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Suits, 4.07: We're Done

I have a LOT to say about this episode so grab yourself a beverage, put your feet up, and settle in.

The first thing we need to talk about is Mike's return to Pearson Specter. I’ve been wondering for a while if the plan was to have Mike return to PS as a fraud given how unsettled the show has felt so far this season (and how unhappy our heroes have been), and we’ve discussed the possibility in the comments here, most of us agreeing that it wouldn’t make much narrative sense to, essentially, hit the delete button on the investment banker storyline only to put Mike back where he was at the end of season 3, having to deal with all the same issues, living in constant fear of discovery, Harvey, Jessica and Rachel complicit in his criminal career (and therefore criminals themselves). And of course there’s the lost opportunity of a Mike/Charles Forstman collaboration (still praying we’ll be seeing more of him). Instead we get the safe option, we get a restoring of the status quo, we learn that the reboot wasn’t really a reboot but simply a detour.

Creatively, Mike returning to Pearson Specter, is not the most ambitious or brave choice of storylines.

But the thing is… I just can't be sad about Mike and Harvey being back together, or about Harvey's immense joy at the prospect of Mike returning to him. Because Happy Harvey? Equals Happy Kate.

p&r andy yay photo andy_parks_and_rec_zps4c48dae6.gif

For fuck’s sake the entire episode was a Harvey/Mike shipper’s wet goddamn dream and I just can't be upset about that, I can only feel good (in my pants) about it, and while I'm not, like, excited about the prospect of more 'Mike is a fraud and could be discovered at any moment' storylines, it's still probably better than all the alternatives and I'm just going to go ahead and assume the creative team has some ideas about how to keep things fresh and moving forward.

Because, actually, when you think about it, things are different now from the way they were in S3. For one, Mike and Rachel are no longer together, and while I think there’s a good chance they’ll reconcile, at the moment he doesn’t give a shit what she thinks about him returning to life as a fraud. Before, staying a fraud meant making her miserable/scared, possibly losing her. Now, it's what he wants to do because being a lawyer is who he is (or so he believes), so fuck her. Fuck the system, fuck Sidwell, fuck Charles Forstman, fuck everything but Harvey (although we can dream). Maybe he’ll get caught, maybe he won’t, but at least in the meantime he gets to work with his favourite person - the one guy who has shown, time and again, that he’ll do anything to protect Mike and that he’ll always be there for Mike no matter what (unlike the treacherous Rachel).

So, the break up. I thought it was beautifully handled and I’m really pleased with the way it played out. Rachel’s pain and regret and misery were heart-breaking even while the show never once let her off the hook for what she’d done. The creative team did a brilliant job of showing how good people can make bad, self-destructive decisions, that every choice we make has consequences, both negative and positive, and that Rachel's mistake doesn't make her unworthy of love. [side note: and can we please have a moratorium on complaining about how wrong the writers were to tell this story just because it's given some people in the fandom an excuse to bash Rachel? Fuck those people. They'll bash her no matter what. I don't care about them or their stupid, sexist, wrong opinions and neither should you. What I care about is interesting, complex characterisation that reflects human fallibility, smart, brave, truthful writing, and Meghan Markle's fantastic performance.]

I still believe Rachel shouldn’t have told Mike but what was made really clear is that she literally couldn’t keep it to herself – she couldn’t live with the guilt. Her reasons for telling Mike were indeed selfish, but given how important honesty is to Rachel it is probably true that not telling him would have destroyed their relationship anyway. And I just love that she regretted telling him the moment she saw Mike’s horrified face, because it’s one thing to need to get something off your chest, it’s quite another to have to deal with the consequences of that decision to unburden yourself. I also love love LOVE that Donna didn’t once say ‘I told you so’ but supported Rachel’s choice to confess. And I love that Mike immediately walked out on Rachel to go punch Logan in the face (lol so macho), and then went to stay with Harvey (a;leskdjggra;dskjg;jlhfd). Most of all I love that Mike didn’t forgive Rachel by the end of the episode and that even though he hasn’t given up on the possibility of reconciliation somewhere down the line he still left her. Because it would have felt all kinds of wrong for him to stay, given how broken the trust between them is now; staying would have made him a sucker. Rachel has a lot of work to do to get back Mike’s trust and I expect it will happen eventually – hell even Harvey, angry as he was with Rachel over this, ships Mike and Rachel and thinks they belong together – but we all need a bit of time before we’ll be ready to 100% embrace a romantic relationship between them again.

