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Suits, 3.13: Moot Point

Episode summary: Mike gets Harvey the perfect gift and Harvey takes Mike on a date.

A couple of things confused me. Like Mike and Donna talking about what to get Harvey - "the man who has everything" - and there's not even ONE blowjob joke? Get your shit together, show. And then Rachel was all, "Ooh, dinner? Next thing you know you'll be getting a promotion" instead of a blowjob joke?


What I wouldn't give for just a glimpse of Harvey and Mike having dinner together. I'm counting on you, DVD extras.

Anyway, turns out the perfect gift for Harvey is to take on the one lawyer who beat him three times a bunch of years ago in Moot Court and has been ducking him ever since: Elliott Stemple, played by the excellent Patrick Fischer, who has guested on basically every TV show you've ever seen. Stemple is more than a match for our boys, and I enjoyed the way he expertly played Harvey and Mike, because it made their defeat of him at the end that much more satisfying. I also love how Harvey and Mike are a great team, but when Jessica comes on board they're the PERFECT team.

My only problem with the Scottie-Louis storyline is that I just wasn't on Louis's side at all, not even for a second. Yes, Scottie planned the whole thing, but afaic her reason for wanting to beat Louis was sound, and she didn't do anything that Louis himself wouldn't have done in her shoes. And ffs Louis is the one who won't shut up about her being Harvey's girlfriend, so I found it frustrating that he refused to see her side of things, AND I call bullshit on him being ruined by her beating him. Louis gets humiliated all the fucking time and he's still standing. That said, while I don't care for Louis's reasoning, nor do I sympathise with his pov, I did like a lot the way the episode explored the ramifications of Harvey's declaration of friendship last week. Louis is so happy to be Harvey's friend (lol at him quoting movies just to get closer to Harvey - because Louis essentially views the Harvey/Mike relationship as the pinnacle of everything) and, even better, Harvey is willingly giving Louis that friendship, because saving Mike was the biggest favour anyone's ever done for him. Problem is, Louis sucks at friendship - he doesn't know how to nurture relationships, and by episode end he essentially sacrifices his friendship with Harvey to cash in on the favour Harvey owes him.

If this is the beginning of the end with Harvey and Scottie, can I just say how pleased I am that it's all Mike's fault? I wrote that fanfiction.

dance rihanna photo Rihannadance.gif

Not that I want Harvey and Scottie to break up or anything but I'm excited by the secret causing problems, and I'm very curious about how it's all going to play out. I'll be pretty disappointed if Scottie leaves just because Harvey is keeping something big from her and she won't tolerate it but Suits is so good at surprising me I'm going to assume it won't be as simple/boring as that.

Mike can never be in the spotlight - and I really felt for him. Because in this case he's happy for Harvey to get all the glory, he did it all for Harvey anyway, but it hadn't occurred to him - I don't think it had occurred to any of them, it certainly hadn't occurred to me - that no matter how amazing his work is, no matter what he achieves, he can never be another Harvey Specter. He can never be famous, he will always have to avoid publicity. Yet another pitfall of living a dream he didn't earn.

On the rewatch...

Mike and Rachel's apartment is gorgeous.

Oh god I love that Rachel is the one who tells Mike he needs to get Harvey a gift too. She watches out for that relationship in ways that make me feel all gooey inside.

The perfect gift for Louis is "just get him anything, he'll cry for days."

Anyone else wondering what the fuck Moot Court is? "an extracurricular activity at many law schools in which participants take part in simulated court proceedings, which usually involves drafting briefs (or memorials) and participating in oral argument." - wiki

I love how Harvey reacts to getting the perfect gift - with an annoyed expression.

Jessica's powder blue suit is fabulous.

jessics suits

Harvey at Harvard was a "skirt chasing degenerate" lolololol - new favourite description of Harvey

"I hate my wife, my children are anchors and the only reason I stay at that firm is to pay for them to leave me alone." lol Stemple is the worst.

"I get it, you don't want to be seen as my girlfriend so you picked a fight with the biggest, baddest prisoner in the yard" ladjfkl;ajg;efheaojrfg Why does that make me so horny? What game are they playing in front of the fire? WHY ARE THEY BOTH SO GORGEOUS?

Nothing in the whole world makes me happier than Harvey's face.

Scottie: Litt Up. Litt. Oh hahahahaaha. My god that is so cute, I'm gonna go make fun of it on my Facebook page right now. Thank you.

♥ ♥ ♥

We keep being told that Scottie is an excellent attorney but we've pretty much only ever seen her lose to Harvey. I am looking forward to her actually being victorious one of these days.

Benjamin: I did it for you, Michael.

D'awww they've come so far.

oh god Louis is a 50 Shades fan. *dead*

Second week in a row Harvey hasn't known what to do and has gone to Jessica for the answer. It kind of turns me on when he's all vulnerable like this.

ugh Harvey and Mike look so good together and work so well together and they went on a date and and and

excited photo couch_zps0cb0348e.gif

"Who cares about the writer?" ha.

 photo 01harvey_zpse86598d0.gif  photo 02mike_zps75e015ed.gif
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