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Suits, 3.04: Conflict of Interest

I am shaking right now. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BLESSED SHOW.

donald duck hearts

Do you guys get nervous every time you sit down to watch the new ep? I get butterflies in my tummy like maybe it's not going to be awesome or something, and even though there are probably things about it worth critiquing, and some episodes are better (or worse) than others, it still never fails to delight me so I don't know what the hell my problem is. This shit isn't Teen Wolf after all, amirite. It's consistent in all the important ways: always full of witty banter, sexy beautiful smart people, romance and just generally entertaining drama. It's also quite often surprising.

Case in point: KATRINA.

This is the episode I've been waiting for: one that shines a more flattering light on a character that has so far been portrayed as a largely unappealing antagonist to Mike; even better it did this by using one of my all time favourite fictional tropes: enemies becoming friends, or, more accurately in this case, enemies becoming allies who not only work well together but who develop mutual respect for one another and discover more common ground than either thought possible. HURRAH!

Episode opens with gratuitous Harvey vs Louis running bit, which exists solely to highlight Louis's ridiculousness compared with Harvey's immense sex appeal. It is just plain wrong for a man to look that fine in sweats.

harvey running girls staring

Perhaps it's more symbolic than gratuitous after all, as the episode pits these two against each other in the Hessington Oil case, with Louis representing the company which is under threat of a hostile takeover, and Harvey representing Ava who's on trial for murder, and we're shown throughout just how different they are, not just as lawyers, but as men.

Harvey, unsurprisingly, is shown to be the better in both arenas, as Louis's snake-like instincts, and ultimately his cowardice, wind up costing Ava (an innocent woman, as it turns out in the episode's most dramatic surprise) her company.


Louis: You seem upset that she led you to believe that she was trying to befriend you when it turned out she was gonna betray you.

Okay, no. NO LOUIS. It was YOU that tried to woo Mike, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND, and he never promised you a goddamn thing, he never tried to hide his reluctance to join your team, and he only agreed to be your associate because he genuinely thought Harvey was done with him, AND YOU KNEW THIS. I'm sorry Mr Nice Guy but a few dinners and a mudbath doesn't mean you've earned respect or loyalty the way Harvey actually had with Mike. Your bitterness is amusing but UNFOUNDED. Also, your behaviour in this episode is exactly why you DON'T get the respect of men like Harvey and Mike.

Harvey: Louis.
Louis: What, you've got a problem with that?
Mike: No, no problem.
Katrina: Not as long as your daddy's here [*screams*]
Harvey: Do I have to have another talk with you?

Jesus I don't know what happened between last week and this (who wrote this episode) but why is it all of a sudden I want everyone to fuck Katrina? Maybe because she called Harvey Mike's daddy which is pretty much the quickest way in all of existence to win me over. (have you been reading my fic again, suits writers?

horrible smug nod)

Harvey has to be the 'adult in the room' and is appalled by this. Because he prefers to be the childish one apparently. <3

I can't even listen to the content of this scene in which Patrick does an English accent because I can't hear it over my own laughter. He's not doing the worst job in the world to be entirely fair to him, I've definitely heard worse, but still. STOP IT.

Watching this again I should have seen Ava's innocence coming, because she made such a fuss about it and no one believed her so it's the only outcome that would have been narratively satisfying.

Donna gets a new boyfriend who is way shorter than her. She also gets a new dress which is a point of discussion even though I'm pretty sure we've never seen her in the same dress twice. On the first watch I was still pretty mad at her over last week's lack of apology so her smugness in this scene grated on me, but by the end of the episode I was back to enjoying her friendship with Rachel so on the second watch the banter between them was a lot more pleasurable for me. It's just really nice to see Donna so excited about a man who isn't Harvey.

Harvey: Louis.
Jessica: Is he aware [Ava's] up for murder?
Harvey: Is he aware that most people don't line their offices with pictures of themselves?
Jessica: Evidently not.

LOL. ♥

Harvey's contempt for Louis's dead cat makes me want more than ever my unwritten Harvey gets a kitten fic. MAKE IT HAPPEN GODS OF FANFICTION.

Harvey singsonging 'Trump' at Louis reminds me of my other tv boyfriend Sterling Archer:

Sterling Archer Boop

There wasn't much Harvey/Mike flirtiness in this episode but there was this which made up for a lot:

shrimpin bidness

Both Louis and Harvey got under Jessica's skin by reminding her that she's no longer #1, which she at first refuses to rise to but the problem is that they're right and she genuinely fucking hates it.

While I love all the double entendre and sexual banter in the scripts - and suits, never ever stop making everything sound sexual even when it isn't, and especially when it is - I'd still really like to actually see Donna and Stephen make out. Maybe next episode?

