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I don't want 2013 to be over. It's been a very good year.

I went on various holidays - Ireland, Croatia, Spain - I graduated with first class honours, and I got a new job which I love. I've never been able to say that about a job. The place I was at before (for 11 years) was easy and there was a lot of downtime and I worked with one of my best friends, but the work itself was mind-numbing. I'm now at a different (much more awesome) university and I look after all the postgraduate students in my department (of which there are hundreds). It's a much more customer facing role which before I started I didn't know whether I'd like, but turns out I'm brilliant at it; in my old job I had very little cause to use my social skills, but here, where I'm working directly with far more people, being charming, friendly and outgoing on a daily basis is essential (as is getting reluctant academics to do things for me), and because I'm a natural at those things I'm thriving in a way I never did at my old job. I love being part of a big department, I love being surrounded by men. Some of whom are gross douches, sure, but omg some of them are lovely. Including a few of my students; mostly far too young for me goddammit, but being able to regularly flirt with smart, interesting men after years of scant opportunity is awesome fun. So far one student has asked me out but I said no because I need to not get a reputation for shagging my students, tempting as it may be, but his viva is really soon so it'd be okay to take him up on his offer after that, right? He's only a decade younger than me. Another - even younger - student, who is so pretty I go hot all over whenever he's in the room, eyefucks me constantly and told me I was "wonderful". I have crushes on like five different men atm, it's madness. The job is busy, challenging and varied, which I like but which also unfortunately means I have less time for participating in fandom, although I'm still keeping up with all my tv shows (complete list of what I watch can be found in my profile).

I'm enjoying some more than others, but my absolute faves right now, the shows I most look forward to and wish never had to end are Nashville, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Good Wife, Elementary and American Horror Story. To a slightly lesser extent Masters of Sex, The Mindy Project and Hart of Dixie. I have to admit I kind of miss Person of Interest (particularly Root). What's it been like the last few weeks? Was I right to quit or should I aim to catch up at some point?
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