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Suits, 3.01: The Arrangement

Guys, if that episode didn't just rock your entire world? Then we are living on different planets and I don't speak your language.

god i loved it, I loved it so much, oh how I missed this glorious, smart, sexy, romantic show, and these fabulous characters and their engaging, fascinating relationships. Because that's what Suits is, and that's why Suits is a really good show: the law stuff, the procedural stuff is window dressing, what the show's really about is the ways in which these awesome characters interact with one another.

And like for realsies could the Harvey/Mike rift be any slashier? Nahp.

I was scared you know, I was dreading them being at odds, but then it turns out that their breakup is tormenting them both horribly because they're so adorably in love with each other. And Harvey's heartbroken and acting out because he misses Mike, he can't function without Mike, is far too stubborn to forgive MIke even though deep down in his enormous squishy heart all he wants in the world is for Mike to be back on his team. And MIKE. Good Lord. What a delicious display of devotion throughout.

There's so much to talk about!


Let's start at the beginning:

I knew Mike was dreaming because Harvey was being too nice to him. I love how obsessed Mike is with wanting Harvey back. I love how dream!Harvey is such a reasonable man and dream!Rachel is the worst, which is actually the opposite of reality. (don't get me wrong I love Harvey more than life itself but let's face it he is sometimes the worst. Case in point: sending Scotty to London.)

Nice seeing Harvey being awesome at his job - he's so hot when he's doing his badass best closer in NYC routine. Nnnggghhhh. Also the lighting in this episode is great - Harvey looks really tanned and beautiful. I'll probably mention this more than once.

Harvey's rage at Jessica has such a different flavour from his anger at Mike, doesn't it. He can't even talk to Mike he's so hurt, but he's cold, calm and collected with Jessica, and it's much scarier. He'd never even dream about getting revenge on Mike, he cares too much about him, protecting Mike has become second nature to him now. But he's done with Jessica. Whoa.

Oh fuck me Rachel and Mike, every scene with them is delish.

He goes over there, not just to declare his love for her, but to fuck her. THIS SHOW IS MADE FOR ADULTS AND I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. And she's all 'no way, I need time' and he's actually a bit annoyed, because he wants to have sex with her again because the sex was so fucking good and it's all he can think about. This is so hot to me you have no idea. Also Mike looks sexy in jeans and a t-shirt and Rachel has a lot of will power. I love how glad they are that it happened, uggggh this is so sexy and romantic.

"Quit. Go in tomorrow and just quit."

called it. Glad she said that, because she said pretty much the same thing in Staring at the Sun. *flips hair*

I'm worried about Jessica. She actually had no real control over anything in this episode and now Harvey's gunning for her and it's only a matter of time before Mike is back with Harvey - but even when they're divided she can't control either of them. like, did she think splitting them up would be a good idea? If so, why? Or was their rift simply collateral damage? Because it's causing her a lot of problems. Mike's loyalty simply does not lie with Jessica, and it never will, not after what she did to him and Harvey, he'll never trust her now. And I really feel she should have foreseen that. I just hope she steps up her game soon, because she's becoming less and less credible as a chess master. (and starting to feel more and more like a villain. Which also worries me.)

Darby is excellent.

Harvey's flirty comment to Jessica about her being in his office: "people are going to get the wrong idea" is laced with contempt. I adore how Gabriel is playing this - shit man I'm actually SCARED for Jessica, because Harvey is so fucking pissed and he's menacing when he's pissed. It was particularly cool that he saw right through Jessica's play.

Rachel's all, 'fuck you and your office you phony piece of shit' which is perfect because he didn't earn it and he doesn't deserve it and I want to make out with her right now. Although Mike's response, "you have no idea what I have or haven't done to get where I am" is interesting. I don't know what to make of that - is Mike suggesting that the things he's done (or hasn't done...) justify his fraud? Did those things, the 'whole truth' that Mike tells her later to get her into bed (lol), convince Rachel that Mike's fraud is actually fine? Because she seems to find the whole arrangement hunky dory after he tells her the whole story, doesn't she. Is she over it already? Even though Mike's life choices have been atrocious and nothing -- *literally nothing* -- that Mike has done (or not done. whatever that means) justifies his fraud.




yummmmmy Harvey is so tanned and sexy when he's angry.

No one understands Mike's pain over losing Harvey more than Louis does. But not because he was ever close to Harvey - he just knows what it feels like to want desperately to be Harvey's friend and to be denied. And what's really sweet about Louis is that he actually ships Harvey and Mike like a fangirl. He likens them to Batman and Robin (Bruce/Dick is an OTP of mine btw, so this especially pleased me) and he enjoys their relationship from the outside - he wants them to be togehter, he's glad that Harvey's not alone anymore, and he cares about both Harvey and Mike enough that he can't even be jealous of them anymore. He just believes in them. He knows they belong togehter. Also, Mike is so into being Robin to Harvey's Batman he didn't even give Louis a funny look he just immediately went to that place of like "I MUST SHOW HARVEY THE TRUTH" *dons robin leotard*

"All I have to do is get access to Harvey's hard drive."


Bless you, suits creative team. BLESS YOUR HEARTS.

Benjamin is back! And Mike just, I dunno, he just *handles* Benjamin beautifully doens't he? He plays him like a fiddle. he's all, "I want you to give me whatever I want, whenever I want it, for the rest of your life" as if that's a normal not at all sexually suggestive thing to say. (and Benjamin loves every minute of it. because Mike's mind is exciting to him)

Donna: You need a short cut.
Harvey: I'm not going to Mike.

