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Suits, 3.03 Unfinished Business

fyi this is the last time for a while I'll be delivering these write-ups in a timely fashion. I start my new job tomorrow and my plan moving forward is to come straight home every Wednesday evening (except for the 14th bc I'm out that night), watch the show and hopefully get the post done. But I also don't want to put undue pressure on myself because this is fun for me and I don't want it turning into something that stresses me out. Possibly I'll cut the length of them rather than putting off writing them til like the weekend or something, so there's at least somewhere for y'all to come chat about the episode while it's still fresh in your mind, I haven't decided yet. Opinions?

Going to get the most infuriating thing out of the way first because I think we've spent quite enough time discussing the frustrating writing of Donna this season but it annoyed the ever living shit out of me that Rachel was the one to apologise for saying something to Donna that was a bit hurtful but also entirely true, and yet Donna did not apologise, nor does the show appear to think she needs to, for the role she played in breaking Rachel's heart. This was an outcome a few of us feared and I'm really disappointed that it played out that way - according to the show Donna is never wrong, according to the creative team they can write Donna as shoddily as they please and we'll just lie down and take it. For my money that exchange was total bullshit and Rachel is a far better person than Donna is.

On a more positive note, Donna gets a love interest! Of course he's the British Harvey, because Donna's got a type, and I dread the prospect of Harvey actually being jealous of this budding romance, but overall, hurrah! A Donna storyline that is only tangentially connected to Harvey. It's a freaking miracle. I thought Stephen Huntley was quite charming, if a bit short, and not remotely as gorgeous as Harvey, but there were sparks between them and if I could have one wish it would be for Donna to fall madly in love with him and for us to get some Donna scenes outside of the office, maybe in her apartment.

Mike is still a first year - how many seasons is this year gonna last?!

I like that Louis is pissed at Mike and Harvey but not so furious that he can't move past what they did. And really why shouldn't he get over it, he always knew in his heart that Mike was not the associate for him.

"Louis have you given any thought to a rebound associate?"

LOL. Harvey plays Louis like a fiddle and it's adorable. ("The origami festival, oh my god.") At this point I pretty much guessed that Katrina would become Louis's associate, which is an interesting choice because it repositions Louis as the antagonist to our heroes, given how much they all hate Katrina. And while I'm still not Katrina's biggest fan I'm quite pleased that Louis will have someone wily on his side when butting heads with the boys.

Mike: Yeah baby! Butch and Sundance are back.
Harvey: Woah, no go.
Mike: Whaddaya mean 'no go'?
Harvey: You're not Butch or Sundance.
Mike: Why not?
Harvey: Because Butch was the leader and Sundance was the gunslinger and I'm both.

Hahahahahaah. I LOVE YOU HARVEY. He's not wrong either, but it's so incredibly cute how much Mike loves being back on Harvey's team. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

What on earth is Louis talking about when he says he's had enough of being used by associates looking to move one rung up the ladder? Which associates have used Louis? Because if he's referring to Mike he's got a pretty fuzzy memory of what went down, I'm just saying.

Harvey takes Mike to grill Ava Hessington who may or may not be a murderer but Harvey doesn't care either way he'll still represent her and get her off, but she wants to know if he thinks she's innocent and he won't tell her. Because he doesn't, as it turns out, nor does Mike, but we don't find that out until the end.

More interestingly and hilariously, after their meeting with her, Mike asks Harvey to take him out on a date. I AM NOT KIDDING.

Harvey: When you get back to the office--
Mike: Wait, whaddaya mean?
Harvey: What do you mean what do I mean?
Mike: I mean, I thought we were going to go back together, I thought we could get some lunch or something [*barfs rainbows*]
Harvey: Like what?
Mike: I dunno like maybe steak or something [d'awwww he wants Harvey to treat him good like Louis did]

Harvey turns him down but promises they'll talk about lunch and dinner and whatever else when they're done with the case, and then Mike's all hopeful and "really?!" and Harvey's all, "No." But I'm choosing not to believe Harvey because the idea of them going mudding together is way too sexy.

Fave Cameron Dennis moment:

Harvey: Three environmentalists died in the polar ice caps. You think she killed them also?
Dennis: Maybe I'll look into that.


Donna's blue dress when she meets Stephen is fabulous.


Stephen: You're obviously a better man than I am.
Harvey: Don't beat yourself up, you've got plenty of company.


Okay I admit a small part of me will find it pretty funny if Harvey gets jealous of Donna getting a new boyfriend, in that 'I don't want you but I don't want anyone else to have you/I prefer you to have no social life whatsoever so you can dedicate all your time to serving me' kind of way. But that's only because I'm twisted.

Was Katrina's revenge plan solely about getting in Louis's good graces? "You're not the fool anymore, Louis, Mike is." Well, if you think being the victim of a really dumb prank makes someone a fool I guess Mike's a fool. Although imo she made herself look worse than Mike, but I'll give her props for playing a prank that a man like Louis would respect, or at least find gratifying. Still, I have to question why she would think making a reputation for herself as a spiteful troublemaker who has it in for Team Harvey was a smart move.

I'm very relieved that Harvey warned Mike off getting back at her (because I hate mean-spirited pranks so much and I really don't want to suffer through another storyline of Katrina and Mike being assholes to each other. That said, Mike and Rachel scheming together was adorbs), and then went and slayed her himself because when he saw her he couldn't help himself. Ugh, the shipper in me gets all gooey inside whenever Harvey makes threats on Mike's behalf.

Harvey: When I said you're done I meant your future at this firm is over because you will never be anything more than you are right now. And if you ever do anything like that to Mike Ross again I don't give a shit what our deal was, you'll be gone.

Ouch. That was super sexy but I almost feel sorry for Katrina now.

Episode closes with Harvey pouring a drink for Mike, which is a first! They've never had drinks together before, not like this anyway (I'm sure they had a few beers the night they got stoned together right?). Excuse me a second.

alex happy crying eating

And then Harvey tells Mike about his plans to take over the firm from Jessica. We don't find out about how Mike feels about this, he just takes a drink of what I'm sure is very expensive whiskey and then the credits roll. But I like to think that they spend the next few hours getting loaded together and then they share a cab home and maybe one of them cops a feel when the other isn't looking.
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