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Suits, 3.07: She's Mine


With the Louis vs Nigel mock cat trial (*whimpering*), and the Donna getting her heart broken because her boyfriend's a murdering piece of shit (*crying*), and the Rachel being perfect throughout and then getting into Columbia (*sobbing*), and the Harvey and Jessica talking through their problems and becoming allies again (*fapping*), this episode had it ALL.

Earlier in the season quite a few of us had issues with Donna and the way she was being characterised, but I have to say this is shaping up to be her best season yet. Even though I don't ship her with Harvey and the show is spending a lot of time exploring their relationship and its romantic possibilities, the fact is, whatever that relationship is it's the defining one of her life, so to learn more about her, to really start to understand her, Donna's story has to involve Harvey in some way. Many of us have said things like 'please give Donna a storyline that doesn't centre around Harvey' (and, you know, I do still want that to happen) but the character as she's been established has dedicated her life to this man. It's important that we find out why and how this very strange and interesting relationship came about. This season is helping me understand them, and her, far better than I ever did before and now Donna feels fleshed out in a way she simply wasn't in the first two seasons.

And it is heartbreaking that the man she chose to pursue a relationship with turned out to be Stephen Huntley. That she feels guilty and foolish for getting involved with a man who was such a threat to Harvey, and thus, to her own life. It's so unfair and frustrating, but it was completely inevitable (what you didn't think they'd get married and live happily ever after did you?). I do hope the experience doesn't prevent her from looking for a life outside of work in future because now I want more Donna stories, stories where the road does not always lead back to Harvey. Dear Suits writers: it won't be the worst thing in the world if Donna finds something else in her life that has meaning and that isn't destructive.

I wonder where this merger storyline is going. Taken at face value it would seem that Jessica is going to cancel the merger and Harvey will get his way after all and he was right about everything all along. Darby is the bad guy, Stephen is his evil right hand, and Jessica was wrong. But the signposts pointing in that direction are flashing so brightly it's almost hard for me to believe that this is where the season is headed. The show has continuously managed to surprise me this season, so I'm going to assume that any predictions I make based on the suggestion presented in this episode that it's going to end as simply as Darby Bad Merger Over, are not going to be accurate. Or at least if that's the end game it'll at least be fascinating and fun on the ride there.

Louis selecting Rachel to represent him in the mock trial was predictable, but also genius. If you weren't shouting at the screen "PICK RACHEL PICK RACHEL" I feel like you're watching this show all wrong. Of course he picked Rachel. Because there could be only one. And she was magnificent. I love her so much. She's going to be a fantastic lawyer but what I love most is how much she enjoys the performance of law. When she's questioning her witnesses she's having a BALL (not just in this episode but in Shadow of a Doubt when she works with Mike) and it's so glorious to watch. It's the joy, as well as the competence, that makes me so invested in her future. She hasn't chosen this path because she thinks it's something she should do, she chose it because it's her passion and her destiny. I just want her to succeed so badly and that's why when Louis gave her the amazing news about Columbia, I burst into tears. :') I called it too: she'll go to Columbia and she'll work part time at Pearson Whoever and she'll never ever leave the show. \o/

notes on rewatch

- ewwww Stephen is a slimy little toad isn't he. Fuck you and everything you stand for asshat.

- "I'm here to tell you that if I hear your name around my case again I am going to beat the shit out of you."

You don't introduce a gun in the first act if it ain't gonna get shot in the third. Them's the rules. *flaps*

- OTP highlight: Harvey being disgusted that Mike knows Stephen plays rugby. He's already not happy about Donna's relationship with Stephen, he can't now have MIKE knowing irrelevant details about him (they're of course quite relevant, but that's not the point). Never mind that Mike can't help knowing everything because he reads everything, Harvey hates that Mike has even thought about Stephen's hobbies.

fyi Harvey's (completely insane) possessiveness is probably my very favourite of his character traits

- Jessica's fury at Harvey is so pleasing to me, in ways not strictly professional. Never have I wanted Harvey to be dealt a spanking this much before. jfc Harvey's deference to her when she's all "Does anyone have a problem with that" and he bows his head and just... nnnggggghhhhh fuck. me. why are these two not the biggest het ship in the fandom.

- Mike: "You know where my loyalties lie." did PJA say that line wrong? Shouldn't it be loyalty singular? 'You know where my loyalty lies.' Why does he need more than one loyalty?

- the theme tune still makes me horny. every time.

