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Suits, 4.11: Enough is Enough

I'm off to New Zealand in a couple of hours but I couldn't leave without saying a few words about the latest Suits episode. How great is it to have our beautiful gorgeous show back?! And what a cracker of an episode. Maybe not so much fun for Louis fans, unless you're the type who enjoys seeing him at his most despicable?

Personally I've never hated him more than in that scene with Rachel - someone who has been nothing but kind to him - and at this point I don't think he deserves any friends. Like, if he were actually some kind of bastion of ethical behaviour maybe I'd feel some sympathy for his lust for vengeance, but the moment he used the secret to get his name on the door he became as complicit as the rest of them, he sunk to their level, and he's so fucking stupid he didn't even realise it. Not to mention he recently got fired for committing a crime. He's a goddamn fraud himself, he's no better than Mike, and his hypocrisy throughout the episode was frankly staggering.

What I did really like though were his interactions with Donna. The rest of the crew now hate Louis, and for good reason (I'm in no hurry to see any of them forgive him), but no matter how horribly Louis treated Donna, she never gave up on their friendship. Is anyone else getting romantic vibes or is that just wishful thinking on my part? Louis's one question to Donna - apparently the one thing he needs to forgive her and move on - was about her sex life. I've been mulling it over since yesterday, why on earth Louis needed to know so badly whether she and Harvey had fucked. It's obviously information he's been dying to know for years, and maybe he was just satisfying an idle curiosity - I'm sure a lot of people who know them have wondered. But this is Louis we're talking about, so I can't help thinking there's a deeper reason for his interest in the subject. Louis probably already believes Donna is in love with Harvey (because everyone is in love with Harvey, Louis included). But he didn't ask her that, he went specific, he went sexual, and I want to know whyyyyyyyy. I also want to know how he is going to use this information in future - because you don't introduce a gun in act one if you're not going to shoot it in act three. Right?

Other thoughts...

My sexual orientation is Harvey driving a sports car.

I love that Harvey's reason for not telling Mike straight away was because he just had a really good time with Mike on their date and he couldn't bear breaking the spell.

411 01
Twoo wuv

Patrick's hair is a good length right now.

Sorry, correction, my sexual orientation is Harvey wearing a white shirt and calling Mike "buddy".

It's so true that Louis was in love with Mike, and probably in exactly the same way Mike loves Rachel. Haha.

YASSS MORE FILE ROOM SEX. Wish we'd gotten to see some of it. :'(

Mike in protective mode is so hot. I love how furious he gets when Rachel is upset. I just love how Mike and Rachel and Harvey spend so much of their time protecting each other. ♥

Can't get over how evil Louis is here - his plan to keep hammering on Rachel until Mike breaks is DESPICABLE. (but also kind of genius.)

Mike drops a truth bomb on Jessica, who really does need to get off her high horse. She's been a co-conspirator for literally years now.

Scottie!!! Such a beautiful, painful scene - god she looks stunning in blue, and god they still love each other so much, they'll still do anything for each other. Excuse me I think i have something in my eye.

Harvey and Mike's happiness/relief at Louis signing the contract... :')

This exchange was probably my favourite in the whole episode, because of Harvey's delight at Jessica calling him pretty:

411 02
411 03
411 04
These two need to bang.

Why does Rachel want her dad to hire Katrina? I know Amanda Schull has another show now, but what is the textual reason? Is Rachel just fucking with Louis for the fun of it?

That's all for now. The plan is to binge the four episodes I missed the day I get back from my trip, and post about them then. Hope you enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you all in a month to talk about them!!
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