Turns out Katrina is very good at her job, and is the perfect associate for Louis. Woohoo!

Louis: If you were less attractive I'd love you.

LOL. Genius. Someone else should talk to me about why this is such a perfect Louis thing to say and genuinely mean.

And then finally we get Mike and Katrina becoming allies by misquoting The Wire. Which sorry, actually embarrassed me a little bit because while I respect the attempt to quote the greatest show ever made's most famous scene, if you can't actually quote it because you're not allowed to say 'fuck' then PICK A DIFFERENT SCENE. I recognised the homage immediately but when Katrina asked Mike "You're into the Wire" I laughed and cringed at the same time because it's utterly ridiculous that these characters wouldn't say fuck instead of shit (OF COURSE THEY'D SAY FUCK), and the really blatant misquoting only highlights how absurd profanity guidelines are on certain tv networks. I think those guidelines often force writers to be creative in the way they use language so that it doesn't sound strange when characters don't use swearwords, but this was not one of those instances.

That being said, I loved that Mike and Katrina bonded over an excellent tv show (as opposed to Downton Abbey). I love that Mike is a bit of a fanboy and learning that Katrina is into good tv went a long way towards making me like her. *airpunch*

Lol Jessica goes to Toronto to confront Darby (where Suits is actaully filmed. How convenient that he happens to be there) and tries to get her way on the Hessington case without being duplicitous, but he's basically an enormous douche to her and makes her regret, yet again, getting in bed with him. Maybe Harvey was right all along.


And then Katrina gives Mike credit for having the idea to crush Tony Gianopolis and suggests he take Mike with him to the meeting which is the right thing to do for both Louis and Mike, but of course when Harvey tells Louis to take Mike along Louis flips out and says fuck off, and then Katrina's deadpan delivery of the line "He got Litt up" is completely hysterical. ♥ See! I knew the writers had it in them to make her a little bit awesome.

obama clap

I can't get enough of the interesting tension between Katrina and Mike now that they're being more friendly towards each other. The fighting was awful becuase it made them both seem like such douchebags but now she's quoting the Sopranos at him (!!!!!!!) and it's so much sexier. It's not that I want him to cheat on Rachel or anything, and I assume the show isn't going there, but every time they cross paths I'm finding myself wanting them to drop to the floor and have rough kinky sex (with some hair pulling, humiliation, maybe a bit of choking). sorry. *hangs head* it's not my fault though, Patrick has sexual chemistry with everyone and everything. what is up with that.

Not a fan of Donna's black dress, but she's gorgeous and excited and about to get laid and she's really into Stephen and I'm just really happy for her, and I love that she's barely even spared a thought for Harvey because Rachel was right, she seriously needs to get a life.

Rachel: What's 'Blah blah bah'?
Donna: Oh, you know, it's just this, that and the other thing.

Gorgeous dialogue delivered flawlessly by gorgeous ladies. ♥

Louis is delighted that Jessica has at last given him the go ahead to be her Black Swan but he has no idea what he's gotten himself into, and as it happens he's not up to the task because he actually is more ethical and decent than he realises. (But also too much of a pussy to defy her when he disagrees with her, the way Harvey would.)

Ugh, Harvey being angry and mean to Ava, who then delivers a speech that makes it clear she's innocent, which in turn makes Harvey regretful...

Am I the only one who's horny right now?

I do get the impression that Katrina's attracted to Mike. It's the body language and the way she looks at him. Am I alone?

Blah blah rest of the episode, Katrina tells Louis that Ava's innocent, he wants to stop the board voting out Ava but Jessica won't allow it; Donna and Stephen are fucking and he's as awesome in bed as she is "I may have met my match", Donna didn't even think about Harvey the whole time she was courting Stephen and now she has to tell him about her new boyfriend (not sure why) and then Harvey and Jessica fight over the merger and god I fucking love their scenes they're so electric.

And then Harvey is a complete shit to Donna. He actually demands to know where she was this morning, why the fuck was she in the copy room, "You don't work for Stephen, you work for me", which is INSANE. Like, since when has Donna been chained to Harvey's desk? And she's so scared of telling him she has a boyfriend she doesn't even challenge him, she just apologises and slinks off all guilty-like. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN, SUITS FANDOM. I mean, yes, Harvey is the type to lash out at those closest to him when he's pissed about stuff, but Donna's never been the type to take it. Anyway, whatever, when Harvey's all moody and mean I just want to blow him. (Am I alone?)


tobias sobbing

actual real tears of emotion I'm not kidding

I ship everyone in this bar. (except Harvey/Donna)

Jessica is queen. "Turn off the lights on your way out."

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