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Suits, 3.14: Heartburn

This episode totally jossed the fic I’m currently writing goddammit, but was otherwise amaaaazing. So much happened:

The reality of Mike’s situation catches up to him in a way it never has before, and an opportunity for escape presents itself; Louis has a heart attack, gets engaged, and then breaks up with Sheila; Harvey commits a crime against fashion; and Rachel secures herself the future of her dreams.

Let’s start with Louis. The heart attack revealed who Louis’s friends really are, and that, despite his difficult personality, he is well loved by Jessica et al, and by his devoted girlfriend Sheila - who accepts his proposal and even agrees to give up her Harvard job so she can move to NYC and start their life together. The spanner in the works is that, actually, they don’t know each other well enough for such a commitment, as Sheila drops the bombshell at the close of the episode that she doesn’t want kids and will never change her mind about that (a valid, awesome choice - childless sisters unite!), which turns out to be a deal breaker for Louis.

I’m not particularly sad about the break-up, maybe because the relationship has been largely played for laughs and the whirlwind nature of the romance hasn’t resonated with me in the same way as, say, Harvey and Scottie’s deeper bond and long history has. Plus, I have to admit my sympathy was not with Louis at the end, for personal reasons - I just can’t with a guy who dumps a woman because she doesn’t want to be a mother. I know it’s not uncommon and therefore it’s a valid piece of characterisation, biological imperative yadda yadda, but the pressure women are under to have kids and the idea that a desire to procreate is more important than a good, loving relationship makes me a little ragey. So, like. It was a really good story but it did leave me feeling pretty mad at Louis.

I do love that Louis considers Jessica, Rachel, Donna, Mike and Harvey his family, and their reactions to Louis’s heart attack were beautiful. The reason Harvey knows Louis is allergic to flowers was perfect, as was his “I’m an asshole”, and it seems just right that Donna knows she’s the one person Louis would want to see at the hospital. If Louis and Donna fall in love I will never stop laughing (the anti-darvey bitch in me wants it so bad).

Then there was this episode highlight:

 photo 01_zps6168fc2c.gif  photo 02_zpsd02b679b.gif  photo 03_zps6124da59.gif  photo 04_zps01df5d68.gif
Harvey you soft bastard.

I am always happy when the show addresses the weight and seriousness of Mike’s crimes, and not only is it a welcome relief to see him finally start to understand the long-term implications of the fraud (even if it is in an entirely selfish way), that the episode ended with a way out for him is a corner I’m not sure how the show will paint themselves out of, although I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Because look - this job offer might not be exactly what he wants, Mike’s dream is to be a hotshot lawyer after all, but as Harvey rightly pointed out to him, that can never happen. He can never go legit while he lives in NYC, and while he continues faking it he can never move up in the world of corporate law. His only option is to get out of law altogether, and the thing is, there are plenty of other jobs that a guy as brilliant as Mike could do and would find fulfilling. If he takes this job it means he is no longer breaking the law, it means he is no longer putting himself, Harvey and Jessica in danger of prosecution, it means Rachel can stop stressing about their future, it means more money, more security, the possibility for growth. In basically every single way it’s the right thing to do. But of course Mike can’t leave PS because then we’d have no show, so either the offer will fall through or Mike will turn it down, probably because he’s not quite ready to leave Harvey behind (my headcanon until proven otherwise)

A quick aside to discuss Harvey’s fashion faux pas which I may never be able to forgive the show for.

 photo 10_zps6cd02746.gif

Which Mike rightly responds to like this:

 photo 11_zps85fc5500.gif

no photo unimpressed_zps934fc5a0.png

As if the v-neck-cardy combo isn’t bad enough, there’s just no way I will accept that Harvey is a man who wears v-neck t-shirts. It’s one of the douchiest things a man can do.

