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ugh no more new Suits episodes until january. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO ON WTIH MY LIFE.

I shall write fic, is what I shall do. I have already written a thousand words of a new Harvey/Mike/Rachel fic, and one of the reasons for going the polyamory route again is: it's difficult for me to write AUs and so for me to write canon compliant Harvey/Mike fic I would have to write Rachel out of the picture, which given how serious the Mike/Rachel relationship has become in canon there's just no plausible (or appealing) way of doing that. So I got rid of Scottie instead (because apparently I'm not quite ready for an OT4) and so Harvey's heart is broken and now I have to fix him. (With hot sex.)

I wasn't jazzed enough by the Sleepy Hollow pilot to add it to my rota even though I liked it more than S.H.I.E.L.D which I do intend to keep watching EVEN THOUGH THE PILOT WAS TERRIBLE. But maybe it'll get better and maybe the characters will become more appealing (I did not like any of the characters in the pilot - yes even your beloved Phil Coulson did nothing for me - which if that happened on a show without a Joss Whedon connection I'd not even consider watching a second episode) and if not I might drop it and revisit Sleepy Hollow because Ichabod Crane needs to call me.

My favourite new show of the season so far is Brooklyn Nine-Nine which is GLORIOUS IN EVERY WAY. It's exceptionally funny, wonderfully silly, warm and witty and charming, and it has a diverse cast of excellent, distinctive characters. I know comedy is subjective and it won't be to everyone's taste but if the pilot doesn't make you laugh out loud at least 25 times you are dead inside.

Looking forward to Masters of Sex, with my beloved Lizzy Caplan, which starts on Sunday and sounds like everything I've ever wanted in a TV show.

Really enjoyed the Person of Interest season premiere, mainly because of Root, who is my everything. That final scene of hers was the greatest thing ever and I hope Amy Acker is in every single episode of the show from here on out.

New Girl is THE WORST. I hate it so much now. If the next episode isn't a VAST improvement over the first two of the season I'm done with it.

What about you guys? Are you still enjoying your old shows? What new shows are you watching/looking forward to/disappointed by?
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