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Happy new year to you all, my babies.

Harvey Mike fist bump b&w

I rewatched s1 of Nashville because it seemed like a good idea. And it was. Do any of you even watch it? Because I feel like I'm in the fandom on my own but I have so many shippy feelings about it as well as an obsession with the male lead and like I'm just going to sit here and talk about it for ages because it's all I care about (until Suits comes back).

Hayden Panetierre is remarkable and heartbreaking and should've got an Emmy nomination if only for how good she is at making me cry. When I first watched s1 I didn't care for Juliette/Avery, partly because Avery was such a ginmormous douche for the majority of the season, mostly because they barely shared any screen time, but knowing where it goes and how awesome Avery is now, those few scenes towards the end of the season just fucking kill me. Because they're so mfeo and he brings out the best in her and she does in him too, and uggggggh now I'm thinking about that last scene in the most recent episode and don't mind me I'm just going to curl up in a ball on the floor and sob my face off for half an hour.

I'm wondering why s2 has abandoned the Scarlett/Gunner duo - I think we've had one duet so far this season? But I'm guessing they're doing that thing television likes to do where they keep them apart and put a ton of obstacles in their way just so they can properly build up to the moment they take the world by storm. I don't ship them romantically like I do, say, Deacon/Rayna (because the writing of their S1 romance didn't sell them to me as a couple at all) but I ship them as artists (because how could you not). I mean, I have absolutely no investment in Scarlett/Avery (because Juliette/Avery forever and ever and ever *wails*) or Gunnar/Zoey (who have no chemistry whatsoever), so I'm not opposed to Scarlett/Gunnar as end game, I just don't care about them in the same way I do other ships.

Words cannot express how much I love Deacon. Like. After Harvey he is my everything, my best beloved - a total mess of a person in many ways but just unbelievably sexy and charming and talented and perfect. He sings like an angel and that accent...hadjfhalkejlejhsfg. The way he looks at Rayna? The way she's the only woman he's ever truly loved? The way he LOOKS at her. (also the way he looks at Maddie jfc. Chip Esten just really knows what he's doing with those pretty eyes of his.) The duet they sing in the clip below sums up so much of what I love about Nashville - great music, intense, doomed romance, and you also get to see the way Deacon and Rayna look at each other and why they make me want to kill myself:

By the way, this is not to say I don't ship Rayna with anyone else, because I do. Connie Britton has such good chemistry with her fellow actors and I love her with the very dishy Liam and I'm also absolutely DYING for her to have an unhealthy, dirty-as-fuck fling with s2's Jeff Fordham, because even though she hates him I can tell she secretly wants to bang him senseless and he's obviously falling for her too and just *clapclapclap* MOAR!

But ultimately I want Rayna and Deacon to get their shit together and live happily ever after, with their perfect daughter and the other daughter (who also sing like angels omfg) and then maybe Teddy can go somewhere far away and die quietly (Eric Close, will you never win me over?).


In other TV news, I don't care about Sherlock and I have now watched all of Sleepy Hollow because my xmas hosts had it downloaded. I'm afraid it did not impress me and I have absolutely no interest in ever watching it again (although I ship Ichabod/Abby, obvs). That said it was a billion times better than Dracula, which we could only stomach a couple episodes of. As latxcvi rightly pointed out on twitter:

You're VLAD THE IMPALER. Why are you in a pissing match over ENERGY RIGHTS?
Again - you're Vlad the Impaler. Eat a baby FFS.


The To Do List is officially my favourite film of 2013 and it's important that you all watch it.


Finally, I highly recommend this super awesome, funny and hot-as-hell vintage daddy porn that I stumbled across the other day (she says, as if she hadn't been scouring the internet specifically for daddy porn). It's a short clip from a (brilliantly dubbed) German porno called Sensational Janine, which, according to wiki is "one of the most successful foreign x-rated films ever to cross the Atlantic", and the movie is "today seen as one of the best porns of all time". ANYWAY. Enjoy:

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