- Oooh, so Mike questions Harvey about why he told Jessica and Harvey says it's because if he can't trust her to get over it he may as well have stuck with Darby. Is he lying to Mike or to himself? I... guess that would be Mike. Because he admitted to Jessica that it crossed his mind that she would rethink the merger. Why didn't he just admit that to Mike? Who I think...maybe considered this an option. He was instantly suspicious and he confronted Harvey and then he wasn't satisfied with Harvey's answer... Thoughts?

It's interesting to me that Mike can tell when Harvey's bullshitting him and he doesn't like it but he knows when not to push.

- Okay the thing about the great ~Louis tries to steal Nigel's cat~ story is that while I am always invested in Louis getting a good outcome I could never actually be on his side with this case. I'm glad he got his associates back because you don't take another person's cat. Nigel loves that cat. You just don't get to win his cat in a lawsuit Louis, there's just no way you ever get to do that.

But the thing is, Louis's motives were so achingly heartfelt. He loves the cat too, he needs the cat, and I can RELATE to him so hard because years ago I cat-sat the most wonderful cat in the world for about six months, his name was Orson (who btw Rachel's cat in the Man in the Middle series is based on him. RIP little buddy *sob*) and I fell so hard for him I honestly didn't think I should have to give him back. I was utterly devastated when I, you know, had to. But then I got Charlie and the thought of anyone feeling that they had a right to take him from me? NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL. But I do get where Louis is coming from, so hard, even if I also at the same time think that taking Mikado off Nigel is an act of pure evil.

- "I have a relationship with him that's a lot longer than a few weeks and when you mess with him you mess with me." I love Sarah's delivery of this line. Donna's almost...embarrassed to finish the sentence, unsurprising after everything that's happened recently, but it's also true and had to be said. And GOD I hate this little weasel. With his bullshit about I think you know I wasn't trying to mess with Harvey. UGH. Yeah because she trusts you, and yet the entire point of your existence is to fuck with everyone at Pearson DS. *hates* (I think he actually cares about her though. Which makes it all worse really, but still. He's not even a monster, he's just a shitburger.)

- JESSICA ♥ ♥ ♥ She's so mad at Harvey and he's so...abashed. I can't deal with how how hot I find Harvey when he's like this. for the love of god someone please write me Harvey/Jessica porn

- Harvey: "You're never going to convince a jury the number one didn't know what the number two was up to."

*Mike's eyes fall shut in horror*

lol harvey you dick.

- Katrina's in Barcelona. I liked her in the last episode she was in but I don't miss her when she's not around. I prefer the show when it concentrates on the main 6 tbh.

- Rachel and Louis are genuinely amazing together. I like to think that's one of the few things this fandom agrees on. Also Rachel is a beautiful angel.

- "I don't give a shit about Ava's number 2. He can rot in hell for all I care." Say what you really mean, Jessica. O.O

- Mike calls Jessica out on her rage at Harvey, and Jessica puts him in his place. I love that both of them are right in this confrontation - Mike's right that Jessica is furious with Harvey, but she's also right that they need to look into Ava's guy.

- The con Mike plays on Cameron to get the files is smart and gorgeous and I adore him.

- I love that the associate Nigel hires (then promptly fires) to represent him is the worst compared with Rachel who is the best. This whole thing is really funny.

- Darby's all, 'I wanted Harvey to get over this silly idea of his to take over the firm from the beginning.' Classic Darby.

Did he order the murders or did he just expect Stephen to take care of the problem, and didn't question his methods? How much does Darby know about the lengths his number 2 will go to?

- LOVE that Mike doesn't help Rachel. She figures out what to do on her own. :D

- Rachel: "Really Harold." ♥

- This dude who plays Nick (Ava's number 2) has the fakest English accent ever.

- Rachel: Harold you're under oath.
Harold: No I'm not.
Rachel: Harold.


- Donna knows how to dump a man with style.

"You're welcome."
"What for."
"For not telling Harvey about this. Because if he found out he would beat the shit out of you."


Poor, poor Donna though. omg. :(

- Jessica and Harvey on the roof. This whole thing is just porn for me. god. "I guess we've stopped with the cheating analogy." "Yes we have." OH JESUS THEY'RE BOTH SO ATTRACTIVE I MAY EXPLODE.

- Louis quotes Star Trek. Everyone's a trekkie on this show.


- lol Mike is actually super insensitive towards Donna when he tells her about Stephen. He doesn't even acknowledge that Donna was in a relationship with him, he's too excited about his find - that Stephen (and ultimately Darby) was responsible for the murders. But Harvey is FURIOUS, and when the shoe drops and he realises what Stephen has done to Donna...



Because that's what Harvey does when the people he loves get hurt. Ultra violence.


I don't normally approve of violence but some guys just really do need to get beat down, and Stephen Huntley is one of those guys let's face it.
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