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Suits, 2.14: He's Back

'kay so, if you're new you might not know this, but I'm a big Daniel Hardman fan. I just really enjoy a competent villain, and I also love morally ambiguous antagonists with plausible, explicable motivations. Hardman is the snakiest of snakes: an intelligent, unprincipled, manipulative, frighteningly perceptive and vengeful man; he's also witty and charming, traits he turns off and on at will, using them to his advantage, but if you're his enemy he doesn't care if you hate him, he's gonna get you where you live. Hardman scenes remain some of the most exhilarating and intense of the season. Nice to have you back, douchebag.

Speaking of, Mike and Harvey mouthing 'douchbag' at each other? THANK YOU, SHOW. ♥

I think that's probably the best "you've been served" I've ever seen on TV. Our boys were so adorably confused, and then BAM. Pearson Hardman is being sued for wrongful termination of Monica Eaton in the amount of ten million dollars.

He's just so good at rattling people, and it *kills* me how good he is at getting under Harvey's skin. He almost always gets the better of Harvey in a confrontation, because he doesn't rise to Harvey's bait, like when he needles Harvey about not having his name on the sign - Hardman leaves with a smile on his face, totally unphased; Harvey, otoh, is furious, and goes straight to Jessica to fight it out. Luckily Jessica sees exactly what Hardman is doing and has to tell Harvey to calm the fuck down and stop letting Daniel manipulate him. And I just love all this because Hardman is totally trying to fuck with these two but he's also RIGHT. Harvey and Jessica have crazy amounts of trust issues - there are tons of things they don't tell each other that they should, not to mention MIKE ROSS ffs, which Harvey...because he's so in love with Mike he's blind to how completely wrong he was to hire him, and I'm only kind of joking about that. Jesus, it's like...Harvey honey, after pulling that stunt you NEVER deserve to have your name on the wall. And Jessica's priority is always going to be the firm - these two trust each other to a point, but after that it's a murky void of anyone's guess. Jessica does stand by Harvey most of the time, but then a lot of that is self interest. tbh I'm way more excited about a rift between these two than one between Harvey and Mike, and I'm not saying that because of otp, I'm saying that because the Harvey-Jessica rift is what the show is clearly building up to. And it will be fucking epic.

On a shallow note, good lord this cast is pretty.

Rachel's determination to go to Harvard, and her panic over her application... ♥ ♥ ♥ I always love stories like this, where Rachel's got her own thing going on and her interaction with Mike is nothing to do with their so-far-failed romance, but about what's going on in her life. Much as I want to see Rachel and Mike kick things up a notch and just bang already, I like how the show nurtures their friendship in the off-again periods. These two really like each other and she can't stay mad at him for long, and they take pleasure in one another's company and I love that vibe.

LOUIS!!!!!! "Revenge is the best revenge".

I don't have much to say about that lovely little Harvey/Mike scene in which Mike begs Harvey to let him help and Harvey says no, but I will say that this line of Harvey's turned me on:

"This isn't your fault, we did this together."


Holy crap the house Rachel grew up in is a fucking mansion. WOW. And (webisode aside) this is the first time Rachel and Jessica have shared a scene together. It was brief but weirdly electric, and it made me want more.

Even though I don't like Robert Zane much (and he's even douchier this week than he was last) I'm excited to see him again. I found myself enjoying his scenes a lot more this week - probably because the writing was, overall, much better - and he and Jessica really do have great chemistry with each other.

Donna slapping Hardman, not once but TWICE, was great. Although I could have done without the suggestion from Hardman that "it really is like that between the two of you" (which earned him the second slap), because Harvey/Donna is the ship from hell, but imma shelve that rant for later in the review. Brace yourselves for that.

Jessica's middle name is Lourdes. Daniel's argument is that Jessica is a bitter, barren old hag who hates other women and that's why she fired Monica. WHAT. Oh my god, he is terrible. But also, extremely effective - Jessica storms out in a rage.

