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Hart of Dixie, 3.05: How Do You Like Me Now

This post was supposed to be an email to Mel but then I had the brainwave that maybe the whole world should be granted access to my super interesting thoughts about Hart of Dixie, so here they are and you're welcome.

Okay I loveloveLOVED Wade's "Everyone knows you're still in love with me" line, but it defies belief that all the teenage girls in town would ship Zoe/George and find George super hot but not one of them ships Zoe/Wade or crushes on Wade. Like...the show clearly understands the power of Zoe/Wade and knows how invested the audience is in the ship - the audience comprised of human beings who value things like Wade's inarguable hotness, good sex, intense sexual chemistry and two people actually being in love with each otehr. So why do none of the supposed human beings in this town value those things? Those very important things that the majority of human beings value? I know this is because not many people in the town think much of Wade (even though there's actually no plausible reason for this; he shags around and he's blunt and he used to be unreliable but he's ultimately a good, honest, kind, funny person. AND he's hot in a way teenage girls would go crazy for, especially because he's unattainable to them), but come ON, surely a significant proportion of the population would see how great he and Zoe are together. It also defies belief that Joel's embarrassing drunken behaviour would win over even one teenage girl let alone an entire gaggle of them; he's just not heartthrob material, and he and Zoe aren't right for each other not because she belongs with George or Wade but because it's impossible to imagine Zoe and Joel actually having sex. I just really care about the shoddy representation of teenage girls in this episode okay? I also wish they'd put the Zoe/George thing to rest - the show keeps telling us how mfeo they are and yet they've continually failed to show it, and at this point Z/G comes across simply as a foil for Zoe/Wade as opposed to a potential romantic relationship the audience should be invested in. Just let it die HoD, it's a cheap storytelling tactic and no one gives a shit.
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