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curse of the otp

the Veronica Mars movie is HAPPENING. *AIRPUNCH* And Jason Dohring is on board. \o/ But if there isn't at least one explicit Veronica/Logan sex scene I will never forgive Rob Thomas. In the summer (i.e. once my dissertation has been handed in and I have nothing to do with my time other than watch television) I'm going to do a rewatch of the entire show, I think you should all join me.


So Zoe/Wade totally reminds me of Veronica/Logan, in that way where they have the mad chemistry, are overwhelmingly drawn to each other even though on paper they're a terrible match, their relationship is largely antagonistic, and Wade is the bad boy who's not quite good enough for Zoe but is irresistible anyway because of sex appeal and is completely head over heels in love with her in a way that kills me.

This show drives me crazy. I ship them so hard that when things are going well I am deliriously happy but when things suck it's like I've bee punched in the face and then had my still beating heart ripped out of my chest and crushed into dust. No exaggeration. Mel will tell you how ridiculous I am over these two because she has to put up with weekly Hart of Dixie emails from me, in which I rant and rave and cry about how much I hate the show, but I can't quit it because they're so good together that even when things are bad, like they are right now, they're still the shippiest ship to ever ship and I know this isn't the end for them. The creative team does seem to appreciate the power of Zoe/Wade and (hopefully) they understand how much more epic they are than Zoe/George. IN FACT, I would be up for them going the Z/G route, and soon, because I think I could enjoy that ship too, but Z/W simply must be end game. How can they not be? Zoe is the love of Wade's life, so surely after he figures out how to be worthy of her, and after Z/G has run its course, things will work out for them. RIGHT? Oh god what if that doesn't happen.


I've written 3000+ words of a new Harvey/Mike story but I've started to hate it. I think I've lost my mojo.
Tags: tv: hart of dixie, tv: veronica mars, writing
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