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suits commentaries

I have now watched all the commentaries on the Suits Season 2 dvds and behind the cut are a few random observations:

Patrick is incredibly charming and funny and I love him.

Gabriel is a trickier character - I think generally kind, supportive and good humoured but with a cantankerous side, and we already know he's unafraid to wield his power to ensure things go his way (see: his hair). The thing I find funniest: it seems he complains a fair bit about Korsh not using his adlibs, because Korsh is hilariously defensive about how often he uses Gabriel's adlibs. Korsh is on every single commentary and he regularly points out adlibs of Gabriel's, and mentions of Gabriel's complaints pop up fairly often. Gabriel himself doesn't seem to remember what is and what isn't an adlib, however, because he moans at least once on the commentaries about his adlibs not being used but when an adlib of his is pointed out he's all, 'oh was that not in the script?' ♥

Gabriel and Sarah DO NOT ship Harvey/Donna. They both talk about how close they are irl (G likens them to brother and sister) and how H/D is weird to them, and they both ship Harvey with Zoe (lol, of course you do gabriel *eyeroll*)

Mel and I talked about whether Gabriel's nepotism might become problematic, as he's keen for his brother Jesse to play Harvey's brother in the show whenever he turns up. I think it's really wonderful how much Gabriel loves his family but I'd personally prefer an actor much hotter than Jesse Macht to play Sibling Specter.

Everyone adores Rick Hoffman - and in the War commentary (of which Rick was not a part) during the Rick scenes they all laugh a lot and talk about what a wonderful actor he is, with Gabriel mentioning that he can't get through a scene with Rick without corpsing. The team's appreciation of Rick is very adorable.

I can't quite describe what it was like listening to the commentary during the Mike/Rachel sex scene but I will say that it had me giggling and squealing like a maniac and it was awesome and I just really adore this cast okay.

While Patrick hadn't seen War before doing the commentary, and Meghan had only seen it for the first time the day before, I get the strong impression that Gabriel watches the episodes as soon as he gets his hands on them (clearly hoping to see all his brilliant adlibs included and getting pissy when they're not lol).

Gabriel says at the start of the War commentary that he thinks this episode was Patrick and Meghan's best work. As I said to Mel about this comment: "i can't help feeling that he's basically referring to their sex scene. and I find that ridiculously pervy and hot."

The scene in War where Harvey turns up on Mike's doorstep:

Patrick: let's just get stoned again, gabriel, come oooon
Gabriel: yep

Their love of the high noon getting high scene will never not fill me with glee. There is no doubt in my mind that they've all smoked up together irl.
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