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Where I ramble about gay sex and other shit...

Everyone's going on about Lost and that's great. I love Lost. Hell, I watched it last night too.

Only, I live in London and I'm, uh, about a year behind everyone else. Screw you guys.

Last night - for me anyway - was a Sawyer-centric episode and this made me very happy. Then I had a dream where Sawyer and Jack had sex. In it, I'm watching Lost in my living room, and Jack fucks Sawyer and I'm flailing about yelling at my flatmates who are watching with me, are they serious? Did this show really just go there?  Or am I dead and is this heaven?


I don't even think Lost is gay. I'm a Kate/Sawyer girl all the way. Or Kate/Jack. (It's nothing to do with her name, alright, although her name is brilliant.) I just find the men in Lost to be very heterosexual, you know. I've never even read any Jack/Sawyer porn. But I'll tell you something for nothing. I'M GOING TO NOW.

I blame you people. I was never like this before. I didn't watch tv shows and think, huh, I bet those two would enjoy having anal sex with each other. I was normal.

I keep letting things slip in the office too, which is just all kinds of wrong. I'm chatting to Caroline and Mariana about last night's Lost, which we do every Thursday and they're squeeing about the Sawyer/Kate stuff. And I tell them that I had a Sawyer dream and then I talk about how hot Jack is and next thing I know I'm babbling about Jack and Sawyer having sex! And my coworkers are screaming at me about how weird I am! "Boys together does nothing for me!" they shout in unison. And I 'm all, "you're crazy! It's totally hot!"



You know that story that's been giving me a bunch of jip? Well I spent the whole 45 minute walk to work pondering on why it's just not working and I've pretty much figured it out. I wrote the whole fucking thing from the wrong person's POV! Ha! 5000+ words and I'm totally bored with it now! BURN IN HELL YOU PIECE OF SHIT STORY, is how I feel.

So, sorry to anyone who was looking forward to a kinky threesome smutfest from Kate, because it ain't happening. Though there are passages in it I LOVE passionately so I'll probably lift them and stick them in another fic at some point, yay!

And another reason I'm all joyous and not down at all about all the time I *wasted* on the above, is, I got my undermistletoe  prompt yesterday, and it was my first choice, "Dirty Talk", and I came up with the story on my way home and then I WROTE THE ENTIRE THING IN A FEW HOURS. And it was easy! And I'm really happy about it! And okay, I can't post if for another *month*, but I don't care because GO ME.

Now, can someone please rec me a really well written Jack/Sawyer PWP. Short, because my attention span is fish-like. And it must be filthy, I can't say that enough. None of this, story story story half a page of sex the end. I will be very put out if anyone recs me one of them. Go!

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