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Suits, 3.06: The Other Time

When Suits gives us backstory it really goes all out.


So I found this all very satisfying, because it filled in blanks we've been speculating over for years now, and it did so in ways that were both interesting and, at times, surprising. It was an episode packed with super serious drama (Harvey's ethical awakening, Donna and Harvey's one night stand, Mike's tragic downfall) and I am yet again left marvelling over how much care is taken with the crafting of this show, and how focused the creative team is on giving us warm, engaging, entertaining drama every single week. *starry eyes*

We’ll start with Mike. UGH. Trevor really is an asshole in the making isn't he. He ruined Mike's life and Mike owned up to his part in it because he thought he'd be fine, he was so cocky he thought all he'd get was a slap on the wrist because that's how smart he is, that's how much Harvard wants him, and I'm not saying Mike's not responsible for his own choices, but he made those bad choices for noble reasons - love and loyalty - and that's what makes him a good person and a hero to root for. Trevor, otoh, is a reckless selfish asshole whose choices often fuck over his loved ones. Because there's no doubt that Trevor loves Mike fiercely – crying all night for a month over Mike not being allowed to move in with him when they were kids? If this show isn’t strongly implying that Trevor was in love with Mike then I’m the queen of england – and would never expect Mike to take the fall for one of his mistakes, but adoring friend or not, the guy is a bad seed that Mike is well rid of in the present day.

Very excited to meet Gordon Specter, who was as immensely likable as one would expect him to be. Gabriel and James McCaffrey had a lovely, easy chemistry with each other that felt so perfect and right given how devastated we know Harvey was when Gordon died. :[ I hope we see him again in another flashback ep but even if we don't we've still got Marcus and Lily to look forward to. (I'm most excited about Lily btw, and the possibility of a reconciliation.)


I feel a whole lot better about Donna after this episode – we get confirmation that not only are Donna’s feelings not entirely one-sided - or what we thought they were - but that Harvey actively pursued her when their relationship was new, and they had sex one time. Together they agreed to put the night behind them and never talk about it again (which we already knew but it was great to get some context). In fact Donna, while a bit disappointed with Harvey’s choice to not pursue a romantic relationship with her, was basically fine about it, clearly not actually in love with him at that point in time, and happy to keep their relationship professional. Her feelings must have continued to develop the longer they worked together, whereas whatever Harvey's feelings for her were, in typical Harvey fashion he repressed them. [Thankfully, and hilariously, we were spared having to watch them kiss. The strategic shutting of the door in front of that kiss was so unsubtle I had to pause the ep to laugh my ass off and then gleefully email Mel; no doubt both Sarah and Gabriel outright refused to kiss each other, because of the general awkward grossness of them being best mates in RL who are openly completely squicked by the thought of snogging each other (lol sucks to be you, shippers). That said I thought they did a pretty good job of seeming attracted to each other in those scenes, but frankly the sexual chemistry is lacking between them, partly because it honestly looks like Gabriel is on the verge of cracking up the entire time he has to pretend he wants to bang her.]

It seems that there is a mutuality of feeling between them in the present day and that it’s not as one-sided as it previously appeared. Although I still maintain that Harvey’s anger at Stephen was righteous last week and it slightly annoys me that this week we find out that Stephen was right all along, Harvey’s possessiveness over Donna is so fucked up, unfair and painfully human, I love that the show is willing to explicitly characterise him that way. Harvey officially doesn't like it when Donna has boyfriends and is semi-consciously instrumental in ensuring Donna has no personal life outside her job. Not only that, Donna is aware of this, is annoyed that he won’t admit it, and is trying her best to stop him having so much control over her. In fact, I get the impression that Donna is as uninterested in pursuing a romance with Harvey now as he is, but that what we've been seeing in her is simply more awareness of the complicated nature of their relationship than the far more repressed Harvey has. MUCH LESS SQUICKY I think we can all agree. thank god this show is so awesome they can rescue what I was starting to think was an unrescuable piece of characterisation.

A really great Donna episode all round – her handling of Harvey back in the DA’s office, and the way she, along with Harvey’s dad, and Jessica, helped steer him in the right direction was fantastic. And I just really appreciated her understanding of Harvey’s controlling, possessive nature, and that she’s not actually okay with the fact that she’s never been able to have a personal life because of him, even if she loves him (not romantically!) too much to challenge it; it felt a lot like this confrontation was the first of its kind – that Harvey has never outright admitted that he hates Donna having a boyfriend before. what do you guys think?

