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My newish colleague yesterday told me that she tried Suits on the weekend, only got through four minutes of the pilot and found Harvey's smugness unbearable, turned it off and then thought it was appropriate to rant at me about the flawed writing on the show, and I now hate her so much I can barely be civil. like, how RUDE. She knows it's my favourite and that I've been nagging her to watch it, and she judges the writing based on four minutes (?!) and then INSULTS ME TO MY FACE. What an asshole. There are other things I hate about her, it's not just that she disparaged my beloved Harvey and show (she's charmless and has an annoying voice for instance), but that was the final nail in the coffin and she is now officially dead to me. The next time she tries to make me hang out with her (she forced me to go to the great gatsby with her last week) I am going to be all, "NO B/C YOU THINK ONCE UPON A TIME IS GREAT TELEVISION GO FUCK YOURSELF"

I watched season 1 of Arrow in an alarmingly short space of time and I'm really into Stephen Amell. He is extremely attractive and I ship him with almost everybody. After a brief look yesterday it quickly became clear that the Oliver/Felicity shippers on tumblr are a bunch of morons and as far as I can tell there is no good porn in the fandom which boggles my mind because the show is full of shippy hotness. I'd love a good porny Oliver/Felicity/Diggle threesome fic, but I'd probably read any porn that involved Oliver (except Oliver/Moira or Oliver/Malcolm). WHERE IS IT.

I'm sure I had actual thoughts about the show but I'm struggling to remember them. Oh yeah, I like that Oliver being a vigilante who murders his targets is taken seriously. and I think Colton Haynes made the right choice leaving Teen Wolf because Arrow is a better show and Roy Harper is a better character than a lizard.

Next up: Scandal Season 2! Also, Arrested Development.
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