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Suits, 4.02: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

If your main takeaway from this episode wasn’t something to do with Harvey's ocean-deep, fierce and eternal love for Mike then I don’t know what show you’re watching. jfc. One of my favourite things about Suits, and about Harvey, and about the way Harvey expresses (or doesn’t) love for his “family”, is that it’s so unsentimental, and for that reason more intense and moving. I detest cheap sentiment.

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'hi honey, good to see ya'

I’m delighted with the way Rachel handled the Logan Sanders situation. She was scared to tell Harvey, because she’s a little bit scared of Harvey (which pleases me greatly for some reason) but she told him anyway, right in front of Logan, who had asked her not to tell – and I love that she didn’t even consider doing what Logan wanted because her loyalty is with Harvey.

Harvey's response was really interesting – he doesn’t give a shit that Logan and Rachel have history, but he is (rightly) concerned that Mike and Logan won’t be able to handle being in the same room together. Harvey understands people, and he especially understands Mike – hot-headed, possessive, prone to lashing out when he feels threatened Mike – and Harvey does his best to contain the situation, but ultimately can’t prevent Mike and Logan facing off. And what a delicious scene that was. I’m always here for the sexually suggestive dialogue, which is largely used for comic effect (case in point: Louis’s “I eat cock for breakfast, lunch and dinner”), but here is used by Logan to rub in Mike’s face the fact that he used to fuck Rachel. He wasn’t delicate about it either, and while I probably shouldn’t approve of Rachel’s sexual history being used as a weapon by a man there was something hot as fuck to me about the way Logan said, "Yeah I don't care if you step aside or not, when I see something I want I take it and then I do whatever the hell I want with it, and what I want to do with this company is strip it down, flip it over—" And then Harvey interjects with "Okay that's enough" because even though Logan's his client he has no interest in seeing him fuck with Mike and Rachel's relationship. #ot3 :')

I adore Jessica and Jeff together – his supreme cockiness and refusal to stop pursuing a romantic relationship with her is awesome. I might normally balk at his ‘no means yes’ approach to her resistance, but the evident pleasure Jessica gets out of Jeff’s persistence shows that he’s absolutely right. They have something special, they have great sex together, and she still wants him like crazy. I look forward to the day she gives in to the lust.

Jessica taking Donna’s advice and giving Louis the corner office was great – and the hug she gets from Louis was an episode highlight.

And omg. DONNA BACKSTORY. I swear this is literally the first solid thing we’ve ever found out about her past that isn’t Harvey-related. And what a great story too – I love so much that it was Louis she told, and that she’s never told anyone else, and that she knew giving him a framed photograph of herself as Ophelia would be the perfect gift for him. I'm sure the majority of the audience would hate Donna and Louis getting together – and I guess it is a stretch to imagine that she’d be sexually attracted to him – but there’s no woman Louis will ever love as much as he loves Donna, and of all the characters Donna is the one who cares most about Louis. So I ship it.

Then on top of that there was all the Harvey/Mike flirting.

 photo bld01_zps68396da8.gif
 photo bld02_zpse0eb8c60.gif

Lmfao ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT. It is not my fault my mind went instantly into the gutter when Harvey offered himself up on a platter to Mike, IT IS THE SHOW’S FAULT. And the way Mike looked up all hopeful for a second there, like, ‘What? We’re finally gonna consummate this relationship?’ adslkhjgfdagla;sgd

The thing is though, Harvey doesn’t go easy on Mike and when Mike begs him for a way out, basically because he might not have the stomach for the job and he wants Harvey to rescue him like he used to and Harvey won't because that’s not how the game is played, it really fucking HURTS Harvey to have to do it. He wouldn’t lose a second’s sleep over doing it to anyone else, but when Mike throws himself at his mercy and Harvey can no longer be the one to pick up the pieces it eats him up inside.

 photo bld03_zps0ec11493.gif  photo bld04_zps4d6411e1.gif
 photo bld05_zps12acf7d8.gif  photo bld06_zps6832f4fd.gif

WELL DAYUM. I love how Harvey just sits around thinking about Mike like nbd. Be slashier show, I dare you.

Of course Harvey’s refusal to help Mike is exactly what helps Mike, and by episode end Mike recognises that it was Harvey’s hardness that made him step up and do what was necessary to win that round of the battle. And then Harvey was just so proud of his bb, and who doesn’t go all gooey inside when Proud!Harvey turns up to the party?

 photo bld09_zps870f4d0b.gif

Other observations...

- I love how the show makes it very plain in pretty much every episode that Mike and Rachel have an amazing sex life.

- Donna stealing Rachel's flowers = best.

- Very much enjoyed watching Rachel and Logan kiss. They are both very attractive. I like that Logan is proud of Rachel for going to law school - that means he really did love her, and now i'm crossing my fingers for some of those feelings to resurface this season, and oh my god I've just realised that Logan is played by the lovely Brendan Hines, who was in Lie to Me and Scandal and I can't believe I didn't recognise him. the casting people on this show deserve a raise.

- Mike: "I think we both know you only kick ass after eating a hotdog."

like I know I have a particularly dirty mind and all but to me it just sounds like Mike's talking about blow jobs and anal.


- Louis would be so lost without Katrina.

- Jessica: "Whatever lets you sleep at night, white boy." BOOM.

- Harvey: "Maybe, but you both have a brain and a dick and if you get in that room together the brains aren't gonna be leading that conversation."

Talk about Mike's dick some more, Harvey. *chin hands*

- I love that moment when Mike realises he's talking to Logan Sanders in the bathroom and you can see it on his face that he's like 'goddammit the guy's really attractive'. Nice acting there, Patrick.

- Donna: "my jealousy brought out something really ugly in me" /continuity

- I love that we're still getting so many sizzling Harvey/Mike scenes.

cat party photo dancinghappykitten_zps007efcea.gif

- Jessica being all "okay okay let it out" while Louis is clinging to her is everything.

- Donna: "Sometimes bitter memories become bitter sweet...when you share them with a friend." :')

dance bert and earnie photo bert-n-ernie_zps277d6aef.gif

*suits gifs all found on tumblr
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