Kate (mskatej) wrote,

a few more thoughts on tumblr vs LJ + my friends are the best

Great talk yesterday! I'll get to the comments I haven't yet replied to shortly, but before I do that, here's a treat for Suits fandom. Because you know how I was moaning about how no one is making S2 icons? Well my amazing and talented friend penumbra loves me so much (and was bored) she went ahead and made us a bunch of gorgeous icons from the last two episodes. She's not even in the fandom! ♥

This way for the pretties...

In other news, I was thinking about how much happier I've been in fandom since leaving tumblr. I'm still not ruling out going back there at some point, but I just really feel like LJ is the best platform for me, and like tumblr is...the worst. For one, on tumblr it's impossible to avoid people you don't like. Even if you don't follow them, if you follow people who follow them, their name can pop up pretty regularly on your dash. And then you see them all over people's tumblr crush lists (and god I really just wish people wouldn't post their fucking crush list unless I'm fucking on it) and I dunno...I always felt like I was surrounded by people I had no relationship with whatsoever. Here, otoh, I'm surrounded by people I like. It's intimate and contained and I'm really enjoying talking to people again - I feel more connected to Suits fandom now than ever. It's much harder work being on LJ (talking requires brain power and energy!) but so much more rewarding. ♥ Tell your friends!

EDIT: Click here to see the greatest birthday card ever courtesy of turnonmyheels.
Tags: fandom, icons, tv: suits
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