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Suits, 3.08: Endgame


I mean, that was a pretty good episode I suppose but I only care about three things:

1. Jessica and Harvey reconciling and being family and getting drunk together.
2. Drunk Harvey heading straight over to Mike's place, barging inside like he lives there, plucking two beers from the fridge like he lives there, being drunk and sexy like he lives there, and the only thing wrong with that scene is that it isn't 5 hours longer.

So that's all I'm going to talk about.

okay I'll try to make some pertinent comments about the rest of the episode during the rewatch, but honestly all I feel like doing right now is writing an essay on the perfection of my OT3 and thanking my lucky stars that at least one of the writers is OBVIOUSLY A MARVEL SHIPPER and has definitely read my fic because how else do you explain the little love letters they keep sending me like it's totally fucking normal that Mike would tell Harvey he wants to fuck him and then Harvey would make a joke about fucking Mike's girlfriend.

None of this is normal.


Donna is great. I love how upset she is with herself for getting blinded by the d. That the one person she couldn't read turned out to be a shortass scum-sucking murderer. I love that she's the one who gets to fire him (of course Jessica and Harvey would let her do that because FAMILY) and then watch him get arrested.

Harvey looks hot all beat up.

Turns out the merger storyline was in fact wrapped up as simply as Darby Bad Merger Over - the only real surprise there is that it happened at 3.08 instead of 3.10. I'm a bit confused about Darby though. He knew what Stephen had done but still regarded him as his essential right hand up until this episode, but if he loves Ava so much and is so bent on saving her, what reason could he have had to send Stephen to NYC? Surely he'd have known that Stephen would go to whatever lengths necessary to protect himself rather than Ava. What is the logic there? Am I missing something?

The Louis/Harold storyline did very little for me - mostly because Louis's cruelty to Harold was too gratuitous to be amusing and I didn't really understand what was going on at any point - so I'm not gonna touch it other than to say I loved Rachel schooling Louis throughout.

Cameron Dennis is slightly less of a douche than usual! \o/ At the end anyway. Really enjoyed seeing Harvey kinda-sorta connect with him again, and Cameron's grudging respect for Harvey and Co.

lol Ava used to be Darby's beard and that's why he loves her so much. LOL.

Jessica turns up at Havey's place with a bottle of whisky.

Jessica: You goddamn betrayed me. Now, the truth is you warned me about all this and I am tired of feeling betrayed by you. I'd rather forgive you.
Harvey: Can you?
Jessica: Why do you think I'm here?
Jessica: You didn't kill anybody. And if I'm really going to forgive you, then I need to tell you I'm sorry that I made you wanna do it in the first place.

*uncontrollable sobbing*

I love their relationship like BURNING.

screencap of Harvey's sorry eyes:

Harvey sorry eyes

And then Jessica tells him he's family to her, and then they get hammered together and start plotting.


A slurry drunk Harvey shows up on Mike's doorstep and walks straight on in without being invited, like so:

h&m 01

Mike's all, "Have you been drinking?" kind of judgmentally, which is ironic given that Mike has turned up on Harvey's doorstep hammered before, although that was back when it wasn't normal for them to presumptuously inhabit each other's space as if it's their own, so Harvey shut the door in his face. Of course Mike would never not allow Harvey into his home, and Harvey replies simply, "Yeah, why?" as if it's totally lame for Mike to even question him because he does what he wants he's Harvey Specter, his new plan (that of course revolves around Mike) is brilliant and no amount of drunkness can take away from that.

Even cuter, Harvey raids Mike's fridge and plucks out two beers

h&m 02

because he's there to talk strategy but he also wants Mike to have a drink with him.

Why can't this scene go on FOREVER? you know they finished their beers before Mike went off to meet with Clifford Danner. And then I guess Harvey would have walked Mike out of the house and put him in a taxi. I wonder what they talked about. *weeps*


Team HJM ftmfw:

team hjm


Harvey is such a loner. He wins the case but it wasn't a fun win for him, it was a long, hard struggle and at the end he doesn't want to be with anyone other than himself. Mike understands that about him. Much as Mike wants to celebrate with Harvey he doesn't push it when Harvey declines the offer, but that doesn't matter, what's important is the way the conversation plays out, an exchange that is going down as the shippiest and bestest in the history of everything.

Harvey: It's a huge win. Go celebrate.
Mike: Woah hey hey, don't you mean let's go celebrate?

Mike is trying his luck, hoping that Harvey will want to get drunk with him but knowing it probably won't happen. With the help of Vale's gifs, let's analyse the rest of this scene.

marvel 01

Harvey needs to be alone but instead of just saying so, instead of rejecting Mike like he might have done in the past, he lobs the ball into Mike's court, because Harvey's not in the mood to knock Mike down, or make him feel unwanted, so he twists it around and makes it about how Mike should be with his girlfriend instead of with him.

marvel 02



Mike wants to fuck Harvey. He wants to celebrate by having sex with Harvey and who can blame him. I just. WHAT. !!!!!!!!!! I mean. If I hadn't been sitting down I would have toppled right over and hit the floor and died when that line happened. As it was I started squealing into my hands and flailing about like a lunatic and I STILL haven't quite recovered from this momentous scene of awesome.

I love their homoerotic banter so much because even though it's posed in a jokey way it's never followed by a 'no homo' type retraction, they flirt with each other like they kind of mean it, and nothing you can ever say will convince me that these two haven't given sexytimes some thought. Both Gabriel and Patrick play it like they're at least a bit sexually attracted to each other and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH FOR IT NEVER EVER STOP BEING PERFECT MY SWEET SWEET BABIES.

marvel 03

WHY WOULD HARVEY SAY THIS. (apart from it being a shout out to yours truly, obviously. it's my conspiracy theory and i'm sticking to it and by the way i love you beautiful wonderful suits writers i love you and thank you for everything) Because Harvey not only thinks about Mike and Rachel banging, he thinks about banging Rachel himself. Before this we thought it was only Mike who had the OT3 fantasies, but now we know that Harvey is very much on the same page and would be open to a threeway.


marvel 04

No, Mike, it isn't funny, because Harvey having sex with Rachel is no joke. Because it could happen if you want it to and we all know you do. This could be a fabulous reality for all three of you, and for us as well. Look, as far as I'm concerned it's canon that Mike has thought about Harvey and Rachel together and would enjoy watching them fuck, even if he can't admit it to himself out loud yet. I've written this fic in my head btw, and it is excessively hot. I feel sad for you all that I am too lazy to actually type it out but needless to say, after Harvey's comment Mike is not going to be able to stop thinking about it and I am now counting down the days until the show gives me my threesome. if you really love me suits writers you will make this happen. kind regards, Kate.

And then Harvey gives Donna the car so he can walk home because he's just that fucking cool.
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