Hurrah! Harvey has changed his mind about taking down Jessica (saying he no longer wants to be managing partner). But oh no, in telling her about his plans he’s gone and caused another rift between them. I have no idea where this storyline is going.

Stray observations during the rewatch:

- Louis's cameo = priceless.

- As are Donna's judgey facial expressions when she lists Harvey's girlfriends. Nadia. I love that Harvey has banged a few duds.

- Trevor reads Mike’s mail. LOL. No wonder Mike has boundary issues when it comes to Harvey. The best thing about the fucked up power dynamic between Mike and Trevor is that it explains so much about why Mike is attracted to Harvey (who is also very controlling) while highlighting how much healthier the Mike/Harvey relationship is, and why Harvey is way better for him times a billion.

- Trevor prevented Mike from getting laid. He was so in love with him.

- Mike has always been a cocky little shit <3

- Cameron Dennis and Harvey quoting movies at each other just isn't as charming as when Mike and Harvey do it.

- baby!Harvey used to try high fiving people all the time! No wonder he saw himself in Mike (PUNINTENDED).

- I don't ship it but I do love seeing Harvey put the moves on a woman, even when it's Donna. such a smooth, sexy motherfucker.

- Bertha is cool. We've heard that name before right? Is Donna still pals with her?

- This poker game was so clearly doomed from the start. But Trevor's reaction to being called Mike's 'girlfriend'. Ha. Hahahaa. (so in love)

- Mike: "a superbrain who thinks his shit don't stink". Excellent description.

- Harvey showing Mike his name on the door ♥ LOOK HOW PLEASED HE IS WITH HIMSELF

- Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke

- Jessica: Did you think we were going to make out?
Harvey: A man can hope.

Ugh these two have much sexier chemistry than Harvey and Donna do.

- Trevor you unbelievable piece of shit. Can't believe he was behind the test selling scheme, making Mike do it to save his own sorry ass. I mean, I can believe it because it's Trevor. But still. What an ASS.

- Donna makes Harvey a better man. That is one thing that can't be denied. Her influence on him is a positive one, and it's that as much as that she's the world's greatest secretary that makes her invaluable to Harvey. That's the main reason he's so possessive of her. Cameron's influence on Harvey, otoh, was pure poison. "I've told you this before, don't make me tell you again. I'm here, you're here, do your job." Which we'd heard Harvey say only moments earlier to Donna and it didn't sound right coming out of his mouth. Because he was mimicking Cameron and Cameron is the actual worst. Harvey is not meant to become Cameron. The people Harvey keeps closest to him (Mike, Donna, Jessica) are not chosen simply because they do things for him (and they all do a LOT for Harvey) but because they are a good influence on him. Toxic people have no place in Harvey's life. That's why Cameron got ditched.

- Love the way Mike represents Harvey with Stephen. My sweet, sweet OTP. :')

- oh god Mike and Omar the drug dealer. BEST. Mike says 'motherfucker'! I think they got away with it because he slipped an L in there, so it was actually motherflucker, but it was close enough and I love this show. Yes I get excited by bad language. Shoot me.

- "You went to my guy about my case behind my back."

MY GUY. Mike is Harvey's guy. Mike is Harvey's boy. (If one day Harvey calls Mike his 'boy' I'll die immediately of happiness btw.)

- Fuck me Harvey looks hot in this scene with his dad. He doesn't look any younger than he normally does but that's okay because he looks just as fuckable. I could watch him swing that baseball bat all the live long day. Also I have a serious attraction to Harvey's tan.

- oh god the donna/harvey non-kiss just happened and i'm laughing all over again.

slow dance bob's burgers

- So after he bangs her Harvey decides he'd rather have her as his secretary. She's 'very special' and he doesn't want to lose her. and if he'd known that the job with Jessica was going to happen he never would have come over. He doesn't even cherish the memory. She's crucial to him as a lawyer, but not as a lover. He's happy to put it out of his mind and never mention it again. He is completely and utterly uninterested in her romantically.

saddest ship ever lol. (I'M SO SORRY ANY HARVEY/DONNA SHIPPERS WHO MIGHT BE READING THIS. No offense intended, promise.)


- Donna's first meeting with Louis ♥

- Jessica: Get out of my sight.

OUCH. Oh I love the song though. I know it but I can't place it - someone tell me what the song is playing in that scene.

- Stephen Huntley is screwing with Harvey's case??? *gasp*

the plot thickens
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