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Suits, 4.10: This Is Rome


Episode highlights:

1. Harvey boxing, wearing all black (turns out I don’t have a problem with him in a v-neck t-shirt so long as it's not paired with a cardigan), glowing with sweat, unshaven, and just generally being the most attractive man on planet Earth:

 photo tir04_zpsebb1272d.gif

2. Harvey and Mike getting drunk together, with Mike relentlessly teasing the crap out of Harvey and Harvey loving every minute of it.
3. Mike mocking Darvey.
4. Louis figuring out the secret and using it to get what he's always wanted: his name on the motherfucking door.

As I tried to tell you all last week Suits fandom, Louis was never going anywhere. Suits loves Louis, Suits wouldn't be Suits without Louis, and while I didn't know he'd return quite this soon (although the storyline seems so obvious to me now I can't believe I didn't see it coming), I did expect him to feature prominently in this episode, I knew for certain he'd be back at PS at some point, and thus I knew all your panicking was for nothing.

 photo hairtoss_zps98110aab.gif

Okay so I can't figure out if Louis knows the whole truth about Mike, or just that he faked his Harvard credentials. Although even if it's the latter I can't imagine it'll be long before he figures out the rest. Because if Mike didn't go to Harvard, where the hell did he go to law school? Louis will want to know, and a lawyer/detective as good as Louis will have no trouble finding out, should he put his mind to it (and it wouldn't make sense for him not to imo). What do you guys think?

Such a great Louis episode. He achieved an unprecedented level of self awareness, the blinkers finally came off and he saw the truth about himself, his life, and his relationships. He calls Jessica out for her lies, her hypocrisy, her disturbing lack of compassion when it comes to him, and she can't say shit about it because he's absolutely right. He hates Jessica at the moment, and I don't blame him. Harvey too. Donna broke his damn heart. And his relationship with Mike? Royally fucked.

Forstman and Cahill are in the wind and we may never see them again, sadly, but I don't care too much right now because Mike and Harvey went out boozing together to celebrate their win and that's pretty much all I'll ever need from an episode of Suits.


This is huge for me. We've never seen anything quite like that on the show before, that particular brand of joyous camaraderie, and I just love how committed the creative team is to finding new ways to illustrate how much these guys mean to each other, how every episode they seem to be a little bit closer than they were the episode before, the depth of their connection, how much pleasure they take in each other's company, how unsentimental yet full of love and affection their dynamic is...thank you so much, beloved show, you know exactly how to make me happy. The entire team gets it: the writers get it, the actors get it, they all understand and appreciate how powerful Gabriel and Patrick's chemistry is and that it's the number one reason the audience tunes in every week.

On top of that we've got Harvey at his most fiercely loving: he described Louis as family, last week he called Mike his brother (and oh god didn't you just die over the way he talked about Mike to Gillis - so proud, so protective) and we know he sees Donna and Jessica (and probably Rachel at this point) as family too. Basically Harvey is the world's biggest woobie. Mike even accused Harvey of being a pussy because of all the effort he was making to help get Louis a job, which was both funny and adorable because he obviously meant it as the hugest compliment ever, happily admitting he's a pussy too.

 photo tir01_zps82e49200.gif

 photo tir02_zps8eecdb8b.gif

 photo tir03_zpsa9394a65.gif

Mike loves Harvey to pieces (and I bet he knows he's the main reason Harvey's become as soft and squishy as he has, and is proud as punch about it) and vice versa. :')

Other thoughts...

- I've never been a fan of boxing but I could watch Harvey boxing all the live long day. Partly because he gets sweaty and out of breath and it makes me think about what he'd be like in bed.

- Jessica is cold as ice and it's awesome. I feel like she's taking a lot of her Mike-related rage out on Louis, which is why I'm completely behind Louis declaring war on her.

- Mary tweeted this at me last night:


She's not wrong either - Katrina's loyalty to Louis is her defining character trait and it's starting to feel like the show has absolutely no idea what else to do with her. She'll be back next season no doubt, continuing on as Louis's associate, but here's hoping she'll get to do something other than obsess over the guy.

- I'm glad Sheila didn't take Louis back, not because it would have meant Louis leaving NYC, but because she was right that nothing has really changed, and Louis's reasons for wanting to be with her weren't as pure as he wanted her to believe. (alsohebelongswithdonna)

- I've come to really like and appreciate Robert Zane as a character. Wendall Pierce is perfect.

- Rachel's barely in the episode but she's a beautiful angel in the few moments she appears.

- Louis: You're no different than Jessica.
Robert Zane: I'll take that as a compliment.


- Harvey doesn't for a second believe that Mike tipped Louis off about Versalife, but it's cute how he had to quickly double check, just so he's got an answer for Jessica next time she accuses Harvey's bb of disloyalty.

- Harvey: "When it comes to caring about people, he's twice the man I am, and by the way he never gave up on you and he never sold you out."

arrested dev crying photo tobiassobbing_zpsc807fd98.gif

- I'd give Harvey anything he wanted if it meant he owed me a favour. Hell, I wouldn't even need him to owe me a favour.

- Someone needs to make me a gif of this bit:

Harvey: I've been calling Donna
Mike: Oh my god that is so great, you guys finally decided to take the plunge.


I'm sorry but if Darvey fans the globe over aren't totally offended and outraged by that moment? I'll be terribly bummed out. Please make my day and tell me they're furious.

Let's just for fun break it down: Mike - Harvey's favourite person - finds the idea of Harvey and Donna in a romantic relationship patently absurd. This wasn't him teasing Harvey about something he expects to happen one day, this is Mike making fun of the fact that their relationship is just a little bit creepy. You don't joke about them finally getting together quite so sarcastically if you think the idea's even remotely plausible or appealing. And Harvey's complete non-reaction....like, it's not even worth reacting to Mike's bleating it's so inane, and here we have the show once again reinforcing the idea that Harvey is not in love with Donna, at the same time as mocking the fans who won't stfu about it, which I fully support.

 photo evillaughfriends_zps56c709e8.gif

- Once the boys are done talking about pussy, Harvey brings his prostate into the conversation.

lebowski wooo photo jesus.gif

- the Donna/Louis scene with the key reveal is so freaking intense. Great work by Rick Hoffman.

- And then the episode ended in spectacular fashion:

 photo tir05_zps5e394e94.gif

 photo tir06_zps917ecab3.gif

 photo tir07_zpsd164c82f.gif


So that's it until next year. I guess this is as good a time as any to warn you that it is highly unlikely I'll be able to review all 6 remaining S4 episodes, as I'll be travelling in New Zealand for the whole month of February. *sadface* It'll depend entirely on when they air, but I suspect at least 3 will air in Feb as there'll be no Olympics to contend with, so when the schedule is released I'll figure out what I'll realistically be able to do and let you know. No matter what happens I will of course post about the season finale once I'm back in London. The prospect of Suits episodes being out in the world that I haven't seen, or talked about with you all, fills me with horror, but rest assured, I'll be resuming regular watching/posting duties come season 5.

Love to you all! ♥
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