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so what about suits season 3 then?

Was chatting with the girls the other day about Suits and what we'd like to see happen in season 3, and now I'd like to hear all your guys's thoughts, expectations and desires. But no spoilers plz (if they even exist yet). Speculative hopes only.

Personally, I loved season 2 - it felt like a natural and mature progression from what they'd set up in S1, but even though I loved it I don't want season 3 to be at all similar. As I was saying to the girls I want S3 to tell a different story (i.e. not one in which everyone keeps fucking up and the firm continues swirling down the toilet), I want it to have its own, distinctive mood, so we can look back on the series and recognise each season for its unique vibe and story arc (like, I can barely distinguish between Pretty Little Liars' or The Vampire Diaries' seasons -- or episodes for that matter -- but when I think of Buffy, each season has a different colour palette and mood and totally memorable story arc). And we'll all go S1 was the fun, lighthearted season that established how mfeo Harvey and Mike are, and how very cool this universe is; S2 was dark times, in which the firm engaged in civil war and we witnessed every character at their worst/lowest point. S3, I hope, is where things start going right for these people, where they actually succeed more than they fail, where we begin to learn why Harvey has a reputation for being the best closer in the city (because right now he seems to be more of a liability than anything else), where Jessica's authority isn't undermined at every single turn, where Mike and Rachel's relationship develops into something beyond 'will they won't they'. I'm not saying I want it to be all sunshine and roses, but I do want to be given a reason to *admire* the characters again. I want them to start winning more. Whatever happens I'll love it, there's no question of that, and if you read my recaps you know I'm almost aggressively uncritical of the episodes as they air, grateful and delighted as I am that I have a new episode to squee over and that Harvey's on my tv screen again. But I'm still hopeful for s3 to be special in its own right and not 'more of the same'.

What about you guys? What would you like to see happen this year, both specifically and in general?
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