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Season Finales

I actually genuinely hated the New Girl season finale to the point where I literally couldn't give a crap what happens next. I'm not finding Jess/Nick to be a particularly spellbinding ship - through no fault of the actors, nor most of their storyline: they've got chemistry and I can see the appeal, but the contrived absurdity of the entire 'let's sabo the wedding' plot in the finale left me worn out and bored. The only reason Jess refused to believe that Nick had nothing to do with Schmidt's harebrained (and truly offensive and cruel) scheme is so they could break up (again) and make up (again), and honestly, their kiss at the end was as predictable as it was dull, coming in at the tail end of an episode that had not one single character behaving like a recognisable human being. The comedy was so broad I felt disengaged from everything that happened, and I'm so done with the idea of Cece and Schmidt that her (again, entirely predictable and unwelcome) about-turn at the end of the episode can only mean that Schmidt will be forced to choose her (the regular cast member) over guest star Merritt Wever's exceptionally appealing Elizabeth. Which, great. Tell me again why I'm supposed to root for Cece or that relationship now? When it'll mean breaking the heart of a character I really like? Cece's entire storyline this season was a waste of time. She clearly never wanted to get married and now she hasn't, now she's back to wanting Schmidt, now it's clear that New Girl has no idea what to do with its characters. Lamorne Morris was hilarious though - total MVP.


mindy danny 05
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pll gross sobbing
I can't deal with their chemistry at ALL they are my most cherished OTP right now, after Harvey/Mike. EVERY TIME HE LOOKS AT HER LIKE HE WANTS TO SPEND THE REST OF HIS LIFE JUST LOVING THE FUCK OUT OF HER I DIE A LITTLE INSIDE. It also turns me ON. ughhghhghag they're so in love with each other just shut up and leave me alone

I don't know why I still watch How I Met Your Mother because I hate it and everything it stands for. They've turned a ship I once loved (Barney/Robin) into a ship that actively squicks me, but even worse, now I have to watch the final season because of cliffhanger. FUCK YOU, HIMYM.

I also hate The Vampire Diaries, but I'm intrigued enough by a couple of its cliffhangers to MAYBE keep watching next season. Maybe, but not definitely, because it's the actual worst and I am fully aware of this.

Loved everything about Elementary except the casting of Natalie Dormer. I tried really hard not to mind that she's not a very good actress but sorry I just couldn't buy her as a genius, and next to JLM who fully inhabits the character of Sherlock and is therefore a completely convincing genius, I could see the acting wheels turning with Dormer, I could *see* her performance, and for that reason it didn't work for me. But that small gripe aside, Irene/Moriarty is a great character and hopefully Dormer will grow on me because I definitely want to see Sherlock and Watson butt heads with her again.

And of course then he named a bee after Watson, which was a moment so surprising, and so incredibly moving, that I did, quite literally, burst into tears. Sherlock/Joan is one of my favourite relationships on tv, and they are the reason Elementary is one of my favourite shows.


I am HOOKED on Nashville homfg. The music is just so good, particularly Scarlet and Gunner, but all the music is wonderful and catchy and often moving, and I'm completely invested in all the relationships. I am truly madly deeply in love with Deacon Claybourne, who is basically the perfect human male. I ship Deacon/Rayna like burning; Hayden Panettiere is knocking it out of the park - not only is Juliette an interesting, complex, difficult, complicated character, Hayden's performance is flawless. I'm tempted to give her the Best Actress gong in the Kate Awards this year. The show is soapy as hell, but in the best and most engaging way except for the politics, which is boring and no one cares about it and those characters suck and let's just get back to the on the road shenanigans, and Rayna's amazing love life post marriage breakdown. Because even though I'm Deacon/Rayna all the way home, I also love Liam with the fire of a thousand suns and I just wish that could happen too. (OH MY GOD LIAM IS SONNY FROM TREME. I knew I recognised him but I couldn't figure out where from. He's MUCH sexier in Nashville than he is in Treme fyi). Avery Avery Avery. I do enjoy a good redemption arc, so it's quite nice that this little shit is finally growing on me, but good lord he was insufferable. I'm kind of into the idea of Juliette/Avery, because I dont' care about a reconciliation between him and Scarlett. Speaking of poor old Scarlett, now that Avery's at last becoming less of a douche, Gunner has taken up that mantle - girlfriend can't catch a break! You go be single for a while, baby, you don't need this shit. All I ask is that she starts writing songs again with Gunner because when those two perform together I get chills. The gay cowboy! how much better would that scene have been had Gunner kissed him back.

Suits stuff

I caused some drama on Tumblr last night by posting that Mike's age was confirmed on the Rewind commentary as being 27. Unfortunately this directly contradicts canon, which places him nearer 30, so I've come to the conclusion that Korsh and his writers have no fucking idea how old their characters are, and we should probably all brace ourselves for lots of conflicting information in forthcoming episodes.

On the same commentary, Rick Hoffman called Gabriel Macht 'G-Money'. Nice to get an official nickname.
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