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SV S5 Splinter!

What a great episode!!

And Tom was fanTASTIC in it. Is it wrong that even shiny with sweat and looking like a junkie, I still found him hot?

toadstoolsmiles  made the brilliant observation that Lionel says to Lex near the end that he got beaten by a jealous lover. YOUR jealous lover, Lex.

And one other thing. Am I going crazy or wasn't Lionel Jor El at some point? And is it possible that he still is? Or am I forgetting the episode where Jor El left Lionel's body and went home? I'm probably being a spaz, but can someone explain that to me, please. Because if he IS Jor El, his actions make more sense to me. Not wanting Lex to be governor? Why wouldn't Lionel want that? I mean, I'm pretty dumb, and I miss things and forget things and I don't have the ability to analyse SV like many of my clever friends on LJ, but I don't GET the Lionel/Lex stuff right now. Or any of the Lionel stuff really. Why the hell are people trusting him? I haven't read any other comments about this yet, although I haven't read all the SV comments, but I don't think Lionel is acting like Lionel and this could be because the creative team are a bunch of retards or it could be that they're not. Please help me understand my show better, flist. I need you.

Lexana is not doing it for me, FYI. Only because they're turning it into a big LEX LOVES LANA THE MOST thing, and PLEASE. She's not THAT hot (or fun or interesting or smart or, you know, good company). For fuck's sake. *slaps Lex across the face* SNAP OUT OF IT, YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A VILLAIN.

That said, Lex was totally hot in this ep, as always, and I love it when he kisses anyone, even Lana, because he looks good kissing.

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