OH HARVEY. You perfect, sexy bastard. He was everything in this episode. From start to finish he was there for Mike, checking up on him when he found out he was fired, taking care of him when he found out what Rachel did, furious with Rachel for hurting his bb, talking about how he should never have let Mike go in the first place, lawyering Jessica into taking Mike back (and how genius was his reasoning omg hahaha I love him so much), kicking Logan to the curb, and basically being the happiest we’ve ever seen him because he’s been lost without Mike, and actually – this is the main reason Mike returning to PS works. Because the show has spent the past six episodes showing us how miserable the two of them are without each other, how much they need each other, and how the show doesn’t quite feel like the Suits we all fell in love with when they’re not on the same team.

Regarding Harvey’s issues with infidelity, in the comments of last week's post I mentioned that I hoped Harvey wouldn’t compare Rachel to his mother because they’re nothing alike - Rachel is hardly the remorseless, serial cheater Harvey paints his mother out to be. But it didn't play out like that at all so I'm happy – Harvey’s issues with infidelity mean that when shit like this happens it bothers him on a more visceral level than it does, say, Donna or Louis, so it makes sense that Harvey has no interest in defending Rachel, that his only priority is to help Mike get through this difficult time, and that his first instinct is to give up on Mike and Rachel’s relationship. But when Donna explains to him that Mike will suffer just as much as Rachel will if they’re done forever, that’s when he stops reacting emotionally and gets some perspective. (Also, I'm kind of enjoying how irritated Donna is by Harvey these days. When she butts into his romantic entanglements I hate it, but when she's annoyed about his treatment of Louis or is trying to fix things between him and Mike I'm a lot less skeeved out by her meddling.)

What I liked about Louis making the decision to get Sheila back is that he's realised their relationship, and her, are more important than having children. I like that he’s willing to make that sacrifice because the fact is, not everyone gets to have kids, even if they really really want them, and giving up on the chance of real, lasting love with someone for something that might not even happen anyway is just crazy - especially as Louis doesn't exactly have awesome woman like Sheila lining up around the block to marry him and pop out his babies. In the real world people have to make compromises to be with the person they love, sometimes big compromises, and I like that Louis is willing to compromise his dreams for Shelia. Problem is, I don't ship Louis/Sheila, because I'm now all about Donna realising that, bizarre/shocking/embarrassing as it may seem, Louis is the man for her. Louis/Shelia were reasonably amusing together, but they lack the interesting, subversive, romantic sparks of Louis/Donna. So I'm basically meh about that development.

My one complaint about the Jeff/Jessica storyline is that Jeff’s anger at Jessica not trusting him was unfounded given that he fucked up and the only reason his mistake was discovered is because Jessica insisted Louis check his work. So like…stfu Jeff, you don’t get to act all righteous about Jessica not trusting your work when not only could your work not be trusted, you defied her request to check it one more time yourself because you’re her boyfriend and you expect special treatment. Like. Fuck off. I’m generally on board with this relationship because I love seeing Jessica get some and I want her to have romantic happiness and I think they’re well matched, but he was just so wrong it was bizarre to me that the show painted Jessica as the bad guy and him as the innocent victim of her "work bullshit".

Other observations...

- I know they're a popular duo in the fandom but I find Louis and Katrina's relationship bordering on creepy and I really need to see Katrina interacting with other characters at some point soon, because her role in the show is entirely one-note: she is Louis's enabler and that's it.

- Neal McDonough acts drunk very well.

