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Suits, 3.15: Know When To Fold 'Em

I nearly didn't write a post this week. The ending of this episode upset me so much that for the first time ever I was left feeling miserable and fearful, instead of full of squee. I actually cried. :(

And, by the way, this is not because the episode wasn't good - it was amazing, and by far the slashiest we've had in ages - and I will talk about all the lovely, romantic things that happened in a bit, but first I have to air my grievances and talk about why I'm upset and why I have a problem with some of the choices the show has made with regards to a certain beloved character who is now dead to me.

I'm done with Donna. So. Fucking. Done. I just...I hate her now - I hate her relationship with Harvey and I hate the way the show presents their codependence as something necessary to him, and I hate that shippers interpret their creepy codependence as romantic, when actually it's bordering on toxic. Why can't Harvey and Scottie have a storyline that doesn't involve Donna? Why is she a part of this relationship at all? That's basically her entire purpose in the show: she advises Harvey on how to conduct himself in his relationships. That's her role. And this is presented as a positive thing, as if her meddling in his private life is her best asset, as if she's right to, as if Harvey wouldn't be able to function in an adult relationship without her input. I might have been able to shrug it off, but then I had to watch Harvey and Scottie's relationship crumble before my eyes all because Harvey is keeping a big secret from her and it's killing him. Mike learned that he couldn't be with Rachel while he was lying to her, and now Harvey is learning the same thing about his relationship (they're so similar in so many ways *bites fist*). And Donna has the *audacity* to tell Harvey that he's not *allowed* to tell Scottie the secret because Scottie is someone "who keeps finding a reason to be pissed at you".

OH I SEE. So now Donna's policing Scottie's feelings is she? She's made the judgement that Scottie's grievances are not reasonable, that Harvey should be able to behave however he wants in his relationship (or rather, how Donna instructs him to) and that Scottie has no real right to be angry and upset that he keeps lying to her. "Finding a reason to be pissed" my fucking ASS. It's the same goddamn reason every time: HARVEY IS LYING TO HER. Harvey's solution is to tell her the truth, and whether that's the right thing to do or not (IT IS), whether Scottie can be trusted, that's Harvey's choice to make and it's none of Donna's goddamn business and oh my god she needs to just fuck off out of my life right now. When he told her he was going to tell Scottie, if Donna were a real friend, if she actually cared about Harvey's wellbeing and about his relationship like she claims to, she would have done what Rachel did and told him she'd support whatever decision he makes. She should have talked with him about the pros and cons of confessing to Scottie (who is not a cop ffs, she's the woman Harvey loves) and left it up to Harvey to decide. Because if Harvey wants his relationship with Scottie to work he has to take a leap of faith, he has to follow Mike's example, and he has to stop listening to his goddamn secretary whose unresolved feelings for him are clearly contaminating whatever unsolicited advice she gives him.

I care about Harvey and Scottie's relationship much more than I realised - I love seeing Harvey happy, I love their chemistry, I love her feistiness and that she won't put up with his shit (and she can handle Harvey's damage thank you very much, Donna is not actually required) and I think Harvey should tell her the truth. If she can't deal with it and that's why she leaves him then I would be okay with that, but if he never even gives her the choice? My heart will break. I hate Donna's over-investment in Harvey's love life and I am genuinely terrified that Scottie is going to leave Harvey because of this and Harvey's heart will be broken and he'll revert back to the closed off bachelor he's always been, just as Donna prefers it even if she disingenuously claims otherwise. I'm not ready for Harvey to lose this relationship yet - we're learning so much more about him, we're seeing a different (sexy, interesting) side of him and he and Scottie are such an entertaining twosome - please don't do this to me, show. Please don't let Donna have her way.

What I did love about that scene was Harvey taking full responsibility for the Mike situation - that was long overdue.

Now on to the good stuff.

UGH HARVEY AND SCOTTIE ARE SO GOOD TOGETHER. Their physical chemistry is divine - the way Harvey walks so close to her:

 photo hs01_zps560854ee.gif

She ships Harvey/Mike ffs (just as Rachel does) and makes jokes about Harvey going on a date with Mike, which Harvey responds to like so:

 photo hs03_zps99ae2da9.gif  photo hs02_zpscd74a1af.gif

Harvey loves Mike so much he even copies his flirty jokes. They've both now admitted out loud that they want the other to put out. I couldn't find a gif of what happened after that (if you see any pls link me so i can replace my crappy screencaps), but Scottie whispers in Harvey's ear about exactly how she plans to put out later and Harvey looks happier than he's ever looked in his entire life. Look at that SMILE:

 photo ScreenShot2014-04-05at094729_zps571832e4.jpg  photo ScreenShot2014-04-05at094734_zps7fcd2d50.jpg  photo ScreenShot2014-04-05at094749_zpsa82f0cf3.jpg  photo ScreenShot2014-04-05at094759_zps7bf26400.jpg

How can anyone who loves Harvey not want this for him? I don't get why so many slashers want Harvey to remain single, even though they know H/M will never happen in canon, because it seems so cruel to me. Harvey's happy here. How can a smile like that make you feel anything other than happy for him? Also, if you have any theories about what Scottie said to him please cheer me up by sharing them with me.

