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Suits, 4.08: Exposure

I was so excited by this episode last night I let loose on twitter right after:

And in addition to Harvey being all giddy with happiness over Mike being 'back where he belongs', Mike then repeats it to Jessica that he's back where he belongs and he was also TOTES TALKING ABOUT BELONGING WITH HARVEY NOT AT PEARSON SPECTER because they are the show's otp as well as mine.

The same cannot be said about Darvey, however, which the show is clearly not that into (kind of like Harvey's feelings for Donna) that if I didn't feel so much contempt for Darvey shippers I might actually feel sorry for them.

I was veeeery trepidatious about what was coming up in the episode when the 'previously on' included the scene from S1 in which Donna said about fucking Harvey "you can never go back." I was like, oh NO not a fucking DARVEY story ugggghghag *barfs*'. But then in the first scene she admitted she was lying about never being able to go back and that things were as they were meant to be, and then later she had a date with a man who wasn't Harvey and she seemed happy and comfortable with her life yayyyy, and while some might interpret Harvey's insta-reaction to Donna telling him she had a date as jealousy I mean honestly there's really not a hell of a lot to work with there. Sorry to break it to you shippers but it sucks to be you. Like, Harvey is a possessive man (look at the way he is with Mike, it's fucking MADNESS how much he feels like Mike belongs to him) but yet again the show portrayed the Harvey/Donna relationship as *perfect just the way it is*, Harvey's response not about romantic jealousy but, rather, a weak moment of narcissistic 'wait, what? she's not still madly in love with me? huh' before moving on with his day with a big smile on his face (bc he has his boy back and the startling revelation that Donna has an actual personal life cannot possibly ruin his good mood). If this is the show's way of building up to a romance between Harvey and Donna? They're doing a shitty fucking job of it because they only succeeded in making it seem - YET AGAIN - like they really don't belong together, that they have no sexual or romantic interest in each other, that they are not in love, have never been in love and will never be in love, and that Donna has in fact and about fucking time (mostly) moved on. Even if Harvey and Donna do end up together this will have been the worst told romance in the history of television and that's something you can never take away from me regardless of the outcome.


Carry on being perfect, Suits.

So let's just all collectively forget about that train wreck of a ship and instead talk about the show's real great, timeless romance: Harvey and Mike.

I can't get over how *happy* they were to be back together - Louis had to go and spoil Harvey's mood by the end of the episode but before that happened Harvey was practically walking on air. He gave Mike his old office you guys. And like...no explanation for this gesture was given other than 'I gave you my old office because I'm your fucking daddy, it's gonna make you happy and that's just how I roll'. The GLEE on his face at telling Mike that it used to be his desk, utterly (and rightly) sure that Mike will immediately fall in love with the office simply because it used to be Harvey's and now it's his. It's their shared space. Mike may no longer be Harvey's associate but he still gets to be in Harvey's office all the time, and Harvey will get to fall in love with the office all over again, for a whole new reason, because now it belongs to his boy, and that means it belongs to Harvey too.



I'm glad Mike forgave Rachel, and I'm glad it happened quickly because this is Suits and it doesn't linger too long on misery and that's why it's awesome - but also, it makes sense that Mike wouldn't give up on the relationship so easy. He doesn't want to lose her, he loves her, he needs her, and he has to try to get past what happened. There will be many more consequences, of that I have no doubt, but I'm glad they're going to face them together.

At first when Rachel compared her betrayal with Logan to Mike sleeping with Tess I was like, 'nope, they're not the same at all. You and Mike weren't in a relationship at the time so it wasn't technically infidelity,' but the more I think about it the less the semantics matter. Seeing Mike and Tess together broke Rachel's heart, and she did have to get over it, just as Mike will have to get over Logan. Her pain is not less valid than Mike's just because his is fresher. And anyway, the question Mike and Rachel need to be asking is not 'How could you do it?' but 'Why? Why would you cheat at all?' Rachel's infidelity wasn't abut Logan, it was about Mike, and I hope the show continues to explore the fascinating complexities of their relationship, because their commitment to each other, despite the odds stacked against them, is why they're one of the most compelling canon romances on tv. Oh, and anyone using that scene as an excuse to bash Rachel or the Suits writers can kiss my ass. :)

Louis going to Jessica at the end was brilliant - I really didn't need to see another scene of Harvey berating Louis and I'm glad we didn't have to. This way is much more interesting.