BE SULKIER HARVEY. He's so sulky it's pathetic. And adorable. And I honestly can't stop laughing over how gay this rift is.

So good to see Scotty one more time, and I'm really really glad she and Harvey ended things on reasonably good terms. The gorgeous things he said to her omfg. O.M.F.G.

"And I knew that that face that blew me away? Was your second best asset."

kill me now I can't go on with my life

Harvey: You mean something to me. You've always meant something to me. And you always will mean something to me."
Scotty: You're such a dick.

eagle shock

marry me, show, and have all my fic babies.

Do you think Harvey fucks Scotty before she goes? (I do.)

I just want Louis and Nigel to be friends, I preferred them as friends, I'm pissed they've gone back to being nemeses. I'm not talking about this storyline again.

Michelle Fairley!!! Fierce. Love her. Love Harvey closing her. Also:

Harvey slept with his rival pitcher's girlfriend the night before the big game.

Let that one sink in.

"The heart wants what the heart wants." (lolol)

So Harvey is not above fucking another man's woman after all then. WHY DO I LOVE THAT SO MUCH OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE EVERYTHING IN MY STORY IS COMING TRUE

The boyssss. together again.

"You think you're not replaceable? I got all that from an associate I picked at random. I've been doing this before I met you, and I'll be doing it looong after I've forgotten all about you. You had enough?"

HAHA! Apart from all the hilarious lies about random associates it's the 'you had enough?' that undermines all the mean things Harvey is saying. He is literally admitting right there, to Mike, that he's trying to hurt him. (JUST LIKE HE GOT HURT *SOBS*) He doesn't *mean* it. He's just lashing out because he's got a big thorn stuck in his paw and Mike's the reason for it and Mike's the only one who can take it out but Harvey's too furious to let him. He'd rather suffer than let Mike off the hook for breaking his heart like this. :')

And oh boy did I love his loyalty speech.

Mike: Jessica threatened me.
Harvey: I don't care. Anyone comes to you with any threat at all you come to me.I don't give a shit if it's the Queen of England. You come to me. You tell me. You tell me everything. That's what goddamn loyalty is.

Fuck me, this is so Harvey, this is why he's hurt: because Mike didn't come to him straight away. And i love that this speech is in the present tense, like he's telling him how to do better in future. If he'd been all 'you should have come to me, you should have told me' it would have felt final; this just feels like a scolding. and I actually really sympathise with Harvey's position here: Mike was wrong. Mike should have gone to Harvey immediately and told him what Jessica was doing, and even though what Mike did isn't unforgivable (which is why Harvey will forgive him) I think Harvey's hurt at Mike not trusting him in that instance is perfectly understandable. Especially given how tight he thought they were, and how needy Harvey is. (I've come around to this storyline big time, you might have noticed hahaha)

And then Mike goes to Rachel, tells her everything and they fuck. And THEN. omg and this is actually the episode highlight for me

Mike demonstrates where all the main players were the day of his 'interview' by drawing a map on Rachel's skin and when he gets to Harvey he tries to put his hand between her legs.


eta: mikerachelharvey

Mike literally tried to put Harvey inside Rachel's vagina. He tried to fuck Rachel with Harvey. Like. What the fuck is happening on this show. Has someone on the writing team been reading my fic? BECAUSE THIS IS INSANE. Rachel's all coy like "Harvey is not getting anywhere near there" which cracks me up because that is obviously a ginormous lie. At some point, let's be real, Harvey is going there, and what's even better is that Mike is already into this scenario. I can't even buy his "no one is getting anywhere near there" line. what.ever. you're already trying to talk dirty about Harvey it's a slippery fucking slope my friend we all know where this goes.

This show is so hot and sexy.

So all Rachel wanted was honesty. She's cool with the fraud as long as he's honest with her about it.

THAT IS APPALLING, SUITS WRITERS. lol. Jesus christ. Dear Creative Team, you suck for glossing over this huge and serious issue so quickly and easily and unbelievably. (but I do applaud you for doing it with hot sex.)

The way Mike is with Benjamin makes me really want some dom!Mike fic. Why is he always the sub? Dude is so good at dominating. I mean, he took Benjamin's sandwich off him. Not because he was hungry or because he needed it, but for the simple reason that he could. God, he'll probably make Benjamin eat the rest of it when he's done. He's not going to take Ben's "it's not sanitary/you can have the rest" bit seriously. Mike's in charge here, and he only wanted a little bit of the sandwich, Benjamin will eat the rest of it and he'll like it.

Mike saves the day for Harvey and Harvey figures it out and then Donna tells him "Just because you use it doesn't mean you have to forgive him," and Harvey's all, "you're right, I don't."


lol Cameron Dennis. I used to hate Cameron Dennis but I love Gary Cole so much in The Good Wife (and now in Veep) that I'm actually pleased to see Cameron Dennis. Hi Cameron Dennis!

"Loyalty is a two way street and you ran me off the road."


Mike: I don't wanna be here if I'm not solid with Harvey.

*clutches heart*

And then he blames Jessica for coming between them. And beats her at her own game. (SEE WHAT I'M SAYING ABOUT JESSICA'S CHOICES?)

But Mike does the right thing and gives up his office. (not his job, of course, because we're past that being an option. because show's premise and all.)


Fucking awesome. I always knew the real rift would be between Harvey and Jessica (he and Mike don't have that in their destiny. They're not Clark Kent and Lex Luthor, they're Batman and Robin *weeps*) and now we're getting to it. I won't speculate as to how this will play out but I have a feeling we're going to be looking at a very different show dynamic come season 4.

In conclusion:

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