After this Mike tells Harvey he is leaving and Harvey spends the rest of the episode brooding and heartbroken and it's incredibly romantic because Harvey literally cannot deal with the thought of losing Mike. I do wish that Mike's decision to stay with him at the very end wasn't tainted by the fact that Mike staying means Harvey will probably lose Scottie but I'll stop harping on about that because Mike decided to stay with Harvey, because by Harvey's side is where he belongs (and, I guess, being a lawyer is who he is). YAY.

Okay I better rewatch the episode to remind myself of the other things I did genuinely enjoy.

I love that Rachel doesn't try to influence Mike's decision. Now this is a healthy relationship.

Rachel: "If he can't have an honest conversation with your best interest in mind, he's not your friend. And he shouldn't be your boss."

Nope, I disagree. I like the sentiment, but in reality people are emotional and self-interested, and Harvey loves Mike too much to simply be able to cast his own feelings about Mike leaving aside and have an honest conversation with him about it. This is emotionally stunted Harvey we're talking about and he's allowed to be upset, know what I mean? And being upset and hurt doesn't make him any less of a friend, or a boss; if anything it means the opposite.

Jessica = queen.

Gutted that we didn't get to see Harvey taking Mike to the poker game.

ugh Harvey's FACE when Mike told him about the job offer. Great acting by Gabriel - you can *see* on his face his heart filling up with fear. And then he quickly builds a wall around his heart and recommends Mike take the job. Which hurts Mike so badly - he probably shouldn't have expected anything different but he did. He wanted Harvey to ask him to stay, because staying is what he wants to do. *bangs their heads together*

Look how hurt they both are by all of this:
 photo foldem01_zps857e7b0b.gif  photo foldem02_zps74fc53af.gif
poor babies

Harvey's so upset about Mike he's horrible to Scottie.

"Are you sure that's how you wanna play that?" Fuck off Donna.

Rachel and Katrina working together is adorbs. Rachel is the least grudgey person ever. ♥

oh sweet jesus Harvey kicking ass at poker makes me so horny. He's such a flirty player. I wish Mike were here with him.

Of course Rachel wants Mike to take the job.

The pleasure Jessica takes in firing Katrina is why she is the boss. And now it is up to Rachel to save Katrina's ass, which she'll do because she's a sweet, beautiful angel.

Donna: So someone's dangling some money in front of you.
Mike: It's not about that.
Donna: I don't care what it's about.

ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT. This bitch gives the worst advice because she cannot see past Harvey's poor fragile feelings. Like, yes Harvey needs Mike, but Mike's life with Rachel IS ALSO IMPORTANT. MIKE'S LIFE IS IMPORTANT. MIKE NOT BEING A CAREER CRIMINAL IS IMPORTANT. And she's SHAMING Mike for not putting Harvey first because all she can fathom is putting Harvey first no matter who else gets trampled on. God. How does anyone still like this character.

Louis's apartment is pretty sweet.

Scottie knows (just as we all do) that if Harvey had asked Mike to stay Mike totally would have turned down that job offer immediately. She understands the power of Harvey.

ugh Harvey's so lost. Mike's leaving and he can't tell Scottie the truth and I just feel so SAD for him.

Mike drops by Harvey's apartment again, and Harvey is v-neck free, looking foine in his white shirt and suit pants. nnnngggghhhhh

Jessica: You woke the dragon Charles. How d'you like me now?


Donna: You spent more than a year covering it up!

Girl. That's because he wasn't with Scottie before, so covering it up didn't cost him anything. *SLAPS HER*

"I thought you were tying to help my relationship, not shit on it."

Wake up, Harvey. And you should be mad at her because she's a fucking creep.

This scene was less upsetting the second time around, possibly because I've ranted out all my feelings and that now seems like a slight overreaction. haha. whatever. Fuck this bitch. I'm here for Harvey and Scottie and Harvey and Mike, and in future posts, bc I know you all love Donna I'll do my best not to acknowledge her existence.

Mike: I'm officially a member of the New York Bar.

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