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Suits, 3.16: No Way Out

I tweeted yesterday that if Harvey and Scottie broke up in the finale I'd probably kill myself, so we all have that to look forward to.

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But the reason I'm okay with it? (After sobbing my face off first of course.) Is that Harvey told her the truth (which broke me in all the right ways) and he told her he loved her and it was incredibly romantic and devastating and it makes me believe that somewhere down the line they can come back together and make it work for realsies. Because I believe in this relationship and I actually really love that Scottie can't stay with Harvey while he's actively committing these crimes (hi everyone I wrote that fic. Next season: Mike and Rachel fuck Harvey's pain away) and I love SO MUCH that Harvey decided to tell her, that Donna didn't get her way, and that he, again, took full responsibility for everything that's happened since he hired Mike. God he's attractive. The scene where he tells Mike to turn him in? Amazing and beautiful and perfect.

Even better is Mike not letting him take the blame, refusing to ever turn on him, and deciding to leave Pearson Specter because, like Harvey, he also doesn't want to keep hurting the people he loves.

Rachel being all, "Harvey wanted you to stay, I wanted you to leave, you chose to stay. So your priorities, they seem pretty clear to me," gives me so many feelings, and she's not wrong: Mike couldn't bear the thought of leaving Harvey, even knowing how much Rachel wanted him to. But actually, in the end, Mike puts them both first, because staying isn't good for Harvey either. Staying means that Harvey gets to be with Mike every day, sure, but as long as their relationship is based on the fraud they're doomed. Leaving means they have a chance at longevity. ♥

Which brings me to: Mike is leaving. Harvey has lost both his (flawless) girlfriend and the other love of his life, poor baby.

So what does this mean? I love this show so much, I love how it keeps surprising me by doing the most unexpected things, but what happens to the show now that Mike's no longer a fraud? (Not that his crimes couldn't still catch up to him, and let's face it they probably will). But is this a for real reboot? Is Suits genuinely planning to ditch their original concept entirely? I mean...it's not unprecedented (Alias did it very successfully halfway through season 2 for instance), Suits has proven itself to be a show unafraid of taking risks, and, frankly, I'm not sure how much more mileage they can get out of the premise in its current incarnation, given how far they've already taken it. There's only so much suspense that can be gained from repeatedly having Mike almost get caught, know what I mean? But if this really is a reboot, what comes next? (Speculation in the comments only please! This is a spoiler-free zone.)


One thing's for certain, and I don't think any of us need to fret too much about this, Mike and Harvey's story is not over. So while I'm terribly sad that Harvey is losing the two people in the world he loves the most (it's my story and I'm sticking to it), I'm also super excited by what's next in store for our boys.


Donna: Because you forced it out of me. [oh rly?]
Harvey: Donna do you want me and Scottie to succeed or not?
Donna: I want you to be happy.
Harvey: That's an evasive answer.
Donna: No it isn't. It just isn't up to me to decide what that means.

capybaras photo kapibarachewing_zps651127c0.gif

It seems to me that Donna does think it's up to her to decide what that means. It seems to me that Donna has decided what that means and that's exactly why she won't butt the fuck out of Harvey's private life.

Rachel's anger is so righteous and I'm totally on her side.

I like Mike's hair atm.

Scottie looks so fucking hot in her white suit. [Aside: Mel made me finish my Harvey/Scottie fic last night so this episode wouldn't joss it but actually it still fits nicely which is cool. IOW I will soon be posting new fic that no one in this fandom is looking forward to. Ahaha. Ha.]

Harvey about Don Draper: "Who does that guy think he is anyway?" lmfao.

Ugh, he loves her and he wants so badly for it to work between them. :'(

Zeljko Ivanek plays US Attorney Eric Woodall, another excellent piece of guest-star casting. Well done, show.

Harvey in protective mode....ao;dhgjahdlkgja

Jessica: You don't think Donna knows Harvey can die?

LOL. Jessica is hilarious.

They keep mentioning Lola but can we please have her back on the show? Surely the actress can find the time, what the fuck else is she doing?

Abigail Spencer is my queen. I hope she comes back in S4. The thought that she might not ever be back on the show is making me cry. And then Donna interrupts Harvey and Scottie's important conversation because she is the worst.


The look on Harvey's face when Jessica told him that Scottie wants to leave. *SOBS*

shit man, i just made the mistake of browsing tumblr for gifs and I stumbled across this quote from Korsh:

"I know that there are plenty of Harvey and Donna ‘shippers out there – getting Harvey and Donna together, if it’s done too soon, in my opinion, will really harm the show."

And it makes me so angry (and not just because of the apostrophe before the word shippers) because of the implication that it will be done eventually, which is the one single thing I never want to see, the one thing that would actually ruin the show for me, the one thing I could never ever forgive, and it just fucking infuriates me that because those shippers are obnoxious enough to harass Korsh on twitter he's actually considering giving them what they want even though what they want is fucking bullshit. So I went and did something obnoxious myself and tweeted at him "hey @akorsh9 just fyi, there are plenty of people out there who fucking hate the idea of Donna and Harvey ever getting together." Imma start my own aggressive anti-darvey campaign (who's with me!). Because even if the show does go down that route he better understand that a big portion of the audience would be disgusted by it. Ugh. Why do shippers have to ruin everything? And why the fuck do showrunners listen to them???? Dear Korsh: Shippers do not know what's best for your show and should be ignored. Do what's right for your characters not what a bunch of dumb shippers beg you to do, and trust me, just because some people have bought into the (gross, problematic, sexist, horrible, cliched) trope of Indifferent Boss/Devoted Secretary there is absolutely nothing romantic or sexy about this relationship. NOTHING. /end rant

ETA: you should also read Mel's excellent rant on the subject. Her thoughts are my thoughts.

Back to the episode: Harvey getting physical and losing it with Quelling made me horny and I don't care who knows it.

Donna points out one thing that resonates with me: Harvey hiring Mike was good for Harvey, because it forced Harvey to protect him which in turn made him a better (more caring) man.

Jessica calling Rachel family.

barfing rainbows photo barfingrainbows_zps94b64af9.gif

This Harvey/Mike scene oh dear god. *CLUTCHES HEART*

Harvey: Mike Ross never went to law school. I knew it and I hired him anyway.
Scottie: Why are you telling me now?
Harvey: Because you accused Jessica of being Edward Darby. It wasn't her. It was me.
Scottie: I still can't stay Harvey.
Harvey: I know. I just want to stop lying to the people I love. I'm sorry.

okay I'm crying my eyes out all over again.

Maybe she can leave the firm but stay in NY? And they can still be together???

*kills self*

Harvey: Hey when's your last day?
Mike: I dunno. Why?
Harvey: I wanna take you out to dinner you know, I'm not going to see you anymore.
Mike: I don't think you realize, but I'm not exactly leaving.
Harvey: Sidwell. You're a client.
Mike: Which means technically you work for me now.
Harvey: No I don't.
Mike: No I don't, boss.
Harvey: Don't even try it.
Mike: Or sir, whichever feels least comfortable.
Harvey: You know since I'm working alone now I guess that makes me Superman.
Mike: Or Aquaman seeing as you're in over your head.


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