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Suits, 4.01: One-Two-Three Go...

Welcome back dearest darling show. Starting the new season with everyone I love having sex? Quickest way to win me over.

Good job.

Not only do Mike and Rachel start their day with a bang, so does Harvey: in a call-back to the pilot, he skips out on his morning meeting with Jessica to bang the beautiful random he took home with him the previous night. Fuck yeah. If he can’t be with Scottie I am all over him reverting to his degenerate skirt chasing ways for a while. *claps* Even better, JESSICA GOT LAID TOO. We don’t learn this until later in the episode but her boyfriend is played by Buffy alum D.B. Woodside, who looks to be joining the cast this season as a new partner at Pearson Specter. WOOHOO. Will he and Jessica be able to keep their hands off each other now that he’s working for her? I hope not.

Everything’s changed. Mike’s an investment banker at Sidwell Investment Group, with his own office and his own sassy secretary and his own three-piece suit and ginormous power tie. Oh my god he’s Harvey. Cocky little fucker too, just like daddy.

I wonder how you all feel about the new dynamic? I’m intrigued and excited personally. They’re going to be on opposite sides of a big case, that I expect will last several episodes, and while I’ll miss seeing them working together, having them oppose each other at work while still maintaining a personal relationship outside of work, or at the very least, still caring about each other deeply, is making me giddy with anticipation.

HARVEY AND RACHEL. This is everything I’ve ever wanted – she’s his new Mike and they have the fun sexy banter with each other that’s just shy of being flirtatious, and she mocks him just like Mike and Donna do and he loves it, and Harvey uses her to get to Mike because they are OT3, and she tells him off for it and makes him promise not to do it again and he says SORRy because he was wrong and because he respects her and he does it in that adorable reluctant way that means he hates having to say it but at the same time he totally means it. Harvey and Rachel everyone. HARVEY AND RACHEL.

Even sexier is the completely shameless way Harvey pervs on Jessica. He made so many inappropriate sexual comments to her in this episode I lost count. I love how she acts like she’s disapproving but she fucking eggs him on, and we now have canon confirmation that they have never fucked but he’s thought about it, he’d really like to (and would) but is conscious that it wouldn’t be a good idea, and then he blatantly imagined her naked while she was standing right in front of him (which she was so fine with btw – because she’s thought about it too, oh yes she has) and then, and I think this might have been my very favourite moment in the episode, when Jessica sent him to wash his hands before sitting down to the dinner she just made him in her bare feet, she told him not to spend too much time in that bathroom. lmfao. (“no jacking off to thoughts about my naked body, young man”)

I love this show more than life itself.

We also meet the (hot) married man Rachel had an affair with - Logan Sanders - and I am so psyched about that I might explode. The more we learn about Rachel and Jessica’s personal lives the better, and getting to see Rachel interacting with a former lover is just...yes. Do Want.

I have mild concerns about Mike's relationship with his secretary Amy, probably because it feels like it’s trying to be just like Harvey&Donna, and a) I don’t like that relationship anymore so that’s not a selling point for me, but also b) even if I did like it, H and D have built up their special rapport over several years, so I hope to see some teething problems (beyond him not knowing she hates mushrooms) as well as some distinctive (from Donna) character traits. The actress (Melanie Papalia) is gorgeous, and she's got the rhythms of the dialogue down so let’s just hope Show gives her a storyline beyond being Mike's too-awesome-to-live secretary.

Other thoughts...

I know this show loves me because they edited the pre-credit sequence to make it look like Rachel is the naked woman in Harvey's shower.

cadance eating fic photo candaceeatsfanfic_zps569c73eb.gif

WAIT ONE MINUTE. is that the Harvey bedroom from the pilot again????????? The balcony looked different but otherwise it was pretty damn similar (and different from every other incarnation of his bedroom we've seen. right?)

Sarah's line delivery here cracks me the fuck up:

donna mousse

Jessica: I know what you were doing three hours ago.
Harvey: Well then you should have come on over.

harvey porn guitar

Harvey cannot handle working for Mike and his refusal to follow Mike's orders is so delicious. He's basically incapable of treating Mike like a normal client, which backfires on him in a way he didn't see coming, but in the end I think he's almost as excited about going up against Mike as I am about it. #twoowuv

Mike: "Rachel, come on, I said I didn't want to get in between you two."

aw, but we'd all really like to see that Mike. *rimshot*

This whole scene though: http://msninjafan.tumblr.com/post/88569875573

zac fist bite photo quintobitesfist_zpsec7d1165.gif

The last Harvey/Mike scene is making me horny. Why are they flirting with each other so much. and then right before Harvey says "one-two-three go" that's the bit I really wanted them to start making out. I need porn, suits fandom. write me some porn goddammit.
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