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Suits, 4.09: Gone

My show loves meeeeeee.

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The sheer amount of time Harvey and Mike spend together in this episode had me tripping all over myself with glee. Even better, Harvey forgave Louis not only because he remembered that he’d done a way worse thing by hiring Mike but because Louis was responsible for getting Mike back, and the show portrayed this like it was the most incredible good deed in the world. Donna reminding Harvey about it was okay, but when *Mike* said it to Harvey - like 'Harvey he got me back for you, you gotta forgive him' - Harvey doesn't even hesitate. No snarky 'yeah and you're still a pain in my ass' type comment. Just immediate acceptance that Harvey does indeed owe Louis the moon. I love how between them there's still this wonderful sense of happiness at being reunited; if they're together no problem is insurmountable. And no matter what else is going on (with Rachel or Louis or Jessica) Harvey is just so pleased to have Mike back by his side. Because Mike is family. :')

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My favourite scene though, was when, after staying up all night (Harvey and Mike together the entire time, and boy would I have loved a High Noon style montage of the experience, and now I want a fic set during that night in which they lose concentration at some point and take a break from working for a short while to talk about something else, like let's say for example S E X), Louis comes into the office having also stayed up all night and suggests they turn Cahill, which excited me so much my heart started racing because enemies becoming friends is literally my favourite trope in the entire universe, and a Harvey/Cahill bromance is exactly what I need in my life because they do secretly like and respect each other, their banter is beautiful, and if they don’t team up (with Mike in tow) to take down Forstman? I’ll be so damn disappointed I will cry. Basically all I want from next week is some scenes with Harvey, Cahill and Mike kicking ass and taking names, and all three of them getting a shit ton of pleasure out of being on the same side. Because what’s great about Sean Cahill as a character is that he’s an antagonist but he’s not an unethical person – he’s the hero of his own story, just trying to do his job (and doing it very well I might add).

I’m guessing next week will be Forstman’s last episode which sucks because I looooooove him sooooooo much. But at the same time I am looking forward to seeing Harvey (and Mike and Cahill, and probably Louis) take him down.

Speaking of Louis, I’m not worried about his resignation – it was really moving and a great character moment for him, but there’s just no way he won’t be back. Donna was fired and came back, Mike left and came back, leaving Pearson Specter does not mean he’s leaving the show, and it does not mean never working at PS again. Suits wouldn’t be Suits without Louis so I’m just looking forward to seeing how the show will include him in the action now that he’s no longer at firm.

Also if Donna’s reaction to the Louis drama and the prospect of him leaving wasn’t at least partially rooted in her confusing semi-romantic feelings for him? I’m the goddamn queen of England.

I don’t know why but I found Jessica’s anger at Louis exceptionally entertaining – she’s just so badass and Gina plays furious so brilliantly, imbuing her performance with this gloriously sly humour. And actually I really like that she didn’t back down, and that she unrepentantly views Harvey in different light. No matter how much Harvey’s choices put her firm in jeopardy, he’s not a buffoon, and, loath as she may be to admit it, she understands why he loves Mike so much and that mentoring and caring for Mike has made Harvey a better person. The show has always done a great job at showing why and how Jessica respects Harvey in a way she’ll never respect Louis, and what was great about Gone is that she got called out on that by some of the other characters and her response was essentially, ‘yes, and your point?’ [Harvey being Jessica’s favourite speaks to me on a very personal level okay.]

Okay, so you know how Harvey made Mike depose Rachel for practice? My theory is that he knew it would provoke a fight between them because Mike was still struggling to come to terms with what happened and having it out was the only way forward. Harvey’s order was a favour to Mike and Rachel, and we got a great scene out of it. I love how vicious Mike was, and that he owned up to it later, acknowledging that treating Rachel like that is genuinely unacceptable, no matter how much he’s still hurting. All that being said, I would sell my first born to have seen Harvey depose Rachel instead. He wouldn’t have gotten as personal but I bet he would have made her uncomfortable, and I really really want to know how he’s feeling about her these days – we haven’t had a single Harvey/Rachel scene since this all went down. Is he pissed at her? Does he understand? Does he not care because it’s none of his business? I mean, obviously Harvey’s priority is Mike (*hugs self*) and all he wants in the world is for Mike to be happy and by his side, but he cares about Rachel too and I’m sad the show has been neglecting that relationship in recent episodes.

Other stuff...

- good god Harvey's attractive when he's angry.

- Rachel is such a sweet beautiful angel; the effort she's putting into making things right with Mike kills me it's so romantic, even while you can tell the Logan thing is still eating him up inside.

- Donna: You put us all in jeopardy too [...] the day you hired Mike.

BOOM. Like, seriously Harvey, get off your high horse.

- If Gabriel Macht doesn't fall into the plastic surgery/botox trap in 20 years he'll be attractive/charismatic/interesting in the same kind of way as Eric Roberts.

- I agree with Donna's assessment of Louis's behaviour (i.e. that he made a bad choice and shouldn't be let off the hook) but it bugs me that she doesn't seem to realise she made exactly the same kind of choice, for exactly the same reason, and yet she expected to be let off the hook because...uh, why again? Oh right I forgot, because your special snowflake devotion to Harvey means you get to behave however the fuck you please regardless of who gets hurt/what laws get broken.

- and then this happened:

 photo gone02_zpsf6a18683.gif

 photo gone03_zpsefe7542f.gif

lol I love that Mike clocks Harvey's growing regard for Cahill and teases him about it, I love that to the ends of the earth.

- Jessica shutting down Donna gives me life.

- ugggh Jessica and Harvey have such amazing chemistry and work so well together and and and

barfing rainbows photo barfingrainbows_zps94b64af9.gif

- Jessica: "Let's order in."


- So Mike's still concerned that Rachel slept with Logan, and he uses his deposition prepping session with her to demand answers. MY POOR BABY. Patrick is such a good actor, and Mike's fear and pain is so potent I just want to cuddle him to death.

- I just really need Mike and Rachel to have hot/angry make-up sex, is that too much to ask?

- The affectionate look on Harvey's face when he says, "Because sometimes brothers fight." ksadjdsakgjkdsa And then he's all proud and defensive and "anyone would be lucky to have him" and oh godddddd my sweet sweet babies

 photo Leonardo-Dicaprio-Oh-My-God-Fist-Bite-The-Wolf-of-Wall-Street_zpse2ac4a92.gif

- Boys throwing paper balls into the trash. Boys pulling an all nighter together. Boys not taking off their clothes ties, why you no take off your ties boys? Louis has the right idea.

- Mike: Donna told me she already said this to you but I want you to hear it from me. I woudln't be back here if it wasn't for Louis.
Harvey: I'll take care of it.

snapping and crying photo screamingcrying_zps555570f8.gif

- Jessica: "I tell him to do something and he never goddamn does it. Now I told myself I'm going to do something, and I'm gonna goddamn do it."

This flawless bitch. But then Harvey says he'll fire Louis because he wants to tell him goodbye and oh dear god this episode is so emotional.

- Louis's resignation letter is fantastically heroic. If this were his very last episode (it won't be) what a way to go.

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