- I love that Forstman offered Mike a million dollars to come work for him and we still don't know what the hell the job actually was.

- Is this the first time Harvey's been to Mike's new apartment? :') Ugh I love how invested he is in Mike's life and no matter how shirty Mike gets with him, he won't stop trying to help him.

- Stan Jacobson: "I found out that how much money you make is not the most important thing in the world. Who you spend it with, every day, is." Ostensibly about Rachel but, given what transpires, actually about Harvey.

- Katrina (to Louis): "If I were ever going to be attracted to you now would be the time." No. No no no no no. Maybe now that Rachel and Mike are broken up, Katrina can be Mike's rebound fling?

- oh godddd Harvey tried to get Mike his job back with Sidwell and if you weren't all shitting your pants for a couple seconds at the prospect that he might be successful then what the hell is wrong with you. What's great is that he tried, because he loves Mike, and he failed, because Mike does not belong with Sidwell (he belongs with Harvey *single tear*).

- Harvey: I wanna bring Mike back.

excited photo couch_zps0cb0348e.gif

- Mike's reaction to Rachel's confession is just so great. Awesome work there by both Patrick and Meghan.

- Logan: "I don't know what she told you but she let it go on a long time. And she didn't just like it, she *loved* it."

OOOOUCH. I mean, the thing is, I'm not convinced she "loved" it, but there is some truth in the rest of what Logan said - Rachel encouraged Logan's advances and then when he finally kissed her she let it go on a while before guilt got the better of her and she put a stop to it.

- Ooh Donna's apartment.

- Harvey (to Mike): "Get the hell in here."

christ almighty could this show be any sexier? with the white shirt and the no tie and all the caring....

there go my pants photo oops-pants-off_zps4a7e817a.gif

- the way Mike yells, "He said that you *loved* it". god.

- I know I'm in the minority but I actually feel kind of sorry for Logan. He got punched, rejected and dropped by his lawyers, all because he loves Rachel (and acted on his feelings when he shouldn't have, but like...what human being doesn't do that on occasion?).

- Harvey: "What she did is between the two of them and I'm not going to get in the middle of it one way or another, but if I did, it sure as shit wouldn't be to defend her."

The love I have for this attitude knows no bounds. ♥

- The look in Jessica's eyes in this scene does things to me:

 photo wd03_zpsa7d532df.gif

- The way Charles Forstman always gets the better of everyone he comes into contact with also does things to me.

- Louis giving up his 'win Sheila back' deal and rehiring Mike because he cares too much about him (and Rachel and Harvey) to let him get into bed with Forstman was so perfect because it led not only to Harvey getting what he wanted ("It's a great choice, I'm proud of you") but gave Harvey the perfect reason to make Jessica go along with it: she can't say no to Louis without arousing suspicion. HARVEY YOU BEAUTIFUL GENIUS.

 photo marshallfangirl_zps98f833c5.gif


Harvey: Louis hires you, you don't run it by me, you don't even tell me it's happening...

 photo wd01_zps6c0b8509.gif

 photo wd02_zpsf44d60a1.gif

Which makes me wonder, did they make up the guest bed together or did Harvey do it for him? Or was it already made up with fresh sheets for some reason? Answers in the form of fanfic please.

Mike: I guess it took Louis to do what you couldn't do.

lmfao yasssssss. give me all the flirty homoerotic banter in the worrrrrrld. *hugs self*

Harvey: Seriously Mike, it's good to have things back to normal.

 photo colbertcrying.gif

- Farewell Brendan Hines. The fans loathed you but I think you're just swell. (fyi I highly recommend Brendan's twitter - he's a hoot!)

- Rachel went to find Mike at Harvey's and I really wish we could have seen that conversation.

- Where's Mike going to stay now? And shouldn't Rachel be the one to go stay somewhere else? She's the one in the wrong and it's Mike's apartment. I guess even when wronged he's still capable of chivalry, bless his heart.

*suits gifs by gmacht
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