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Suits, 3.11: Buried Secrets

I am dying, I am absolutely positively DYING over romantic, committed, relationship!Harvey.



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It's so amazing to have my show back I am giddy right now and struggling for coherency but basically everything about Harvey and Scottie was beautiful and exactly what I was hoping for even though I'm of course trepidacious about their future because I've see tv before and unless Abigail Spencer is joining the cast full time the relationship as it's been established in this episode won't be possible, nor does it seem likely that the show will allow both Harvey and Mike to be in serious, committed relationships that make them both happy. Drama yo. Happy people and drama aren't very compatible SADLY. Although honestly, I'd love it if they did give this to Harvey because I can't see myself ever being bored by the way he and Scottie interact, and getting to see this side of him is blowing my fricken mind.

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It's not even just the offering to make her bacon for breakfast and all the sexy casual wear she brings out in him, it's him going to crazy lengths to get her to stay. Like how he fronted half a million dollars like no big deal, just for starters. And okay she was pissed about that because she's not a whore etc etc etc but HEY GIRL IT COULD BE WORSE.

Harvey places a lot more value on his gf than "Evol" Lawyer Nick Rinaldi placed on Mike's parents' lives.

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Mike's dad was the best dad ever. Mike and Harvey both had great dads. Mike also had a great mom but we didn't really learn much about her. (Harvey's mom is the worst though and i can't wait to meet her.) GOD. Mike's dad liked celebrating the little things and he took Mike's mom on a terrible first date but it didn't matter because they were totally mfeo and then mike didn't even say goodbye to them the last time he saw them because he was a snotty kid and like of course he didn't say goodbye because no one gives people who die unexpectedly a proper goodbye. And of course Rachel would drop everything to help him - WHO WOULDN'T? Mike's story is so SAD. Of course Harvey would let Mike get revenge on Rinaldi, and then bail him out the moment he sees Mike's been triggered, because Harvey's tough but Mike means the world to him and he'll always have his back.

That said. Was anyone else just like. Not really on Mike's side at all throughout this episode? From where I'm standing it was never made clear enough that Rinaldi's case was bogus so Mike's revenge did come across like, as Rinaldi said, he was actually no better than any other lawyer screwing over the little guy. It was mentioned a few times that Rinaldi's case wasn't strong, but it wasn't made explicit enough for me to feel conflicted. The outcome was a relief because the whole time I was pretty much 'uh yeah mike should so not win this one' because the focus of the story was on Mike's fury, which was coming from a place of vengeance, and while righteous vengeance is one of my all time favourite fictional themes, Mike's (Harvey sanctioned) mission to "beat the shit out of this guy" wasn't actually righteous, it was just plain vengeful. Maybe if it hadn't been made made crystal clear in both of his episodes that Rinaldi had reformed and that Mike was incapable of seeing past his anger and recognising that there would have been more tension in the story, as opposed to, you know, 'Mike you need to sit the fuck down'. Whatever, at least the episode concludes with Mike learning that Rinaldi is not in fact the devil and choosing not to completely screw over a grieving widow, and he comes out semi-heroic in the end.

All the Mike/Rachel was gorgeous. I'm super happy for them.

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Donna's handling of Louis was masterful, but I'm glad Louis is still sniffing around the Mike thing because that's not a plot thread that can just be dropped. Louis will find out the truth and I can't fucking wait.


"The woman I'm looking for is a lot more in my bed."

Harvey's pajamas are the shit.

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I love that it's canon that Harvey is a legend in bed. God this show makes me horny.

Jessica's dubiousness about Harvey's ability to make a relationship work is classic.

Louis/dictaphone = OTP.

"It means I want to have a relationship."

Haaaaarveeeeeeey. ♥

Harvey insists on going to Mike's deposition just so he can watch Mike beat the shit out of the guy, Mike's a humourless dick to Harvey and Harvey's proud anyway! Lol.

 photo harveyproud_zps24258f6b.gif
Proud Harvey for president.

Harvey's file was in the Harvard file room "and by the way he looked like a major douche."

Donna: We have a problem.
Harvey: Scottie's not going to be a problem, I've thought it through.

I don't know why this makes me laugh so much.

Scottie: You're not going to manipulate me into trying to land Obama.



I am also a big fan of the film Working Girl and that's why me and Harvey would be bffs.

I really wish Mike's hair was longer. I actually wish both Mike and harvey would grow their hair out a little bit and that's all I have to say about hair.

Mike's dad had two drinks on the night he was killed. D:

Louis feels so guilty about disobeying Sheila he can't get hard and utters that old chestnut "this has never happened to me before."

Louis: Black Hawk Down.
Shelia: First of all that's an amazing movie and you should be proud that you're associated wtih it.


And then she slaps the shit out of his face and "The Dark Knight Rises" which is hilarious in so many ways. Yes the show is somewhat making fun of BDSM but it's in such a warm, sweet, non-judgey way I fucking love it.

nnnnnggggghhhhh the chemistry between harvey and scottie

More casually dressed Harvey yayyyy.

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Harvey: I paid because I want you to stay. I did it as a romantic gesture.

GUH. He's so not really taking her anger seriously. He doesn't care that she thinks he's an asshole. OH GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. So they agree to be totally honest with each other.

Scottie: You are an asshole.
Harvey: This is good. Honesty is good!
Scottie: I told Rebecca Carlan you were gay.
Harvey: *aw face* She slept with me anyway.
Scottie: Once.
Harvey: Yeah. Why did she only sleep wtih me once. [*screaming*]
Scottie: I also told her that you had crabs.
Harvey: That's not cool.

The SQUEE. I cannot contain it.

I love how happy Harvey is and how sweet he is to Scottie now that he's decided it's what he wants, and i love that he makes her laugh and "I am in this Scottie" and his SMILE.

*sobbing forever*

Keep giving me allll the romance, show. I am so here for this.

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That's it guys. We're back for the next six weeks and I hope you're all as delighted as I am.

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