Kate (mskatej) wrote,


Help me out, fandom.*

I want examples of things that have become 'fanon', any fandom.

Tvtropes definition:

Ultimately, Canon is much smaller than the people who throw the term around like to think it is. Canon is limited to that which has actually been described in the source material. [...] Fanon is the set of theories based on that material which, while they generally seem to be the "obvious" or "only" interpretation of canonical fact, are not actually part of the canon. Occasionally, the explanation seems good enough to just be "common sense."

I'm struggling to think of examples even in my own fandom. I know that it was fanon during season 1 that Mike's parents died in a car accident (and it then became canon in 2.01). Would you agree that Harvey being a sexually dominant top is fanon, given how ubiquitous that reading of the character is in fic? Furthermore, do you think in a slash fandom that a character's bisexuality falls under the fanon umbrella? How do you personally define fanon?

*My dissertation is on fandom so there's a good chance you will see an increasing number of posts from me asking for help gathering evidence. Your help is most appreciated and I love you.
Tags: fandom, uni
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