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Suits, 4.05: Pound of Flesh

It's like 30 degrees (celsius) in London right now and I'm sick as a dog, lying in bed sweating and feeling like shit, but the bright side is that I got to watch Suits earlier than I usually do. And it was awesome. A shorter post this week though, because my brain is fuzzy as fuck and I'm not in the mood to rewatch it again right now because I'd rather wait until I'm feeling good, so I can appreciate even more all the sexiness.

Harvey and Mike went on a date and we actually got to see it this time. [aside: what do we think Gabriel was eating? He's a vegetarian so it probably wasn't steak but it did look a bit like steak. I kind of hope it was because I like the idea that he took advantage of his job to eat something he's been missing like crazy the past several years.] There was a lot of Harvey declaring his love for Mike and saying sorry and telling him he's brilliant and how proud he is and good god I was practically squealing throughout that whole scene and this is exactly what I needed after the past few weeks of them being at each other's throats. Even better was Harvey turning up at the hospital to make sure Rachel was okay, because he felt guilty but also because he knew Mike needed him and that he'd get to spend some time with Mike and it wouldn't be all about the fucking case. UGH SO ROMANTIC. If you weren't having ot3 conniptions at that point then what are you doing with your life. It was like...a perfect snapshot of how it would be if the three of them were in a committed relationship: Mike rushing to the hospital in a panic, Harvey calming him down and taking him for dinner while they wait for Rachel to sleep it off.

snapping and crying photo screamingcrying_zps555570f8.gif
in case you hadn't noticed this is quite literally my favourite reaction gif of all time.

Okay the episode ended with Mike still being pissed at Harvey but not in a terribly stressful way if you know what I mean. Like, Harvey was being sincere when he apologised at the end, and even though Mike lost the round to him I think he believed Harvey meant what he said, and anyway I think the main reason he was so unhappy is because he just wants things to be okay between them.

Rachel's dream, holy shit. The Logan stuff is just a catalyst to the real issue at the heart of her relationship with Mike: he'll always be a fraud, and Rachel will never be okay with that. That her subconscious finds Logan and Mike interchangeable is fascinating - she left Logan because he was duplicitous, not because she didn't love him. Will she leave Mike for similar reasons? (I hope not, they're great together.)

The Donna/Louis storyline felt like a response to some of the criticisms fans have had about her character - finally we're starting to learn who she is outside her job and relationship with Harvey. She has dreams and passions and insecurities, and none of the things we found out in this episode were related to Harvey. THANK YOU SHOW. Also, get Louis and Donna together already they're perfect for each other.
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