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Banshee Primer: An introduction to the greatest show you've never heard of

With Suits on hiatus I really needed something new to get obsessed over and thatotherperv came through for me big time by introducing me to the great and glorious Banshee, which is so sexy, pulpy and stylish every episode blows my mind. It's the most fun, outrageous, thrilling ride on TV right now and it always without fail leaves me feeling totally horny.

Fair warning, it is SUPER violent. Which I normally might balk at but the violence is beautifully choreographed and has a glossy, unreal, sheen to it – quite Tarantinoesque actually – which make its grotesquery much easier to stomach. Where the violence in shows like Sons of Anarchy, The Sopranos or Oz ultimately became intolerable to me, in Banshee I find it exhilarating and satisfying, because the majority of it is inflicted on people who really deserve it (fyi I have a huge boner for fictional righteous vengeance). Plus I feel safe in the knowledge that my faves are all going to survive (remember when Person of Interest killed off their main female character and the creators were all ‘we’ve said from the beginning that no one is safe’ as if they’re fucking Game of Thrones? *eyeroll*).

More importantly, there is TONS of (fairly explicit) sex in the show. Our (hot as fuck) hero bangs pretty much every woman he meets, and he even cares about some of them. You will find ample proof of his delicious manliness behind the cut.

N.B. This post contains a few minor spoilers, mostly from the first few eps, although some of the gifs are from later episodes.

This is Lucas Hood.

Lucas photo bansheelucashood.gif

Or should I say "Lucas Hood". In the pilot the show’s nameless protagonist gets out of prison after serving 15 years (he was a jewel thief), turns up in the town of Banshee in search of his one true love, gets mixed up in a brawl in a bar on the outskirts of town, wherein the town's brand new sheriff (who no one in Banshee has met or seen before) has stopped for a steak on his way to get sworn in. Long story short, the real Lucas Hood gets killed, and our sexy outlaw takes his identity and becomes Banshee's new sheriff.


His body is great and he is very masculine.

Lucas body photo BansheeLucasbody.jpg

lucas tied up
His girlfriend did this to him.

"But Kate," I hear you ask, "How did he steal someone’s identity, what with Facebook only a finger click away?"

Well. With the help of immense luck and former partner in crime, the super-badass, potty-mouthed, gender-queer, tech genius Job:

Job 1 photo bansheejob1.gif Job 2 photo bansheejob2.gif Job 3 photo bansheejob3.gif Job 4 photo bansheejob4.gif

One time Job got laughed at by a bunch of homophobic douchebags and retaliated thusly:

Job beat down photo bansheeJobkicksass.gif

Job is flawless.

Lucas’s closest ally in Banshee is another ex-con called Sugar Bates, who owns the bar where the original sheriff was killed and where Lucas winds up living. Sugar is the good kind of criminal (i.e. in it for the fun/thrill/cash not for the power or bc he's a psychopath) – he’s smart, fiercely loyal, and kind of grumpy:

Sugar Job 4 photo bansheejobsugar.gif  photo bansheejobsugar2.gif Sugar Job 2 photo bansheejobsugar3.gif Sugar Job 3 photo bansheejobsugar4.gif

Ignore them, they totes adore each other.


Carrie Hopewell/Ana

Lucas Ana photo bansheelucascarrie.gif

The love of Lucas’s life (another former partner in crime, master jewel thief gone straight, now with a new identity and a family who has no idea about her criminal past) has this to say about Lucas's terrible life choices:

 photo bansheecarrieareyoukiddingme.gif Carrie Lucas 2 photo bansheelucashealthplan.gif

She is played by the magnificent Ivana Milicevic, whose face, I'm sure you will agree, is out of control. I can't deal with how beautiful she is or how much she and Lucas love each other.

Get a load of their chemistry in this sexy little clip from 1.02:

Carrie has a husband and two kids, one of whom is a rebellious daughter called Deva who Carrie tells Lucas is only 13 but he can tell just by looking at her that she's more like 15 and OH MY GOD WHAT COULD THIS POSSIBLY MEAN.

Lucas Deva 1 photo Bansheelucasdeva1.gif Lucas Deva 2 photo Bansheelucasdeva2.gif
why on earth would anyone suspect they're related?

And then there's this goddess:

Lucas Siobhan 2 photo Bansheelucassiobhan02.gif Lucas Siobhan 1 photo Bansheelucassiobhan01.gif Lucas Siobhan 3 photo Bansheelucassiobhan03.gif Lucas Siobhan 4 photo Bansheelucassiobhan04.gif

Like all the other characters on the show Deputy Siobhan Kelly is damaged, tough as nails and horny as hell. She openly wants to bone Lucas, who is, btw, her boss, and says things to him like this:

Siobhan photo bansheesiobhan.gif

Plus in one episode she beats the ever living shit out of her abusive ex-boyfriend, which rules.

There's also Rebecca Bowman, the ridiculously sexy Amish girl who Lucas likes to bang on occasion:

Rebecca photo bansheerebecca.gif

lucas rebecca

Lucas Rebecca kiss photo bansheelucasrebeccs.gif

She loves her family but also loves to party and fuck which isn't very Amish of her, and she has an inappropriately close relationship with her uncle, Kai Proctor, who happens to be the town's all-powerful crime lord.

Kai Proctor photo bansheekaiproctor.gif

Kai is a bit of a psycho but he’s also competent and fearless, and it’s always a lot of fun when he and Lucas work together despite not being allies. It’s basically canon that Kai and Rebecca want to fuck each other and this is a development I would not be opposed to.

I cannot stress enough how sexy this show is.

Lucas Siobhan kiss photo bansheelucassiobhan.gif

I still kind of have this plan to edit all the Lucas Hood sex scenes together into one long, awesome soft porn video that I can play on a loop and fap to whenever I get a moment, and I even considered, like, sharing it with people when it's done, but then I realised A) that's one extremely time consuming task so already I think we all know this will never actually happen, and B) people who haven't seen the show shouldn't watch those scenes out of context because they will lose much of their erotic power, and I firmly believe good sex scenes should be properly appreciated. So sorry. If you want to enjoy all the hot sex in Banshee you'll just have to watch the entire show.

The show is on Cinemax and has a very cinematic feel to it: stunning cinematography, clever editing, witty, profane dialogue, and a host of interesting, dynamic characters, only a few of which I've introduced you to here. The cast is pleasingly diverse and the creative team is not afraid to take risks: 2.05 "The Truth About Unicorns" is the most experimental episode to date, a gorgeous, dreamy, devastating meditation on the life Lucas and Carrie could have had vs the brutal reality of their situation.

Unicorns 1 photo bansheeunicornslucascarrie.gif Unicorns 2 photo bansheeunicordslucasgun.gif

I know I've gone on a lot about the insane hotness of the cast, but there is SO much more going on here - I haven't been this excited about a show in a very long time. There are only 10 episodes per season and we're exactly halfway through season 2 so it won't take you long to catch up.

GO GO GO! You won't be disappointed.

*none of the gifs/pics in this post are mine, obviously
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