Other stuff...

- So Mike went to stay at a hotel instead of with Harvey and fangirls the world over make this face:

suits harvey contempt photo harvey_zpsf127b782.gif

- Hey Donna, you and Harvey (who fucked once then went immediately back to being colleagues) cannot be compared to Mike and Rachel (who are in love, live together and are in a serious romantic relationship).

- Harvey turns up early to work for once because it's Mike's first day back and he was too excited to sleep in.

- Jessica describing Norma as "the mummified remains of a legal secretary" is solid fucking gold.

- Finally Katrina interacts with someone other than Louis - and lmfao at the awkward welcome home hug she gives Mike.

- Never getting over how happy Harvey and Mike are to see each other when Harvey turns up in Mike's new office.

- I don't tend to like it when PJA wears 3-piece suits but the one Mike's wearing is cut so beautifully and is such a good colour on him he looks hot as fuck.

- HELLO MY BELOVED CHARLES FORSTMAN. I wonder if we'll ever get a scene in which Louis doesn't get thoroughly destroyed by this man.

- Okay let’s just transcribe this entire conversation for posterity:

Mike: Guess who just got propositioned by a striking blonde?
Harvey: Please tell me it was Kate Upton.
Mike: Isn't she a little young for you?
Harvey: Last night she told me I was the perfect age.
Mike: To be her father.
Harvey: When are you gonna understand, they all want a daddy, Mike.

How fucking classic is it that Harvey likes Kate Upton – I’m just very amused and turned on by the thought of Harvey jerking off while flicking through the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. I love that Harvey doesn’t have a type other than ‘super hot’ and that he’s not above ogling young, busty blonde girls in bikinis. Also, the revelation that Harvey would have no problem fucking young women and playing daddy…jfc the levels on which this show speaks to my libido. Every week it delivers so much beautiful fic fodder, why the fuck isn’t our fandom the hugest?? I haven’t decided what I’m going to write first during hiatus but I’m telling you now, *someone* is gonna call Harvey ‘daddy’ and probably because he’s gonna insist upon it.

The whole exchange is just so playful and flirty though – Harvey putting the image of himself fucking Kate Upton into Mike’s head, Mike ‘objecting’ by jumping on the age difference and then Harvey using it as an excuse to remind Mike exactly how their own relationship works.

- And then this happened:

 photo ex03_zpsa913d473.gif

 photo ex04_zps24b72534.gif

 photo ex05_zps3b6aaff0.gif
ahahaha Harvey's outrage at the possibility of not knowing everyone Mike is friends with.

- How did Donna find out that Rachel lied about Harvey? Mike seemed surprised when Rachel confessed to the lie, but he’s literally the only person who could have passed that information along, right? Do you think Mike believed that Harvey had assigned Rachel to his case in an attempt to get them talking again, even though that really isn’t Harvey's style? Did he then mention it to Donna? Who, rather than telling him straight away that Harvey would never do such a thing, went to Rachel instead and warned her to get her shit together? Whatever, it rang slightly false to me that Mike didn’t question Rachel straight away when she told the lie. The first thing I thought when she said it was ‘no fucking way would Harvey do that to Mike’ and I was expecting Mike to respond with a ‘yeah right, gtfo’.

- Mike and Harvey in court together - "The wonder twins" - alkfdsj;lakejhfakj;

- Um, wasn't Mike's idea to give Cahill all the files actually Harvey's idea at the start of the episode?

- Louis is so lucky to have Katrina on his side - she's willing to break the law just to protect him.

- I love the way Mike and Harvey figure out together that Louis fucked up, just from Mike's observations of Louis's sketchy behaviour. They're so clever and pretty.

- The way Mike smiles at Rachel at the end ugggh

 photo ex06_zps044c64f8.gif

Finally, here is just another small reminder of how sexy this show is:

 photo hampm_zps9881c343.gif

* all gifs from tumblr
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