What do we think about Jessica firing Monica the way she did? I can see where Jessica was coming from, but I'm not sure I agree that Monica deserved to be fired (without notice, warning or a letter of recommendation). Jessica fired her on the assumption that she was complicit in Daniel's crimes - she didn't trust her. But it's clear that Monica *wasn't* complicit (except that she enjoyed the fruits of those crimes and didn't ask questions about where the money came from), she was simply a young woman in love. So I can appreciate Monica's desire for revenge. Claiming that Louis sexually harassed her, however, is not okay, even if the facts of the case are "true". In the 'previously on' they cut the scene after Rachel's line to Monica that there are laws to protect her from sexual harassment, but Monica's response to that was, "Believe me, the day I need a lawyer to protect me from Louis is the day I stop being a lawyer." Which is a terrible line of dialogue that makes no sense but that does illustrate Monica was not remotely traumatised or even bothered by Louis's attention; if anything she was amused by it. I find it really interesting that, rather than have Mike make the old argument that bringing false charges of harassment against someone makes it that much harder for other women to win cases, they actually literalize that very concept without demonizing Monica: if Monica refuses to settle she could bring down Pearson Hardman, and all the women they are representing in the Folsom Foods cases will be fucked. The feminist in me is pleased.

Daniel: I guess he must have learned from you not to always tell Dad what he's up to.
Harvey: You wanna know what he learned form me? Not to let some two time loser get in his head.
*Mike gazes at Harvey adoringly*

Is fandom going crazy over the 'dad' line? I can imagine that that they are. Would have been better had Daniel called him 'daddy' though, amirite?

No, Louis, Harvey does not listen to Kenny G. uggggggh, Harvey being all gentle with Louis when he showed him the depo transcript, made me simultaneously horny (because Haarveeeeeey) and sad (because Loooooouiiiiiis). But it led to Louis trapping Hardman in a lift and threatening him with death. "You ever do anything to me ever again, you ever so much as tell me the incorrect time, I'll kill you. I will rip your smug face off your fat neck, and I'll kill you." O.O

Rachel looks so pretty in pale blue. Finally the show brings up the fact that Rachel might be leaving PH to go to Harvard. I'm not going to get upset about this yet but I can't even imagine the show without her and what the hell is going to happen???? I don't want a time jump because I don't want to miss out on years of Harvey and Mike's journey, but I don't see how they'll keep Rachel in the show any other way. D:

The Donna/Harvey scene (you should prolly skip this para if you ship it)... when Harvey says "look at you, you're beautiful" for a second there Donna thinks he's talking to HER and she looks up hopefully, and when she realises that he is in fact talking to Jessica it's like a punch to the gut. I have no idea who that's supposed to make happy. Not me, anyway. I prefer their relationship platonic for starters, and the ship squicks the hell out of me - mostly because the actors have been friends for twenty years and are not into it as a storyline and definitely do not want to kiss each other, so how am I supposed to forget about that and enjoy a screen kiss if and when it happens? (and sorry if I just ruined them for you with that information, but seriously, I'm not actually sorry because this ship is the worst.) But also because so far it's been portrayed as entirely one-sided. This is the dreaded Clark/Chloe all over again - devoted female side kick who's in love with the hero and waiting patiently for him to realize she's the one but oh dear he only has eyes for other women (or certain male associates) and GOD what the actual fuck, GO OUTSIDE AND MEET SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU BACK, DONNA, PLEEEEEASE, YOU ARE TOO AWESOME TO WAIT AROUND FOR HIM I KNOW HE'S HOT BUT NO MAN IS WORTH THIS KIND OF DEDICATION JEEEEESSUSSSS. There's nothing pleasurable about this ship for me, and quite a lot problematic about it. Donna's entire life revolves around Harvey, she doesn't seem to have any of her own interests, she hasn't yet had a storyline that wasn't about Harvey, and there are signs all over the place that she's always been secretly in love with him. I keep wanting those signs to fuck off, and let's go back to S1 platonic Donna/Harvey, but here it is rearing its ugly head again. And I'm sorry but there is just no way to interpret her response to Harvey's 'you're beautiful' line as anything other than her wanting that line to have been directed at her because she loves him.

But that's cool, as long as it stays one-sided I can live with it because the last thing I want is for that ship to become canon. /positive spin

Overall an awesome episode. What did you guys think????
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