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Tina Belcher, feminist icon, had *spoiler alert* two boys fighting over her and instead of choosing between them (because she couldn't, she wanted them both) she suggested a threeway. My hero.

Currently rewatching Angel which is fun because I only watched S4 and 5 once, like, a decade ago, so it's a bit like watching them for the first time. Angel's s5 hair though...jesus christ wtf. Some thoughts: S2 is amazing until they go to Pylea, S3 is basically terrible because Holtz is the worst and Connor is even more worse. Worser. Worstest? It took a little while but Fred eventually wormed her way into my heart and set up camp and in fact I love her so much now I remember why I was so pissed off that they end up killing her off and replacing her with a block of blue ice (I may be remembering that slightly wrong). I didn't enjoy Fred/Gunn at first but now I totally ship Fred/Gunn/Wes who should all just move in together and be naked and sexy. Wes/Lilah is the greatest romance the show ever did. Angel is amazing. I've only just started S5 but Angel/Spike is my everything. Give me all the bickering. Is Connor gone for good? I can't remember but I sure hope so. Cordy's storyline in S4 broke my heart the first time around and it remains just as awful and squicky but at least this time I knew they would redeem her in s5 so it didn't hurt quite so much. S4 is actually pretty good. The Jasmine storyline is very entertaining - always a pleasure seeing Gina Torres on my screen.

Hey did you guys know that Gina is married to Laurence Fishburne? Because I literally only found that out the other day and it blew my mind. This means she is step mom to Montana 'Chippy D' Fishburne, Larry's estranged pornstar daughter. Hahaah.

Thanks for your votes. You'll be pleased (or displeased, depending on your pov) to hear I'm writing another Man in the Middle sequel and it's going smashingly. Actually really excited about continuing this verse, more so than I've been about a story of mine in ages.

I don't give a flying fuck about Game of Thrones. That doesn't mean I won't make myself watch season 3 of course, like I did the first two incredibly boring seasons, but hopefully I'll restrain myself this year. There are so many more shows that I'd rather get into once my thesis is handed in - like Nashville for instance.

Season 4 of Justified was good. I particularly loved 'Decoy' for being possibly the most entertaining episode the show has ever done. Good Lord Tim is amazing. Keep giving us lots more Tim and Rachel next season please show.

I have a really long, angry rant about Pretty Little Liars in me somewhere but I'm going to keep it to myself for the sole reason that none of you care.

The Good Wife is awesome. I love Cary and I'm sad that Cary and Alicia are not going to run away together and start their own super firm.

I'm hanging with penumbra, silveronthetree and glammetalkitten this sunday. There was talk of maybe watching some Veronica Mars or Suits or Downton Abbey. Or all three. Because I'm making them help me catch up on Downton so I can understand Mike Ross better. I think we watched four episodes last time - it's pretty decent actually! I doubt Harvey would be into it but Mike obviously wants to bang Lady Mary.

ETA. I ALMOST FORGOT. Michael Rosenbaum and Laura Vandervoort are totes dating. How bizarre is that.
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