're gonna set a show about ghosts and shit in a real world type place and have characters every episode say shit like "But that's not rational!" then give me a real world I can believe in. I'm just saying.

On the plus.


Jensen Ackles is the fucking BUSINESS. This part is made for him. He's my favourite type of hottie. Totally, ridiculously gorgeous, but a bit of a dork, edgy and untouchable, charming, slightly sleazy (I love it when he sees a hot chick and he's all, wink wink, hi there. GUH), and, best of all, HILARIOUS. Dude makes me laugh in every episode. I see why all the ladies I know watch this show, and it ain't coz it's good. It's because of the divine Jensen. And his very cute brother admit it not as hot but mrowr.

They film it to the boys' advantage too, I'll give 'em that. I'm hardly even paying attention to the fucking moronic plots and I don't need to. DAMN, this show is pretty. FYI, I'm not seeing the gay yet, but incest? Hmmm. I'm perverted (yes, frelling_tralk , you NAILED me) but that's not really my kink. Of course, I haven't read any fics about them yet, so I'll no doubt be corrupted any day now.

PS. I'm a fan of this show, but I might bitch about it occasionally because it's fun. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

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