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BREAKING NEWS: Patrick J. Adams will be starring in a (miniseries), adaptation of Rosemary's Baby, opposite Zoe Saldana and Jason Isaacs. I'm a little nervous about it because Polanski's adaptation is my favourite horror film and comparisons will be unavoidable, but I'm also gleeful because I love all three actors, especially Patrick. Good for him to get such an awesome role alongside such great talent - plus the thought of him playing a satanist has me quite giddy with amused excitement.


I enjoyed the Looking pilot and will continue watching. In case you are not aware of this show it is a new half hour comedy from HBO about three gay men. It's set in San Francisco and has a fresh sort of indie feel to it, with smart dialogue, attractive actors and likable performances.


Grouchy comments about last week's episode of American Horror Story: Coven behind the cut...

I know this is a horror show – it’s right there in the title – but that does not mean it’s not incredibly offensive for the show to present LaLaurie’s grotesquely racist bloodlust and penchant for mutilating black slaves and servants as an hilarious joke. Kathy Bates is an amazing actress and like the other great actresses on this show she’s having a lot of fun in her monstrous role. But the show is not to be taken seriously – it’s camp and ridiculous – so when the creators decide to tackle an issue as distressing (and no doubt triggering for many viewers) as violent racism, they better have something to SAY. (They do not.) As far as I’m concerned they have no right to inflict the kind of imagery on us that they did in the first episode of the season, and then again in the latest episode. The graphic depiction of LaLaurie’s antics was not only stomach churning, unnecessary and, quite frankly, unwatchable, it was disturbing in a way this show has not earned. Making light of racist torture and murder – which is essentially what AHS is doing given the overtly comical tone of the show – is gross and disgusting, and while no doubt LaLaurie will be punished for her latest crime the fact that the creators deemed it necessary to allow her another gleeful stint in the torturer’s chair has turned AHS: Coven from one of my favourite shows of the year into one I feel very little love for.


BREAKING NEWS: Gabriel Macht currently has a beard:

meghan beardy gabriel sarah

More importantly the colour of his hair is gorgeous right now so let's all pray to the gods of television that it was this colour during filming.

Suits is back on 6 March, which I know seems like a long way off but the good news is it's going back to airing on Thursday nights! Which means my weekends during those 6 weeks have been saved and you can expect to be seeing a lot more of me around these here parts again.
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