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Suits, 4.03: Two in the Knees

To give you an idea of my insta-reaction to this glorious episode, here is the email I sent Mel straight after watching it:

omgomgomg that was so amazing. they're fans of each other - Mike described himself as a Harvey fan (this moves me in a very personal way, obviously) and then proved it by giving him the tapes because ultimately the fight didn't matter. i cannot for the life of me understand why any shipper would have a problem with this episode - yet again it was all about the depth of their feelings for one another. the power they have to hurt each other. that ending their relationship isn't ever even remotely an option. that last scene made me CRY. they love each other so fucking much i want to kill myself. and then all the stuff with Rachel - i love that she's smack bang in the middle of all this and instrumental at moving the plot forward, i love that she and Harvey are becoming closer and closer and he clearly adores her (and she him), i love that donna is so invested in keeping Harvey and Mike together. I love that Jessica's romantic storyline is genuinely engaging and i love that Jeff played Louis like a fiddle (so funny) to get near her and I love that she's so tempted but can't bring herself to go there and i love that he does back off in the end, because if the pursuit had continued any longer it might have become creepy/boring. but now jessica's going to have to deal with the fact that she's in love with him and it's no longer a game and that's awesome. so fucking good. A+ episode.

So yeah. I remain pleased with the direction this season is heading. Because even though Harvey and Mike had a brutal argument in this episode, the conflict is rooted in their deep feelings for one another. Harvey literally couldn’t do his job because it would have meant ruining Mike’s life and there’s just no way that’s an option; but this is also Harvey we’re talking about so he can’t NOT do his job. What he did in the end – telling Gillis about Mike’s drug deal - wasn’t nice or pretty but, as he said, he shot Mike in the knees so Logan wouldn't shoot him in the face. The kind of shit Harvey thrives at when it’s any other client he genuinely hates doing when Mike’s the one getting hurt. The most romantic thing about this episode for me was how conflicted Harvey was throughout, how much he hated himself for what he felt he had to do, and good lord the terrible things he said to Mike in that fight scene? Surely I wasn’t the only one who found that exchange highly erotic.

 photo titk01_zps21bc454b.gif  photo titk02_zps1d9c9bd8.gif
”you belong to me you little shit”

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And then Mike’s all, “That’s who you are. And that’s why I left” which, as Harvey rightly points out, is utter bullshit, although his accusation that the real reason Mike left was to feed his ego is utter bullshit too. Mike didn’t leave to get away from Harvey – Mike nearly STAYED because he couldn’t bear the thought of not working with Harvey – and Mike’s ego had nothing to do with him leaving either. They’re just lashing out at each other, because they don’t know how to be apart and it hurts and it’s hard and blaming each other is just one way of dealing with the pain.


(is it strange how much I enjoyed the argument scene? Like, I now have my next story pretty much figured out, based entirely on their dynamic in this episode and trust me when I say it is going to be pornographic)

Let’s talk a bit about Logan Sanders – he’s a much more compelling antagonist than the Brits from S3, I have to say. He’s a piece of shit but his history with Rachel makes him fascinating to me, because not only does it complicate the relationships between our three heroes, it complicates Logan’s motivations – he doesn’t just want to win, he also wants to take down Mike, he wants Mike to suffer, because Mike has Rachel and Rachel’s the one who got away. He’s ruthless and petty, but his feelings for Rachel were absolutely real (and may still be unresolved). I can see why she fell in love with him, but I can also see why he wasn’t the man she wanted to settle down with – and that’s a tricky balance to pull off; shout out to the writers and to Brendan Hines for nailing it.

Rachel, my sweet beautiful angel, I love you and I love that you’re the one who fixed the situation, by getting personal, like Harvey and Mike did, but in a way that wasn’t destructive.

Other observations…

- Donna: I’m a Harvey fan.
Mike: So am I. And that’s why I’m giving him my best.

snapping and crying photo screamingcrying_zps555570f8.gif

- Logan describes Mike as Harvey’s “surrogate son” and then as his “boy” and this makes me happy.

- Jessica’s white suit is exquisite.

- Logan: "I was asking you to go below the belt with Ross." I'm feeling you so hard right now Logan. A deliberately homoerotic line or a happy accident?? Answers on the back of a postcard.

- the confused/alarmed look on Louis's face when Jeff says he'd never turn down a threesome is golden.

- interesting that Rachel immediately understands why Harvey went to Gillis - "you had no choice" - and is grateful to him, but Mike can't put it together. He's just so hurt by Harvey getting so personal that he doesn't care/doesn't notice that if Harvey *hadn't* done it, Mike's life could have been ruined. So Rachel has to step in, by doing what's best for both Harvey and Mike.

- And then Rachel gives Harvey the tapes, from Mike, because Mike says they belong to Harvey; keeping them just isn't in his nature. After everything that happened in this episode, that moment is so special, proving that even when things between them are rough, they love each other. Mike would never have been able to use those tapes against Harvey, just as Harvey would never have allowed Mike's life to be ruined. And Rachel's there to facilitate all of this because who else could? She lives with Mike, she works for Harvey, she's got leverage with Logan. #ot3
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