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*News Bulletin*

Last Night on Planet Kate

I saw Wallace and Gromit! And who couldn't love a movie which has our boys running a humane rabbit removal company called Anti Pesto? That uses a giant vacuum cleaner which sucks rabbits up in a way that doesn't hurt the little rascals, called the BunVac 6000? And remember Wallace's obsession with cheese? His bookshelf is full of cheese-centric books, with titles like Waiting For Gouda, Grated Expectations and East of Edam.  *falls about laughing at the memory* And Gromit? I LOVE him. He's basically a mute genius but he's also a skilled aviator. I'm more of a cat person, it's true, but there's nothing I like more than a dog who can fly a plane (Snoopy, HELLO.).

YES, flist, I DO sometimes like PG movies.


Then I got home and I'd left my phone at home that day so had missed a message from this guy who was supposed to call me last Thursday but hadn't and I'd assumed he wasn't going to but I was wrong because he text messaged me and asked if I still wanted to go out for a drink with him and I said sure, why not, and this is a guy who I met at a bar a few weeks back and if I remember correctly, through beer goggles, he was totally cute, in a I-don't-want-a-relationship-with-you-but-OMG-I-need-to-get-laid-and-you-are-very-attractive sort of way, and I quite liked the line he used on me, so yeah, the long and the short of it is, I HAVE A DATE. *victory dance*  I just hope I don't think he's an idiot.


THEN, my ex boyfriend (many years ex FYI), Malcolm, who had missed his flight back to Edinburgh, calls me and wants to come over and stay. I'm like, you can stay, but on the couch, and he comes over. Anyway, he's telling me about his best friends (which are new, different best friends from the last best friends he had, like, not long ago at all) and how they're planning a road trip next spring and they're gonna be driving two maseratis and a ferrari through Italy for a month, hanging out in Vineyards and drinking fine wine, just like in the movie Sideways, and he invited me to join them for a week! Now, Malcolm Ex is not exactly a man of his word, so I was all, really? Are you serious? I'd LOVE to. I don't believe you. Really? Etc. And he's all, YES, I'm serious, you're definitely coming. Wow, so the thought of a week in Malcolm Ex's compnay pretty much makes me want to stab myself in the forehead but I'm not crazy. Would YOU turn down a week in Italy driving in beautiful cars with the rich and richer? And anyway, Malc showed me a photo of one of the best friends, who's a concert pianist and who's frakking hot, so yay! Then I'm all, I will, but I'm not paying for anything (why the hell SHOULD I pay for anything? He's rich and I work in admin. Independent woman my poor white ass).

Another thing about Malcolm Ex. He's had lots of girlfriends since me, the two main ones also being called Kate. We call them Kate number 2 and Kate number 3, and this amuses us greatly and inspires lots of jokes, like, It wouldn't be a problem calling out the wrong name in bed, because it'd be the RIGHT name! And I suggested he get a tattoo saying Kate Forever on it, and the next girlfriend he gets, he can say, Look! I got this for YOU! Malcolm vows to marry the next Kate he meets.


And In Smallville Fic News

I don't hate my story anymore! See normally when I write, I basically scribble a bunch of smut down onto a page, type The end, and yell "Stick a fork in me, I'm done!" THIS time, I sweated blood and it was all, rewrite, rewrite, rewrite, and the moral of the story? Hard work sometimes pays off! Who knew? I certainly didn't. *victory dance*


All in all, life is great! *group hugs flist*

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