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I'm nearly done with uni. EEP. It's been both a very long and remarkably short four years, and now that my classes are over (except for 2 final creative writing classes next month) I'm not as happy about it as I thought I would be. I'll miss the challenge of writing essays, and I'll miss being introduced to things I wouldn't have previously imagined I'd give a shit about. It's been really hard, and a bumpy ride at times, but also the most rewarding and incredible thing I've ever done with my life. I've learned so much and it's changed the way I think and feel about many things. I'm going to start a serious job hunt the moment my dissertation is handed in. I want a new job. I want to write things. I want new projects that keep my brain active. I want my life to not go back to what it was before uni.


So I cruelly ruined thatotherperv's life by making her watch Veronica Mars. MWAHAHAHA. Speaking of Mel, go right now and subscribe to Owned, her new Harvey/Mike D/s epic, so you don't miss any updates.


Sometimes I feel anxious that my latest fic isn't up on AO3 but then I think, if I put it up there now and backdate it, no one will know it's there and it won't get any kudos and it'll look like it's a really unpopular story and that will make me feel bad. and now I don't know what to do. I did not foresee this eventuality when I made my decision to stop using AO3. *SHAKES FIST* Why must posting fic be such an emotional minefield for me? The truth is I really enjoyed the experience of posting on just Livejournal last time - it was fun and unstressful and overall better for my poor, fragile ego. But maybe I should suck it up and go back to using AO3 and just accept that my stories don't have the widest appeal and try not to let that bother me in future? It'd be so much easier if I could be certain that I won't sink into depression over it again. grumblegrumble


I miss Suits. Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst. When I have the time what do you think I should work on next? I'm halfway through a fic in which Harvey talks to Mike about his sex life and it gets Mike so horny (natch) he has to start masturbating in front of Harvey which of course Harvey is delighted about and Mel thinks I shouldn't give up on it, but I also want to write the next hotel fic, which also involves Mike masturbating and Harvey being delighted. and I REALLY want to write another ployamorous Man in the Middle sequel from Harvey's pov. and Mel wants me to write 'Harvey gets a kitten' which you know. is essential for obvious reasons. And then there's the sky diving fic in which Mike and Harvey go sky diving and then sexytimes. OR the one I came up with last night in which Mike is in an extremely bad mood after breaking up with Rachel and goes to a fancy party at Harvey's place, strikes out with the woman he hits on and then makes a beeline for an attractive dude WHO JUST HAPPENS to be a sometimes lover of Harvey's and the guy is a bit unscrupulous and takes Mike to Harvey's bedroom and Harvey follows them because he's pissed off and also very curious and he overhears Mike saying, "omg you and Harvey? I can't do that to Harvey" and the guy's like "don't worry about it, me and Harvey are just friends who sometimes fuck. he won't mind. Get on your knees." And Harvey watches Mike blow the guy for a while before he interrupts and kicks the guy out of his bedroom, but not Mike, who stays.
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