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Suits, 3.09: Bad Faith

It was my birthday on Wednesday and the world gave me a new episode of Suits. THANK YOU WORLD.


I've seen a bunch of people confused about why Rachel is considering going to Stanford when she just got into Columbia, some even moaning about how it's only happening in order to create unnecessary drama that nobody wants (lol the bitching I see about Things Always Happening to the characters on this show...MAYBE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT YOU SHOULD TURN OFF THE TELEVISION AND GO STARE AT A WALL). Of course a lot of us predicted the trajectory of this storyline the moment she got into Stanford. For starters, we know she's not going to Stanford (which is why I knew she'd get into Columbia, so she can stay in NYC, and then she did and it was awesome and yayyyy) because Meghan isn't going to leave the show; but while I'll admit that Mike's proposal that they move in together felt somewhat contrived (more on this later) the choice between the two schools for Rachel isn't an empty attempt at creating drama, it's a character-driven choice. Rachel loves Mike but his fraud is a huge and constant weight on her shoulders, and something that scares the shit out of her because as long as he practices law she is dating (and may soon be living with) a criminal. A career criminal, if you like. So contemplating Stanford (which btw in case you're interested is currently a higher ranked school than Columbia; according to google it goes Yale, Harvard, Stanford and then Columbia) is a decision very much based on her feelings about this relationship and its future, and in many ways it's a good (possibly the best?) option for her. She can't stop being in love with Mike, but moving to the other side of the country from him would allow for the possibility of that fresh start she mentioned a few episodes ago.

This may not be the most suspenseful of storylines because the outcome is basically a given (it certainly better be), but a good story doesn't have to be suspenseful or unpredictable, it has to be emotionally engaging, and I'm very much engaged in what's happening to Mike and Rachel, and I'm enjoying how this season's storyline is revealing to us so much about them both.

We've already seen how dependent Mike has become on her, and how batshit crazy in love she is with him - even while she's terrified of what that actually means. I told Mel the other day that I thought it was too soon for them to move in together and that it felt less organic and more like a plot device to add extra drama to the whole 'will Rachel choose stanford or columbia' plotline, but she made the excellent point that...well I'll just quote her because that's easier than paraphrasing:

I think the way he's acting makes a lot of sense when you think about it. they're in love, and he's all alone in his life, the last of his family just died, and he's always been needy in a certain way. he's always had a small handful of people that he held close, and now that Gram and Trevor are gone, I can see him feeling on a deep, subconscious level like he's vulnerable to ending up alone. so I can see him clutching on to Rachel as hard as he is, not JUST because of that, but speeding things along because of it.

Which I think is true. Mike is super needy and the other closest person to him is Harvey who is terrible at giving him the attention he craves, and also he doesn't put out (YET) so. you know. It makes sense that Mike would want to do everything in his power to ensure that this relationship is as difficult to get away from as possible.

As for Mike using his relationship with Rachel to put the screws on her father? AWESOME TIMES A MILLION. Because the moment Harvey realised he'd done it he got all giddy, like 'my bb's all growed up! :')', which is gloriously fucked up in typical Harvey fashion, being proud of Mike for using Rachel as a pawn in their chess game. Classic Harvey. ♥ And even though Mike denied that he would do such a terrible thing, anyone who's ever watched television before (so only a fraction of Suits fandom then) knew that of course he would end up doing exactly that. What made it so entertaining was that both Robert Zane and Harvey totally respected Mike for it (because they're both enormous dicks) but Rachel was rightfully furious and Donna was all, 'you're a fucking moron and you know nothing about women'. ♥ ♥ ♥

Best of all were the Harvey/Scottie scenes. UGH. I love her so much it HURTS ME IN MY SOUL how awful he is to her. Even though I also love it because their damage is so captivating and devastating (and sexy).

Anyway, Korsh retweeted a link to some guy who writes reviews of the show saying he never missses one of his reviews, and sry2say I was unimpressed, especially when I got to this bit:

his interactions with Scottie demonstrated a similar lack of his normal prowess. If anything, Harvey's tendency to become very stupid, very quickly when it comes to Scottie wasn't too far off from Louis' indiscretions. It seem like anytime Scottie comes around Harvey has to have some inner dialogue or all out disagreement/discussion with her over whether or not he should trust her - 9 times out of 10 she manages to screw him somehow.

Uh, no. *Wrong!!* Scottie did not screw Harvey here, and that was so very much not what this storyline was about. It's weird to me that anyone could take that away from the episode even after it explicitly exonerated her in the final scene. Whatever. The show in fact continues to do a marvelous job of critiquing Harvey's flaws - one of which is his exceptional inability to trust people, particularly women. I was talking earlier today to penumbra about how Harvey's disproportionate anger with Jessica (and to some extent Donna) was likely rooted in his deep-seated mommy issues: she 'cheated' on him with Darby, just as Donna 'cheated' with Stephen. And I'm just going to quote Mary's response to my theory in full because it's great meta that you all should get to read:

Especially since the show has played with the idea of Jessica as like Harvey's professional mother figure AND with the idea of them framing their professional relationship as a romantic relationship. I feel like the Jessica/Darby thing was this weird combination of mommy bringing in a new step-daddy that Harvey doesn't like and Jessica cheating on Harvey. lol, their relationship is so busted. And yeah he's so crazy possessive of the women in his life because he's constantly thinking that he's going to get fucked over like his dad did. I'm so glad the show never felt like it had to go to a super gross/misogynistic place with him talking down to women or treating them like shit (like a lot of shows do tbh) to drive this point about him home. It's actually really refreshing that the way he treats women isn't really bad or gross at all and yet the show is still critiquing this ingrained misogynist attitude which isn't manifesting in his behaviour except in ways which are damaging to him. *pats his stupid head*

When it all comes down to it Harvey is incapable of having a functional (romantic) relationship with anyone - he and Scottie clearly love each other, but he's so terrified of being hurt he always instinctively leaps to the (wrong in this case. and *obviously* wrong too - Scottie's sincerity was plain as day to the rest of us) conclusion that she's betrayed him. He would not listen to reason, much to Donna's completely relatable frustration (the scene in which she begged Harvey to give Scottie the benefit of the doubt was one of my favourites), and even in the face of Scottie insisting it wasn't her, that she'd never do that to him (with that beautiful, clever speech about mercy coming from a position of strength and vulnerability from a position of weakness), he not only refused to budge, he admitted that he would never allow himself to be vulnerable. He'd rather destroy what could be a real, loving relationship with a woman who adores him than let himself be vulnerable - which, unfortunately for Harvey and Scottie, is precisely what love requires of people.

Unless Harvey changes and lets his guard down, unless he is willing to risk getting his heart broken, he will be alone forever.

The most feel-good aspect of the episode was, of course, Harvey and Louis joining forces and kicking ass. I loved Jessica telling Harvey he could no longer treat Louis like shit now that he's in charge, because that led to Harvey not only taking her advice but actually understanding it, and *meaning* it when he told Louis that he respects and values him. Plus it was incredibly sweet and moving how that made Louis tear up. The power Harvey has to make Louis's entire life will never not please me, especially when he uses that power responsibly and with genuine sincerity, like he did here.

shit, man, that was a whole lot more meta than usual. I wasn't even gonna do this post tonight because I wasn't in the mood but turns out I had a fuck-load to say! WOOT.

Stray thoughts on the rewatch...

- Loving the song in the first scene: The Walker by Fitz and the Tantrums

- "There once was a girl from Nantucket" GOD. Why are these two so hot.

- Oh man I would give my FIRST BORN for a scene of Harvey shopping for handbags with Donna. WHY YOU TEASE ME SHOW.

- Harvey is such a bitch. Making fun of Louis is "one of life's great pleasures". lol. *pets Louis*

- Of course Harvey banged Miss California/USA. This is her, and she is fucking hot:

Alyssa Campanella-LAG-001127

Nice work as always, Harvey.

- I'd like Patrick to grow his hair out a little bit.

- Katrina is a master at massaging Louis's ego (which he badly needs from an associate) and it's such an interesting contrast to the way Mike treats Harvey (because the last thing Harvey needs is an ego boost).

- Harvey and Scottie. *sobbing* They're so goddamn hot and exciting together and I love Abigail Spencer with the fire of a thousand suns.

- I knew Mike would still have Grammy's apartment.

- Holy shit Jessica's crimson dress. THIS GODDESS.

- Jessica: You came to that all on your own?
Mike: About an hour ago. Oh don't tell me I beat you to it.
Jessica: Maybe, but you didn't have Harvey slowing you down.
Mike: That's a fair point.
Harvey: Okay I'm right here.

*SCREAMS* THIS BEAUTIFUL SNARKY FAMILY. ♥ ♥ ♥ (I want them all to be naked.)

- lol at Harvey making up the Whitehouse story and Mike calling him out. As I said to Mel the other day "Harvey still trying to impress mike to the point where he's making shit up, and mike's having none of it. like, mike knows harvey way too well, dropping names isn't going to work any more. I think this must mean that harvey has told mike all of his impressive stories, the only thing left is the more personal stuff." which made her flip out because that's pretty fucking awesome lol. Also Harvey being all, 'how did you know?' and Mike just smiling to himself... *tears off face*

- "She loves Harvey Specter...?"

AHAHAHAHAHAHAAH. yes. keep it up, show. keep on giving me the goodies.

- "You go after Harvey, you go after me."


- Katrina giving Louis the'You just got LITT UP!" mug = immensely charming.

- "Then you're a better negotiator than I thought". Proud!Harvey is fucking sexy, particularly the way he makes Mike preen.

- Speaking of sexy, the way Harvey looks at Scottie when she's asking him to show her some mercy... WHERE ARE THE GIFS *uncontrollable sobbing*

- Rachel's white jumper is amazing.

- "I trust her."


- "Louis, this is brilliant." *whimper* "I respect you. You're an excellent attorney. And a valuable member of this firm."

AND THEN HARVEY TAKES LOUIS WITH HIM TO CLOSE THE DEAL AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND PERFECT. and Mike's first reaction when he hears the news is, "is he mad at me?" which, I don't know why, I can't be bothered analysing it right now, but that fills me with all sorts of gooey, shippy, otp flutterings.

- Donna points out that neither Mike nor Harvey understand women in any way. I love her, she's so smart. Donna is basically perfect in this episode.

- Okay so now that Ava is suing them all for malpractice does that mean Harvey and Scottie will be on the same side for a while and will bang again? because you have no idea how badly I need that to happen.

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