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Suits, 4.06: Litt the Hell Up

Is it weird I'm delighted about Mike getting fired? I'm so excited about what's up next for him, never really enjoyed seeing him in the investment banker job, or got much pleasure out of his relationships with Sidwell or Amy (who I like as a character, but their relationship was never particularly interesting), and if there's a possibility Mike will go work for Charles Forstman? I AM FOAMING AT THE MOUTH. Eric Roberts is just fucking spellbinding, and his chemistry with Patrick is fantastic. Now this is a relationship I want to see more of. Bye Sidwell, Hello Charles Forstman. Hell, even if Mike doesn't go work for him (*pleasegodmakeithappen*) I want more Charles Forstman.

Also, won't that mean Mike'll need a lawyer after all? A sexy Harvey shaped "he's my guy" best closer in NYC type lawyer?? And won't that also mean more contact between Harvey and Forstman and we'll get to find out what the fuck really happened between those two? *CLAPCLAPCLAP*

So yes, I am relieved that the Gillis deal is now done and that we can move on to the next chapter - in which Mike is either unemployed or working for Forstman, Harvey is his lawyer/bff again, Logan Sanders is still knocking about causing mayhem, Louis is a criminal all because he's in love with Harvey and would rather break the law than risk Harvey being angry with him again, and Rachel and Mike have to deal with her transgression.

Speaking of which, from a philosophical standpoint I was on Donna's side. Don't tell Mike baby girl, just learn to live with your guilt and don't it again. Simple! Because this is not the same thing at all as Mike's secret and confessing isn't about courage; this is one incident that, when Mike finds out, will crush him, and he may never be able to trust you again.

But then, Rachel isn't me or Donna, she's a person who prizes honesty about all else and she won't be able to live with herself if she doesn't come clean. Plus it makes for better TV, which is why I'm excited to see what happens next.

I know you all hate Logan but I'm enjoying his character a lot - and while I was too anxious about it to find his kiss with Rachel particularly erotic, it actually was pretty damn sexy. I enjoyed the way he groped her ass and tried to strip her out of her jacket without hesitation.

 photo rachellogan_zps6a671455.gif

Like, he reeeeeeally wants her, his desire for her is immense and his love for her is sincere; and she's still attracted to him, they do still have chemistry. I don't want them to get together at all, I don't think anyone's interested in seeing that happen, but their scenes are tense and electric and I don't care what any of you say I think this is a great story.

Episode highlight: Mike's ultimatum - "Once this deal is done, you go back to being my lawyer and he's out" and then he makes Harvey choose between him and Logan, knowing that Harvey would never choose anyone over him. Amazing.

The tragedy of Louis and Harvey's relationship, gosh. This is unrequited love on a far more explicit scale than with Harvey and Donna. It has been a running theme since s1: Louis worships Harvey and Harvey feels little more than contempt for Louis. Not only that Harvey understands the nature of their dynamic even better than Louis does - he magnanimously tells Louis that Charles Forstman got Litt the Hell Up, knowing the power he has to make Louis happy, but the thing is his affection for Louis is entirely contingent on the quality of Louis's work. Harvey's so pleased by the win and what it means for him (he gets Mike back!) that he says "I could kiss you." Louis replies, "And I could let you," and I swear to god he wasn't kidding. But then Harvey continues the sexually suggestive banter, inviting Louis to have a drink with him and then "Let's see where this thing goes." Christ. When Harvey's happy with you he's the sexiest man on earth - what chance does poor Louis have, when faced with the prospect of either losing that friendship (again, for the millionth time) or losing his soul?

Because Louis breaking the law is HUGE. This goes against everything he is, and that it's going to be because of HARVEY? Absolutely. Tragic.

Other observations...

- Another romantic Louis/Donna moment woohoo. Louis gives Donna an expensive necklace that was worn by Dame Judy Dench as Ophelia. And she is utterly delighted and if she didn't have a bunch of conflicted, confusing feelings for Louis in that moment I'm the queen of england.

- I'll be happy to never have to see Mike walk into Jonathan Sidwell's office ever again.

- It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside when Mike talks about how he and Harvey went to the hospital to be with Rachel, and in fact any allusion to their dinner date in this episode and how everyone thinks Harvey and Mike are colluding even though they're not because they don't understand that their connection is way more personal than that...

barfing rainbows photo barfingrainbows_zps94b64af9.gif

- Rachel was very much the instigator of her affair with Logan. He stood no chance.

- Donna has no patience for Harvey's grudge against Louis (her one true love).

- "If you went to his place, you were giving him the wrong idea." Donna speaks the truth (s4 Donna is my favourite Donna).

- I don't know what 'parking stock' means, but it sounds cool.

- Harvey saying to Mike "Don't play me." UNF.

- Harvey is suspicious of Rachel's relationship with Logan. I think he's intuited that something less than kosher is going on between them but he does not want it confirmed because it'll create a situation for him he does not want to deal with. The way he repeats, "We," when she says "we were looking at future deals" about her extra hours with Logan, the way he says "I need to know if whatever you and Logan were up to can force him to end this thing with Mike once and for all", the way he looks at her...he fucking knows and he's not happy about it.

- Rachel looks beautiful in that white top.

- I kind of love that Mike's ultimatum was Rachel's idea - she knows the power he has over Harvey, and the confidence with which Mike makes the ultimatum makes me really want to see how that conversation played out. He was probably straight away all, 'Rachel that's BRILLIANT. Because Harvey would never choose anyone else over me! You know us both so well!!! *kiss*' :')

- Harvey: "Let's get this thing over with and get back to normal." OH MY HEART.

- Mike's leverage was Harvey's complete and utter devotion to him. THAT WAS MIKE'S LEVERAGE.

- Harvey: I'm going with Mike.
Logan: WHAT.
Harvey: Mike's my guy, you knew that going in.

simpsons homer skip photo homerskipping.gif

- Do you think part of the reason Forstman is going after Mike is because he knows Mike belongs to Harvey? Because I reckon so.

- Forstman: "When you're the biggest bully in the yard people give you their lunch money without you even asking for it." oh god i love this man.

- What job is Forstman actually offering Mike? What would Mike's role be?

- Katrina's hair looks amazing but I'm still not a fan of her wardrobe.

- Investment banking is so dry, lawyers are more interesting.

Finally, just a friendly reminder to please not discuss the previews for next week's episode in the comments here. They are spoilers and I do not watch them. TY. :)
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