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I handed in my dissertation on Friday and tonight I have my very last class for uni. O.O


Mel made me watch Vikings and by episode three I was so grateful for that. Like okay, you know me, I'm not the biggest slasher in the world so you can rest assured that if I start shipping two dudes then it's because it is undeniable in its awesomeness, and while Ragnar and Athelstan don't interact as much as I'd like them to over the course of S1 (I've not seen the finale yet btw) not only is their chemistry completely electric, it is canon that Ragnar wants to fuck Athelstan. That's right people. *Spoiler alert* in the third episode of Vikings Ragnar and his amazing wife Lagertha, who have taken an extremely pretty Christian Monk named Athelstan as their slave, invite him, in all sincerity, to join them in bed. And while he declines because of his lame-ass vow of chastity, he is EXTREMELY TEMPTED, because they are super hot.


This fandom is going to be huge.


I watched a couple films on the weekend: Safety Not Guaranteed, which is really strange and charming and moving, and Compliance which blew my friggin mind.

If you know anything about Compliance, you'll proceed with caution, because the film's themes are disturbing as fuck and are potentially triggering, but I'd also say that it's a film that should be seen, not because of what it says about our culture of abuse and the particularities of the prankster's psychology but for what it says about the average person's relationship with institutional authority. In a nutshell: man calls fast food restaurant claiming to be a policeman and asks to speak to the manager. He singles out a girl -- whom he simply describes as about nineteen and blonde; the duty manager fills in the blanks -- claiming that she stole money from a customer in the past hour, he has that customer with him, as well as surveillance footage corroborating her story. What follows is almost unbelievable in terms of what he successfully talks these people into doing (the least of which is a strip search) but, amazingly, this actually happened in real life. And not only once. There were, in fact, seventy similar cases reported. Which raises the million dollar question: would I have acted differently in the same circumstances?


I am watching Hannibal, but I'm not sure how long I'll stick with it. It's entertaining but also really fucking grotesque and I have a low tolerance for this type of subject matter. But I really do like the cast a whole lot so I'll keep watching for the moment.

I'm going to probably start mainlining a lot of television now that I have nothing better to do with my time. So do my poll.

I wholeheartedly recommend:

Bates Motel
The Following
House of Cards
House of LIes

I think you should try:

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