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tv update

I might post some fanfiction soon.

Only new shows I've picked up this season are Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Masters of Sex. Both are excellent but for different reasons. I like Andy Samberg and I don't get why people are so mean about him. I guess maybe he's done other comedy that is annoying or something but in B99 I find him very charming and funny and perfectly cast.

The pilot of Masters of Sex was totally thrilling: a fascinating and fun look at a major turning point in history, with a great cast headed by Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen. The show becomes a bit more melodramatic in the second episode - I found the implication that only mods, liberals and sex workers were having oral sex in the fifties pretty ridonk - but it's still fantastically entertaining.

I couldn't even get through the second episode of SHIELD and basically I find it so atrocious its very existence fills me with rage. Just retire already, Joss.

I dropped New Girl. Can't see myself ever liking it again, or caring about Jess/Nick, or frankly any of the characters.

The Mindy Project is almost as bad this season, but I do still ship Mindy/Danny so I'm not ready to give up on it yet.

The women on Person of Interest are the best. I am so pleased with the way this cast is growing.

I don't hate Olivia/Fitz because their relationship is unhealthy or because Fitz is the worst, I hate Olivia/Fitz because their relationship is boring and repetitive and the actors have negative chemistry. Kerry Washington has warmer, sexier chemistry with literally every other guy on the show. ffs Fitz and Mellie spark more and are way more interesting together than Fitz and Olivia. I can see what Rhimes is TRYING to do with them and in so many ways the relationship should work for me (it's illicit, obsessive, dysfunctional - all big ship kinks of mine) and yet when these two characters share a scene together I'm both squicked and bored. Worse still, I suspect Rhimes will never give up on telling their story - their relationship is the core of the show, Olivia is the love of Fitz's life as we are told ad nauseam; he'll never get over her, he'll never move on, and vice versa. I envy the fans of the show who DO ship them because it must be so gratifying. For the rest of us it's just fucking tiresome.

Homeland isn't really doing it for me this season. Peter Quinn is my everything but I no longer give a shit about Brody, and Damian Lewis is trying a wee bit too hard. Sorry buddy, I think that one Emmy is all you're ever gonna get.

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