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SUITS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well not for me, because I can't watch it until tomorrow after work, but the important thing is, Suits Season 3 starts TONIGHT. Hold me. *shaking and crying*


I might give up watching teen wolf soon. because i hate it and it's awful and the fandom is the embarrassing worst and if I have to read any more bullshit about imaginary parallels between Sterek's non-existent love story and the real love story happening between Derek and a *gasp* woman (WHO LOOKS NOTHING LIKE STILES OKAY YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES) I will be forced to poke my own eyes out.


I caught up with Bates Motel and loved it because Vera Farmiga is the greatest. Also Orphan Black is excellent. Also I am enjoying Archer. Also I love True Blood this season - I stopped finding it erotic a long time ago but this season is actually pretty sexy and not particularly rapey, which is a huge improvement on the last few years I think we can all agree.


That said this gifset and its tags are probably the sexiest thing happening in my life right now.


This is my last week of work at Old Job. Then I have a week and a half off and then New Job! oh my god.

And then yesterday I found out that I got a first for my degree! Which in case you don't know that's the highest level of degree awarded in the UK.

celebration andy

It took me four years (part time) and I managed it while holding down a full time job. I'm so proud of myself and my achievement and I can assuredly say it's the best thing I've ever done with my life. I'm not ready to think about doing a masters yet but it's on the distant horizon for sure.

Went to Sharan's hen do on Saturday night and we ended up at a club in Essex in which I made out with a 19 yo boy. AHAHA. He was so pretty and dumb and I was kind of surprised when he made a move on me; the details are fuzzy but i think what happened was this:

Him: what type of guys do you like?
Me: smart, funny, hot. What about you - what's your type?
Him: You're my type.
Me: What?! I'm 36 years old.
Him: I don't care.

Pretty sure that's when we started kissing. We made out in various parts of the club and there was grinding and if I was critiquing his technique I'd say that he needed to tone way down on the tongue but whatever; he tried to get me to go outside with him, I think to fuck me in an alley or something which I decided would be quite sexy but also regrettable and I didn't trust him not to rape me if I changed my mind so after a while I abandoned him and went back to the girls. But the thing that was most amazing about him and that I couldn't stop thinking about the next day was his erection. Jesus fucking christ 19 year old erections are SO HARD. Like a steel rod. And then men get older and their cocks get gradually less awesome, it's a fucking tragedy. :'(
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