Exhibit A

Way to wreck what would have otherwise been an excellent scene, show.

smh 2 photo shaking-my-head-picture_zps06e73395.gif

One character comes out of the episode trumps: my beloved Rachel, who learns that she’s been screwed over by Louis - who told her back in season 1 that the firm would pay for her law schooling, but who never actually put it in writing or mentioned it to Jessica. Rachel starts off in despair, but wins the day by remembering that she’s a damn good lawyer who can negotiate her way out of the mess, and then the other highlight of the episode happened: Rachel and Harvey in a room together, making each other smile.

 photo 06_zps3eb36503.gif  photo 07_zps20869eed.gif  photo 08_zpse5639432.gif  photo 09_zpsdc826f31.gif

p&r andy yay photo yippie_zpsa2b9eb3b.gif

FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND HOLY LET THESE TWO INTERACT MORE. Just a bit of inappropriate flirting is all I’m asking, why can’t the show give me this one little thing.


Louis calls Sheila "Mom" while they're in bed and it's not the first time he's done it. Sheila's told him off for it before. Ugh, they're so cute now I'm getting mad again about Louis giving this up and breaking her heart.

He really is the perfect candidate for a heart attack. The guy is wound up way too tight.

I love that Donna is looking out for Harvey's relationship with Scottie - I'd probably find her investment in the relationship creepy if I didn't know how much Harvey needs her to make sure he doesn't screw it up, and I do believe the reason she acts as his romantic adviser is coming from the right place: she wants him to be happy and she believes Scottie makes him happy.

Harvey about Mike: "He's doing great." That proud, smiling face, oh goddddd. He looks so sharp in that suit too. Which makes up somewhat for the forthcoming v-neck travesty.

I love it when people refer to Mike as Harvey's "boy".

When Harvey knows Mike's struggling with something he's all about the tough love.

Jessica's "all of them?" about Louis's flower allergy is a gorgeous little comic moment in a tough, emotional scene. Gina's line delivery = forever flawless.

The Mike/Rachel relationship is so well done - not only are PJA and Meghan just wonderful together, the relationship is healthy, their scenes aren't rife with conflict, and yet they're never boring. Kudos, dearest show.

Honestly, I think Donna/Louis makes way more sense and would be waaaaay more romantic than Harvey/Donna.

I love how this show brings back minor characters again and again, and that they're all distinctive and interesting. They give their guest stars such great material.

JESSICA-RACHEL SCENE. Suits passes the Bechdel test for once.

Harvey: "I'm gonna fix this but let's get one thing clear: I'm not like the other lawyers you burn through, so the next time you go stomping round like a four year old throwing tantrums with me? I'll be the one getting rid of you."

there go my pants photo oops-pants-off_zps4a7e817a.gif

Okay one of the reasons the Louis-Harvey hug is so funny is that Louis has no idea how hugs work.

Harvey agrees to be Louis's best man!!

zac fist bite photo quintobitesfist_zpsec7d1165.gif

To be fair, if Louis had any idea what Rachel was talking about he'd do whatever he could to right that wrong.

On the other hand Louis's assumption/expectation that Sheila give up everything she cares about for him makes me want to punch him.

Jessica in her caring mama bear pants fucking kills me. "You're family." It's so true for her - work is her life and the people close to her in the firm are her family. But do please give this woman a love interest, show.

I love Jonathan. "Bullshit. You did it because you knew what I was up against and you were trying to help me." He sees Mike for who he is and he likes him and there's something real and honest between them. I love that he's a genuinely appealing, decent option for Mike.


I do love seeing Mike in Harvey's apartment. And Harvey's advice to Mike is right, to a point. But he never once suggests Mike quits and does something else - because Harvey is still doing everything he can to keep Mike by his side. He doesn't care about the risk to himself, all he wants is Mike. *single tear*

 photo 05_zps0e35a51f.gif
and then they fucked

So when Rachel is arguing for herself with Jessica and she's all, "You already established precedence. With him." The camera cuts to Harvey, and he's watching her. Because he's been watching her the entire time she's been talking and excuse me while I plot my next OT3 fic.

Kind of shipping Jonathan/Mike right now. "You have a mind for this." Ugh, so reminiscent of S1 Harvey's Mike boner.

Donna sees Sheila crying and goes immediately to comfort Louis. (otp)

Happy Rachel makes me so happy.

happy rachel

*all gifs pinched from tumblr
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