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I'm a little drunk and I feel like telling jokes.

I'm a joke teller, you see. My mother and my brother SUCK at telling jokes, but my dad? Oh man. He's the KING of telling jokes. He's all, an Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman, and he does the accents and everything, and he has his audience in the palm of his hand and he's HILARIOUS.

I got those genes. I LOVE telling jokes to people, and I'm good at it. It's all about the *right* joke, told well. Timing is key. The punchline is everything.

Also, one thing I do, and it's not very professional, but it works well, is, I tell my joke, I deliver my punchline, and then...

I fall about laughing.

And you know what? People always laugh with me. But that's coz my jokes kick ass.

And my new favourite joke ever? (Told the way I tell it in person)


A fire chief goes into a burning building and he makes his way upstairs.

Goes into a room and sees two of his firemen. And one of them is fucking the other up the ass.

He's like, "What the hell are you *doing*?

They jump apart and one says,

"I came in and he was lying on the floor and he was unconscious!"

And the fire chief is all, "Why didn't you just give him mouth to mouth?!"

And the fireman goes,

"That's how this whole thing started!"
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