Kate (mskatej) wrote,

it's hard to be a girl

Hey kids.

I'm looking for examples of fans talking about their dislike of female characters who are the canonical love interest of one half of a m/m slash pairing (i.e Rachel in Suits or Lana in Smallville). From reasoned justification to hardcore bashing - I'm interested in the whole range.

I'm also looking for posts that critique this trend, so if you've ever written about the curse of the female love interest, or can think of anyone else who has, please drop me a comment. Or simply share your thoughts on the topic here, if you feel inspired. I will do a sexy dance for anyone who contributes.

ETA. Also! Examples of fanfiction that 'punishes' the female love interest, either through character bashing or by hurting/humiliating her in service of the slash ship.

Any and all fandoms, comment with your links (or message me privately if you prefer).

TY! *smooch*
Tags: dissertation
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