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So the whole point of the sudden romance plot (which I was digging a lot btw b/c I've always shipped Reese/Carter) was to make John's story arc more tragic. A cheap fucking trick - get us all emotionally invested in the romantic future of the relationship and then break our hearts by killing one of them off. The black woman, not the white man, of course.

Problem is the romance wasn't earned. It was both awesome while it was happening and way too sudden to be aything other than manipulative. If she HADN'T been killed at the end it would have been audacious and interesting: oooh they've decided to take their relationship to the next level in a really unexpected, sexy way! But the moment she died in his arms it retroactively became a cruel contrivance, shoehorned into the plot as a way to turn Reese into even more of a woobie. This is now the second woman he was in love with who has died and oh my god I could not care less about his boring-ass pain. Just put a bullet in me already. I'd far rather watch an awkward but weirdly exciting romance play out between Reese and Carter than see even a single second more of Reese being sad and damaged. Carter was the show's female lead, by far its most vibrant character, and how did they write her out? At the last minute she's turned into the hero's love interest, just so they could fridge her. Fuck you, PoI. If she isn't miraculously alive and Reese's new girlfriend at the beginning of the next episode I'm outty.

(I'll do it too. I quit Prison Break when they killed off Sarah, and went back to it when they realised the error of their ways and brought her back to life.)
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